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Updated April 4, 2016 - 11:21 PM EDT
Ceasefire Fails, Nagorno-Karabakh Fighting Rages
  Did Kerry's Call Spark New Nagorno-Karabakh Fighting?
  Nagorno-Karabakh: The April Fool’s War
Al-Qaeda's Nusra Front Gains Ground in N. Syria
  Syrian al-Qaeda Spokesman, 21 Others Slain in Air Strikes
  Syria Seizes ISIS-Held Town West of Palmyra
  Syrian Alawites Issue Statement Distancing Themselves From Assad
Another Western Intervention in Libya Looms
  'Unity Govt' Threatens Top Libya Cleric, Says He Impedes 'Democracy'
Sanders, Trump Voters Are More Skeptical of War
US Special Ops Units Using Faulty Rifle Sights
Pro-Saudi Yemen President Sacks PM
Coroners Confirm Israeli Medic's Gunshot Killed Palestinian
Nagorno-Karabakh: The April Fool’s War  by Justin Raimondo
Trump Is Right. Junk Obsolete NATO  by Eric Margolis
Cruz Embodies the Degeneration of Foreign-Policy Conservatism  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Flashpoint for the Planet  by Dilip Hiro & Tom Engelhardt
Israel's Embarassed Arab Allies  by Uri Avnery
Do Military Leaders Deserve Our Trust?  by Daniel L. Davis

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State Dept Halts Review of Clinton Emails at FBI Request
F-15s Deployed to Iceland
McCain-Linked Nonprofit Got $1 Million From Saudi Arabia
One-Third of EU Fighters in Syria Returned Home: Study
The 6 Biggest Lies Used to Start Horrifying Wars
How to Hack an Election
ISIS Prisoners Reported Freed; 116 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Take Northern Edge of ISIS-Held Town
Iraqi Lawmakers Label Anbar Province a 'Disaster Zone'
Iraqis Displaced From Western City of Ramadi Begin to Return Home
Iraq Officials Deny ISIS Prisoners Freed in Anbar
US Says It Killed ISIS Militant Who Killed Marine in Iraq
Iraq's PM Orders Probe Into Oil Corruption Allegations
ISIS Executes 15 of Its Own Near Raqqa, Syria: Monitor
Syria's Al-Qaeda Branch the Nusra Front Reveals Weapons Haul
Nusra Front, Syrian Rebels Attack Government Forces Near Aleppo, Gain Ground
Mass Grave Discovered in Syria's Ancient Palmyra City
ISIS Plants Thousands of Mines in Syrian City
Syrian Opposition Not Optimistic About Geneva Peace Talks
Syria's Palmyra: Ghost Town Bearing Scars of ISIS Destruction
Six Members of Turkish Security Forces Killed in PKK Attack
Erdogan Blames 'Militant Groups' for DC Protests
Erdogan Says Obama Spoke 'Behind My Back' on Press Freedom
European Parliament Head Condemns Erdogan Over German Satire Protest
Turkish Police Capture Suspected Car Bomber Who Targeted Police
Turkey's President Comes to Maryland to Celebrate Turkish Center's Opening
Rebel Attack on Yemen Hospital Kills 3 Civilians
Air Raids Hit Qaeda Yemen Camp, Militants Killed: Official
Indian Priest Kidnapped in Yemen 'Could Be Freed Soon'
Saudi Prince Sees 'Significant' Progress Toward Yemen War End
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Safe From War, Yemenis Struggle
Obama: Iran Not Following 'Spirit' of Nuclear Deal
US to Clarify Iran Rules, but Tehran Must Reassure Wary Firms
Battles of Britain
Netanyahu Uses Same Fill-In-The-Blanks Response to Criticism as ISIS and al-Qaeda
Israeli Settler Interrupts Palestinian Reporter in Video Gone Viral
One Wounded in Stabbing Attack in Central Israeli City of Rosh Ha'Ayin
Israel Allows Gaza Fishermen More Maritime Space
German Intelligence Spying on Netanyahu's Office
Hamas Releases Photographs Said to Show Captured Israelis
World Bank: Israeli Restrictions on Telecom Cause 1 Billion Dollar Loss for Palestinians
Middle East
One Reported Dead in Blast Claimed by ISIS at Police Station South of Riyadh
Renewed Fighting in Lebanon Palestinian Refugee Camp Kills One
Guards Killed in Attack on Libyan Oil Field by Suspected ISIS Militants: Spokesman
Libyan Oil Firm NOC Says Will Work With New Unity Government to Rebuild Economy
UN Investigating Sex Abuse Allegations Against Tanzanian Peacekeepers in Congo
Khalid Al-Barnawi: Nigeria Islamist Group Head 'Arrested'
Niger's President Takes Second Term in Office
Return of Algerian Ex-Oil Boss Hints at Revival of Reforms
Ivorians Seek to Purify Bloody Beach After Jihadist Attack
Nagorno Karabakh
The Roots of the Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh
200 Azeri Soldiers Killed, Says Artsakh Defense Army
How Serious Is Putin's Pursuit of Peace in Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict?
State of Hawaii Recognizes Independence of Nagorno Karabakh Republic
If Azerbaijan Is a Democracy, Why Were We Imprisoned for Our Views?
Refugee Crisis
Austria Wants to Deploy Soldiers on Italy Border, Defense Minister Says
Turkey Prepares for Up to 500 Migrants From Greece on Monday
Turkish Coastguard Halts Migrants as Preparations for EU Deal Begin
Uncertainty Prevails on Day Before Greece Starts Returns of Migrants
Greece Passes Asylum Law Needed for EU-Turkey Migrants Deal
Protests Against Migrants' Presence in Greece and Turkey
Austrian Police Clash With People Protesting Border Closure
Robots Teach Germany's Refugees a Foreign Language
German Migrant Numbers Plunge Due to Balkan Route Border Controls
Czechs to Return Iraqi Christians Who Tried to Move to Germany, Interior Minister Says
Eyes on Kremlin as a Migrant Route Shifts
It's Home Bittersweet Home for Returning Iraqi Migrants
Syrian Engineer Opts for Senegal Over EU 'Prison'
In Istanbul, Arabic Bookstore Serves Syrian Refugees Longing for Home
More Than 100 Detained in Brussels After Cancelled Protests
Belgian Charged With Terrorism Over Foiled Attack Plot
UK NGO Denies London Pulled Funding Over Anti-Israel Deeds
Former British Colony Australia Says It Wants Britain to Stay in the EU
White House Accused of Censoring Hollande Saying 'Islamist Terror'
Grenade Thrown Before Serbian Leader's Election Rally in Kosovo
In Brexit Warm Up, Dutch Voters to Consider EU Treaty With Ukraine
Fire Rips Through Russian Defense Ministry Building in Moscow
Afghan Official: 11 De-Miners Kidnapped
'They Cannot Remove Me by Force': a Strongman on Afghan Infighting
South China Sea
Vietnam Seizes Chinese Vessel for Intruding Its Waters
US Plans Third Patrol Near Disputed South China Sea Islands: Source
Female Activists Stopped From Entering Temple in West India
Washington Rally Demands Rights for Kashmiris
Suspected Filipino Militants Kidnap 4 Malaysian Boat Crewmen
Vietnam Parliament Swears in Top Policeman as President
Maldives Police Break Up Media Protest; 11 Arrested
Bangladesh Former PM to Seek Bail Over Firebombing Attack
Thousands Protest Across Colombia Against Government
Colombia Rebels Free Ex-Governor Held Since 2013: Officials
Rebels Free Colombian Policeman Held for 13 Days
Brazil Buses Burned to Protest Death of Boy by Stray Bullet
Venezuela Charges Interpol Detective for Smuggling Drugs
Leftist Mendoza Surges in Peru's Presidential Race
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