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Updated April 20, 2016 - 9:49 PM EDT
Pentagon's New Rules Allow Killing More Civilians
Syria Airstrikes Kill 50 in Qaeda's Idlib Province
  ISIS Captures Industrial District of Major East Syrian City
US Paying Iraqi Kurds to Fight in Mosul
  Turkish Troops Kill 32 ISIS Suspects in Iraq Fighting
  Mass Graves Found in Ramadi; 199 Killed in Iraq
Sen. Graham Blocks 9/11 Bill Amid Saudi Threats
  Obama Went From Condemning Saudis to Arming Them to the Teeth
100s Feared Dead in Migrant Shipwreck Off Libya
Taliban Attacks Afghan Capital, Killing 64
Biden: Overwhelming US Frustration With Israel
Secret Spy Court Scolded NSA, FBI for Not Deleting Data
Kerry Meets Iran FM to Talk With US Compliance in Deal
Voices of Reason vs. the Doomsday Lobby  by John LaForge
The Tragedy of 'Foreign Policy Elites'  by Michael Kinsley
Washington's Dangerous Addiction to Military Power  by Daniel L. Davis
Iraq: Back to the Beginning  by Justin Raimondo
No Justice at Guantánamo  by Karen Greenberg & Tom Engelhardt
Yes, Hillary Clinton Is a Neocon  by Robert Parry

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UN Backs Prohibitionist Drug Policies Despite Call for More 'Humane Solution'
European Commission Chief: EU Has Interfered Too Much in People's Lives
Cruz's Senate Office Turns Muslim Constituents Away
Fidel Castro Gives Speech Saying He Will Soon Die
Apple: Over 1,000 Govt Requests for User Data
Mass Graves Found in Ramadi; 199 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Plans to Sell $2 Billion in Bonds
How the US Military Is Supporting Iraq Against ISIS
Barzani: Sectarian Conflict Made ISIS Inevitable, Now Is Time to Redraw Boundaries With Kurdish Statehood
Iraq Refugee Radio Program Gains Momentum
Obama Tells Putin That US, Russia Must Be 'in Sync' on Syria
White House Says US Still Sees Path Forward for Syrian Peace Talks
Denmark Expands Military Mission Against ISIS Into Syria
Syrian Government Says Assad's Future Not Up for Discussion
Syrian Opposition Calls for Major Powers to Discuss Failed Truce
Family of American Journalist Slain by Islamic State Sues Syria
Hezbollah Condemns 'Israel's Scheme to Divide Syria' Following PM's Vow to Keep Golan
Iraqi Politics
Turkey Wants Coalition Help at Syrian Border as ISIS Rockets Pummel Town
Three Rockets Hit Turkish Town Near Syrian Border: Sources
Turkish Police Detain 28 People Over Links to Gulen Movement: Anatolia
'Insult Turkey's Erdogan' Contest Set Up by UK Magazine
Senior Turkish Police Go on Trial Over Murder of Armenian Editor
Turkey's Davutoglu Says EU Rights Will Form Basis of New Turkish Constitution
Turkey's Erdogan Says European Parliament Report 'Provocative'
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
UN World Powers Press Yemenis to Start Talks, Truce in Danger
Yemen's Guerrilla War Tests Military Ambitions of Big-Spending Saudis
Ahead of Saudi Trip, Obama Wedged in Debate Over 9/11 Report Secrecy
No Written Saudi Assurance Over Tiran Islands, Israeli Official Hints
Russia Says It Will Complete S-300 Delivery to Iran by End of Year
Iran-Saudi Haj Talks Halted 'Due to Visa Hurdle'
Iran's Crude Oil Production to Reach Pre-Sanctions Level by June
After Bus Bombing, Abbas Says He Rejects 'All Terrorism'
Abbas: Due to Holocaust, PA Won't Ask Germany to Pressure Israel
Israeli Convicted of Palestinian Murder That Helped Trigger 2014 War
Israel Says Still Wants Aqsa Cameras After Jordan Reneges
Liberal Orthodox Rabbis 'Blacklisted' in Israel for Conversion
Mexico's President Says He Is Open to Legalizing Medical Marijuana
Brazil's Most Isolated Indigenous Tribes Face 'Annihilation': Campaigners
Ex-Guantanamo Inmate Khadr Engaged to Be Married
Prisoner's Letters Document Tragedy and Hope Inside Gitmo
Refugee Crisis
Fewer Foreigners Arrive in Switzerland Amid Anti-Immigration Mood
Tensions High as Migrants Block Roads to Calais Port
Hungary's Orban, Germany's Kohl Say EU Ability to Absorb Migrants Limited
Refugees in Germany: 'I Want to Integrate, but How?'
North Korea 'Struggling' With ICBM Program: US Military Official
US Says North Korean Foreign Earnings at Risk Over Nuclear Tests
US General: China Frustrated Over N. Korea but Limiting Action
South Korea Covered Up Mass Abuse, Killings of 'Vagrants'
China 'Positive' on India Military Hotline Proposal
US Slams China for Using Military Aircraft to Evacuate Sick Workers
Chinese Man Sentenced to Death for Leaking 150,000 Classified Documents
Afghan Schoolgirls Hit by Poisoning Attack
Indonesia Calls for Joint Regional Maritime Patrols After Kidnappings
Pakistan Says More Than 140 Rebels Surrender in Province Drawing China Investment
Ukraine Leader Says Russia Appears to Agree to Prisoner Swap
France Pledges 20-Minute Armed Response to Militant Attacks
Swedish Brussels Bombing Suspect Also Seen Involved in Paris Attacks: Paper
US Welcomes Azerbaijan Decision to Allow Activist to Travel
Nagorno-Karabakh Says One of Its Soldiers Killed by Azeri Gunfire
Serbia Determined to Join EU Despite Bloc's 'Problems'
Latvia Wants to Ban Face Veils, for All 3 Women Who Wear Them
Germany: Anti-Islam Leader Goes on Trial for Racism
US Envoy Says Burundi Government Is 'Driver' of Crisis
Senior Burundi Officer Missing From Post, Officers Say He Fled
South Sudan
South Sudan: Uncertainty Over Rebel Leader's Expected Return
US Criticizes Rebel Leader for Failing to Return to South Sudan Capital
US Sanctions to Target Opponents of UN-Backed Government in Libya
US Penalizes Libyan Politician in Effort to Bolster Unity Govt
Riot Erupts in Cairo After Cop Kills Man Over Cup of Tea
UN Warns of Western Sahara War if Peacekeeping Mission Ends
Zambia Police Fight Rioters as Attacks on Foreigners Spread
The War at Home
Judge Rejects Challenge to Searches of Emails Gathered Without Warrant
US Military Plane Crash Last Year Caused by Goggles Case: AF
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