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Updated May 3, 2016 - 11:25 PM EDT
ISIS Kills US Navy SEAL in Northern Iraq
  US Claims Iraq PM 'In a Very Strong Position'
  4,609 Killed in Iraq During April
  White House: Syria Must Live Up to Ceasefire Commitment
Turkey Parliament Brawls on Constitution Changes
  11 PKK Fighters Killed in Southeastern Turkey
Hospital Bombing Harms US Claims of 'Non-Combat' Role
  US Tells Pakistan They Can Have F-16s If They Pay for Them
US and Senegal Sign Defense Cooperation Deal
FBI Creates South Florida Sting Involving Fake Bomb
Republicans Don't Want to Know of Nuclear Arsenal Cost
Saudi FM Confirms 'Warning' US Over Terror Lawsuit Law
Pro-Saudi Yemenis Withdraw From Talks Over 'Violations'
Who is the Man Leading Iraq’s Green Zone Revolution?  by Dan Sanchez
Trump: Crazy Candidate Has Sensible Foreign Policy Views  by Ivan Eland
'Boots on the Ground' in Iraq: Here We Go Again  by William Rivers Pitt
Why Russia Resents Us  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Iraq: The Interventionist Hellhole  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Myth That Saddam Created ISIS Continues to Be Spread by Iraq  by Ben Norton

More Viewpoints

Obama Won't Apologize for Hiroshima During Japan Trip
Trump Says US Should Shoot Barrel-Rolling Russian Planes 'At a Certain Point'
CIA Should Not Have 'Live-Tweeted' bin Laden Raid, Critics Say
Afghan Interpreter Kills Himself After UK Asylum Claim Rejected
Australian Entrepreneur Says He Is Bitcoin Creator
Security Forces Cooperate and Free Bashir; 165 Killed in Iraq
Kurdish Battle With Iraqi Govt-Allied Forces Raises Questions About Canadian Military Training
Iraqi Forces Retake Road to Isolated Anbar City
Conditions in Iraq Detention Center 'Shocking': Amnesty
Free Speech in Iraq Suffers After Closure of Al Jazeera, Says HRW
EU Condemns Iraq Parliament Protest
John Kerry Decries the 'Chaos' of Syria Conflict Amid Push to Save Truce
Norway to Send 60 Soldiers to Train Syrians Fighting ISIS
One Person Killed by Rocket Fire in Turkey's Kilis: Source
Turkey Strips Appointment Authority From Prime Minister in Power Boost for Erdogan
Turkey Says Prevented 85 Security 'Incidents' Since January
EU Executive to Propose Visa-Free Travel for Turks on Wednesday, Sources Say
Gazprom Wants to Turn Bahrain Into a Gas Hub
Afghan Forces Battle to Push Taliban From Southern Highway
Canadian Soldier Found Hanged in Cell 'Different Young Man' After Afghanistan
Contamination: Kadena Air Base's Dirty Secret
Hundreds Gather in Hong Kong to Protest Editor's Dismissal
Hundreds Promoting Independence Detained in Indonesia's Papua
22 Somali Soldiers Killed in Al-Shabaab Attack
Sudan Says Has 'Sovereign Rights' in Dispute With Egypt
The War at Home
Pentagon Rips Benghazi Committee Over 'Speculation'
FBI Chooses Secrecy Over Locking Up Criminals
Twitter Suit Over Surveillance Stats Battered, but Not Dead
Iran's Supreme Leader Warns US to Stay Out of Persian Gulf
Iran's Atomic Chief Visits Prague to Talk Nuclear Business
South Korea and Iran Expected to Sign Major Trade Deals
Israel to Hold Palestinian Journalist 4 Months Without Trial
Israel to Reopen Second Crossing for Trucks Into Gaza
Israeli Soldiers Suspected of Abusing Three Palestinian Youths, Military Police Say
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked Pushes Plan to Apply Israeli Law in West Bank Settlements
Bennett Threatens to Quit Coalition if Justice Portfolio Is Given to Zionist Union
Herzog Agreed to Join Coalition, but Party Colleagues Nixed Deal
Senior Likud Official: in Unity Government, Zionist Union Would Handle Peace Talks
Refugee Crisis
Refugee Sets Herself Alight at Immigration Camp on Nauru
EU Set to Extend Schengen Border Controls
Austria and Germany Seek Coordination on Refugee Initiatives
Anger Over 'Martyrs' Exhibition for Brussels and Paris Bombers
Spain Misses Deadline for New Government, June Election Set
Ukrainian Firms Go to Court Over Crimea
Swiss Intelligence Monitoring Online Activity of 400 Possible
Emotional Return as First US Cruise in Decades Reaches Cuba
Venezuela Opposition Submits 1.85 Million Signatures in Recall Effort
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Who is the Man Leading Iraq’s Green Zone Revolution?

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Trump: Crazy Candidate Has Sensible Foreign Policy Views

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