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Updated April 11, 2016 - 11:29 PM EDT
60 Minutes on Secret 28 Pages of 9/11 Report
Obama: I Should Have Intervened More in Libya
Turkey's Airstrikes Empty Northern Iraq Villages
  Syria: Russia Backs New Offensive to Take Aleppo
  Iraqi Militias Push Into Town ISIS Launched Chemical Attack From
  Heavy Fighting in Bashir, 231 Killed in Iraq
28 Yemen Soldiers Killed, Many Beheaded
  High Hopes as New Yemen Ceasefire Takes Effect
US Undecided on Veto of UN Anti-Settlement Resolution
  No Punishment for Soldier Who Shot Fleeing Palestinian in the Back
Taliban: Rocket Strikes in Afghan Capital Targeted Kerry
Iran FM: No Negotiations With US Over Missile Program
The Enemy Within: Terrorist Enablers on the Potomac  by Justin Raimondo
Presidential Candidates Err in Supporting Torture  by Peter Mansoor
Israel's Mass Killing of Civilians Is a Fact  by Robert Mackey
What a Waste, the US Military  by William Hartung & Tom Engelhardt
As Ukraine Collapses, Europeans Tire of US Interventions  by Ron Paul
How Sanctions Can Reduce US Leverage  by Paul R. Pillar

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The US Air Force Won't Reveal How Much Its Next Bomber Really Costs
Families of Afghans Killed in US Drone Raids Seek Probe
Ted Cruz Woos Pro-Israel Coalition as Backers Seek to Build on Momentum
Virginia Man's Defection From ISIS Poses Tough Choice for US
Heavy Fighting in Bashir, 231 Killed in Iraq
Former Saddam Aide Seeks to Reshape Iraq's Sunni Insurgency
Political Blocs Aim to Scrap Iraq PM Cabinet Nominees
Battle Is on Over Iraq's Oil-Rich Kirkuk Region
The Christian Militia Fighting ISIS
Inside the Mosul Dam: A Disaster Waiting to Happen?
Rebels Seize Syria Town From Fighters Loyal to ISIS: Rebels, Monitor
Israel Warns of 'Concrete' Attack Threat in Turkey
US Embassy Warns Citizens About 'Credible Threats' in Turkey
Turkey Asks Germany to Prosecute Comedian for Insulting Erdogan
Turkey Police Explode Bag in Istanbul Square After US Warns About Threats
3 Slightly Wounded in Small Bomb Blast in Istanbul
EU Ministers Vow 'Close Eye' on Migrant Deal Abuses on Turkey Visit
Turkey Said to Bust Kurdish Militant Cell 'Preparing Attack'
Syrian Journalist Wounded in Attack in Turkey
Iranian Official Hints at New US Prisoner Exchange
Photos From Iran's Burgeoning Skateboarding Scene
Iran Says US, Not Tehran, Damaging the Middle East
Iranian Opposition Figure Asks Rouhani for Court Hearing
Senior Iranian Official Summoned to Court for Allegedly Spreading Lies
India Offers to Invest $20 Billion in Iran
Israeli Lawmaker: Why Can't Palestinians Resist Like Jews During the British Mandate?
Israel Says Half-Year Surge in Palestinian Street Violence Wanes
IDF Interested in Buying Suicide Drones, Israel Aerospace Industries Exec Says
PA Security Forces Foil Attack Against Israelis
Palestinians Threaten to Smash Temple Mount Security Cameras
Uproar in Israel: MP Calls for Hospital Segregation
Bring Back Our Gear, Israel's Army Begs Ex-Soldiers
Execution of Hamas Commander Triggers Intrigue and Anger
Nearly Half of Israeli Jews Would Not Live in Same Building as Arabs, Poll Finds
Report: Netanyahu Promised Jordan to Bar Politicians from Temple Mount, Limit Right-Wing Activists' Visits
Palestinians Slam EU 'Double Standard' on Settlements
Middle East
US Navy Leads 30-Nation Maritime Exercise in Middle East
Saudi Coalition Says It Will Respect UN Ceasefire in War-Ravaged Yemen
Inside Saudi Arabia's Re-Education Prison for Jihadists
American B-52 Bombers Deployed to Qatar for ISIS Fight
Beirut Airport Workers Held Over Terrorist Contacts
Kerry Sees No Fixed Term on Afghan Government Agreement
Kerry Presses Afghan Leaders on Unity; No US Troop Changes
Afghan Lawmakers Confirm Key Government Posts Amid Infighting
Afghan General Plants Flowers in Helmand, but Taliban Lurk
Pakistani Government Claims 34 Baluch Rebels Killed in Raids
Pakistan Navy Inducts Coastal Anti-Ship 'Zarb' Missile After Successful Test
Air Forces of China, Pakistan Launch Joint Training Exercise
Pakistan Hangs Brothers for Murdering Six People
Philippine Troops Clash With Muslim Rebels; 23 Killed, 73 Hurt
Taiwan Leader Visits Island, Urges Peace in Contested Waters
Seoul: Senior North Korea Military Officer Defects to South
Thailand Steps Up Security After Uighurs 'Linked to Terror' Visit
Hong Kong Teen Democracy Activist Forms New Political Party
Bangladeshi al-Qaeda Declares War on Atheists
US SecDef Visits India on Mission to Draw Militaries Closer
Sri Lanka PM Says Chinese Port Project 'Not a Threat'
Fujimori Headed to Runoff in Peru Presidential Election
Three Killed in Suspected Rebel Attack Ahead of Peru Election
US Airlines Battling to Fly to Cuba
No Evidence of Mexico's 43 Missing Students' Remains in Rubbish, Lab Finds
The War at Home
Police Go on Fishing Expedition, Search the Home of Seattle Privacy Activists Who Maintain Tor Network
Sanders Seeks More 'Balanced' US Middle East Policy
Obama Says Hillary Clinton Wouldn't Intentionally Endanger US With Emails
Muslim Man Entrapped by NYPD Attempts Suicide
CIA Director: No Waterboarding, Even if Commanded by Future President
FBI's 'Shared Responsibility Committees' to Identify 'Radicalized' Muslims Raise Alarms
Meet DARPA's New Autonomous Submarine-Hunter
Air Force Looking to Replace A-10 Warthog
Navy Officer Charged With Espionage by Military Court at Norfolk
FBI Warning Power Companies of Cyber Threats to Electric Grid: Report
Navy, Coast Guard Search for Missing Sailor Off North Carolina Coast
Remains of WWII Bomber Crew Make Final Journey Home From India
Refugee Crisis
Five Migrants Drown Off Greek Island of Samos After Boat Capsizes
Hundreds Hurt as Migrants Confront Macedonian Border Police
Grveece Condemns Macedonia Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets Against Migrants
What's Next for Lebanon's Syrian Refugees?
French Action Urged Over Calais Asylum-Seeker Children
Libya Faces Influx of Desperate Migrants Seeking New Routes to Europe
Austrian Interior Minister Behind Tough Migrant Policy to Change Jobs
Armenia, Azerbaijan Trade Accusations During Ceasefire
Russia Says Won't Halt Arms Sales to Arch Foes Armenia and Azerbaijan
Armenia Protests Azerbaijan's Use of Israeli-Made Suicide Drone
Armenia Rally Over Karabakh Unrest Draws Thousands
Ukraine's Prime Minister to Resign Amid Fractures in Post-Revolution Alliance
Biden Presses Ukraine on Sticking to Economic Reform Plan
10,000 Turn Out to Mark East Ukraine Rebellion Anniversary
EU to Propose Visa-Free Travel for Ukraine Despite Dutch Vote: Source
Brussels Group 'Initially Planned to Hit France'
Sixth Person Arrested in Brussels Bombing Probe: Belgian Minister
Revelation on Brussels Attackers Fuels Fears of New Assaults
Brussels Airport Bombings Bring New Security Measures in US
Russian Envoy Sees No Breakthrough in Chilly NATO Ties
UK Spies Tipped Off Harry Potter Publishers Over Leak
Huge Anti-Government Rally in Iceland Amid Panama Papers Scandal
Egyptians Blast Sisi for 'Selling Egypt' in Exchange for Saudi Money
Egypt Has High Hopes for Tourism Despite Grim Statistics, Setbacks
Egypt Says Italy Spat Centers on Its Refusal to Share Phone Records in Regeni Probe
Somalia's President Says al-Qaeda-Backed Rebels Are 'Resurgent'
Car Bomb Kills Three, Wounds Five in Somali Capital: Police
Somalia Executes Two Shebab Fighters for Killing Journalist
Darfur Will Be Free of Rebellion Within Weeks, Says Sudan's Bashir
US Expresses 'Serious Concern' Over Darfur Referendum
Staff Evacuated From Shuttered Libyan Oil Fields Due to Militant Threat
Boko Haram Secretly Demands Nearly $60 Million for Return of Nigerian Schoolgirls
Madagascar President Names New PM After Resignation Confusion
Angolan Police Block Anti-Government Protests
Chad Holds Presidential Election as Deby Vies to Extend Rule
Congo Expels American Researcher After Massacre Report
Spain Police Find Arms Cache in North African Ceuta Enclave
Shebab Raid Kenya Police Post, Three Injured
Djibouti Opposition Hit Out After Guelleh Re-Elected
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