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Updated April 25, 2016 - 11:28 PM EDT
Obama Nixes N. Korea Offer to Halt Missile Program
Obama Plans More Ground Troops for Syria
  Dozens Killed as Fighting Rages Across Syria
  Germany Calls To Impose Syrian 'Safe Zones' to House Refugees
  Syrian Rebels Slam UN, Defend Leaving Peace Talks
  Truce Holding Between Syrian Govt, Kurds, But Talks Continue
Shia Turkmen, Iraqi Kurds Battle on Road to Kirkuk
  172 Killed in Iraq; Sectarian Tensions Explode in Tuz Khormatu
Yemeni, UAE Troops Expel al-Qaeda from Mukallah
Court: Victims Can Sue To Hold CIA Torturers to Account
Saudis, 9/11, and Secret Papers Could Ignite Diplomatic War
Yes, Prince Faisal, We Need to ‘Recalibrate’ Our Relationship  by Ron Paul
Exhibit One in Any Future American War Crimes Trial  by Rebecca Gordon
Another Lesson From the Iraq War  by A. Barton Hinkle
Obama vs. Britain’s 'Isolationists'  by Justin Raimondo
Trump's Trade Deficits  by Jon Basil Utley
How Neoconservatives and Liberal Hawks Use Lies to Sell Wars  by Derek Royden

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Cruz and Kasich Announce They're Making a Deal to Stop Trump
Hillary Clinton Urges Britain to Remain in the EU
David Swanson: US Wars Are Not Waged Out of Generosity or for Democracy
Congress Takes Its First Step Toward Killing the Military Draft
172 Killed in Iraq; Sectarian Tensions Explode in Tuz Khormatu
Iraqi Military Freezes Civilians' Return to Ramadi Over Mine Deaths
Saudi King Orders 'Urgent' Assistance for Iraqis in Al-Anbar
Families Flee ISIS in Iraq
UK 'Anti-ISIS Fighters' Freed in Iraq
Senior Commander From Syria Rebel Group Killed
Syrian Opposition Coordinator Blasts UN Envoy, Defends Peace Talks Pause
Obama: 'Deeply Concerned' About Surge of Violence in Syria
One Dead, 26 Wounded as Rockets Hit Turkish Town Near Syrian Border
Berlin Pirate Party Leader Bruno Kramm Arrested for Erdogan Insult
A Syrian Rebel's Slaying in Turkey Points to the Long, Lethal Reach of ISIS
Dutch Journalist Detained in Turkey for Erdogan Tweet
Turkish Writer, Who Caught Erdogan Lying, Found Dead
Genocide Debate Puts Germany in Tough Spot With Turkey
Merkel Arrives in Southeast Turkey to Ease Tensions of Migrant Deal
Israeli Jets Called as Egyptian Plane Fails to Identify
Blindfolded and Beaten: Palestinians Decry PA Torture
Youngest Female Palestinian Jailed by Israel Released Two-and-A-Half Months After Arrest
Report: Aid Workers in Gaza Strip Stymied by Israel
Abbas Signs Climate Accord, Accuses Israeli Settlements of Destroying the Environment
Palestinians Create Seed Bank to Save Their Farming Heritage in the Holy Land's Hills
Women's Blessing at Jerusalem's Western Wall Curtailed
Middle East
Iran Says ISIS Hatching Plots Against It From Raqqa
Fighting Continues in Yemen Amid 'Constructive' Talks
Austria Far Right Freezes Out Coalition in Presidency Race
Serbia Election: Pro-EU Prime Minister Vucic Claims Victory
French Soldier Slightly Injured in Train Station Attack
Moldovan Anti-Government Protesters Scuffle With Police
Footage of Torture Implicates Mexican Army and Police
Mexican Students Suffered a Night of 'Terror,' Panel Says
Mexico Missing Students: Government 'Hampered' Independent Inquiry
Protesters in Haiti Capital Demand Chance to Vote in Runoff
Ecuador's Leader Demands Release of Panama Papers, and Learns He's in Them
The War at Home
National Security Letters Are Now Constitutional, Judge Rules
Troubled Army Blimp Program Faces Deep Funding Cut
Some American Muslims Like the Fact That Trump's 'A Little Nuts'
Vietnam War Summit at LBJ Library Examines Complex, Tragic Legacy
Refugee Crisis
UK Home Office 'Shamefully' Used New Refugee Law to Deport 700 People Secretly
Dozens of Migrants Break Through Macedonian Border
Turkey Hails 'Effective' Migrant Deal as EU Leaders Visit
Austrian Police Clash With Italians Protesting Brenner Border Checks
David Cameron Faces Knife-Edge Vote on Child Refugee Policy
Armenian Migrants in Turkey Live in Shadow of Century-Old Massacre
Migrants Seek New Routes Into Balkans After Formal Borders Sealed
No Migrant Readmission Agreement Without EU Visa Liberalization: Turkish PM
Britain Says Can't Rule Out Sending Troops to Libya
Guard Killed in 'ISIS Attack' Near Libya Oil Plant
Libya's NOC Says Eastern Government Tried to Export 650,000 Barrels: Statement
Burundi Minister Targeted in Grenade Attack
Burundi Rebel Group Hands Back Officer Seized Last Month
Egypt Court to Rule on Morsi Espionage Charges
Failure to Share Data Hampers War on Boko Haram in Africa
Congo Republic President Names One-Time Opposition Leader as PM
Sudan's Darfur Votes to Keep Multi-State System Opposed by Opposition Groups
Pakistani Forces Captures Afghan Border Checkpoint in Nangarhar
Pakistani Taliban Claim Killing of Sikh Lawmaker
US Asks Pakistan for Concrete Action Against Haqqanis
China's Xi Warns of Foreign Infiltration Through Religion
China Says Brunei, Cambodia, Laos Agree Sea Dispute Must Not Hurt Ties
Philippines: 7 Marines Injured in New Abu Sayyaf Clash
Japan Stealth Jet: First Test Successful
UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Submarine Missile Test
Bangladesh Professor Hacked to Death by Islamist Militants
Police Charge Australian Teenager With Planning ANZAC Terror Attack
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