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Updated May 5, 2016 - 9:36 PM EDT
US, Allies Agree to 'Do More' in ISIS War
  Deployed Army Captain Sues Obama Over ISIS War
  Another Combat Death in Iraq May Presage Future US Role
  Clapper: ISIS Capable of Paris-Style Attacks in US
US, Russia Agree to Extend Truce in Aleppo
  Kerry Warns of 'Different Track' If No Syria Regime Change by August
Turkey's President Moves to Increase Power
  Over 20 PKK Fighters Killed in Air Strikes
Russia Set to Respond to NATO Buildup
Don't Blame Our Sanctions, US Tells Nervous Iran Investors
Feds Double US Warrantless Searches Over Two Years
Egypt Accidentally Releases Memos on Silencing Media
Escalating US Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Civilians in Mosul  by Nicolas J.S. Davies
Saudis to Try Their Own Version of Mao's Great Leap Forward  by Patrick Cockburn
Shying Away From 9/11 Evidence  by Kristen Breitweiser
Point of No Return  by Seymour M. Hersh
Hillary's Secret Weapon  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Pentagon Shouldn’t Get To Absolve Itself for Bombing a Hospital  by Phyllis Bennis

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Trump to Stick With Muslim Ban
'No Salvation in War,' Says Returning ISIS Fighter
Spain Issues Arrest Warrants for Russian Officials Close to Putin
Scottish National Party Suspends Activist Over Anti-Israel Facebook Posts
NATO Okays Israel Office in Its Brussels Headquarters After Turkey Lifts Veto
Refugee Crisis
UN Envoy: 400,000 Refugees Could Head for Turkey if No Aleppo Truce
Some 59,000 Syrians, a New High, Stranded on Jordan Border
EU Proposes Scheme to Share Out Asylum Seekers
In U-Turn, Britain to Let in More Syrian Child Refugees
DR Congo
DR Congo Announces Probe Into Opposition Use of US Mercenaries
Suspected Rebels in Eastern Congo Kill 16 in Raid on Village
Red Cross Suspends Travel After Workers Kidnapped in DR Congo
Congo Opposition Leader Says to Run for President in November
Timing Not Yet Right for Libya Intervention, Italy Says
Libyan Crude Output at Risk as East and West Tussle for Control
Canceled Senegal Jazz Festival Back on After Security Concerns Allayed
Mass Grave 'Discovery' Baffles Mozambique
Protesters Burn Schools in South Africa's Limpopo Province
China to Carry Out More Military Drills in South China Sea
China Deploys Folk Singer to Disputed Spratly Islands
China May Release Last Known Tiananmen Prisoner in October
North Korea to Hold First Communist 'Party Congress' in 36 Years
Pakistan's Army Chief Confirms 11 Taliban to Be Hanged
Isolated Nepal PM Not Ready to Go After Maoists Call for Change
Scottish National Party Suspends Activist Over Anti-Israel Facebook Posts
Comedian Criticizes Merkel's Response to Lampoon of Turkish Leader
EU Proposes Easy Visas for Kosovo Citizens
French Govt Condemns Anti-Police Violence Amid New Clashes
Canada to Finally Join Torture Prevention Protocol
Colombia to Get US Support to Fight Crime Gangs: Santos
Approval of Venezuelan Leader Drops as Crisis Bites: Poll
Former Head of Argentine Air Force on Trial for 1978 Abduction
Fighting South of Falluja; 162 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Seeks News Blackout in Mosul as Iraqi Army Nears
Unidentified Gunmen Detonate 3 Wells in Khabaz Oil Field in Western Kirkuk
Australian ISIS Recruiter Killed in US Airstrike in Iraq
Navy SEAL Killed in Iraq Was Trying to Rescue Others
Iraq's All-Female Combat Unit Seeks Revenge on ISIS
Fresh Air Strikes Batter Syria After Truce Expires
Russia Blames Nusra Front for Wrecking Planned Truce in Syria's Aleppo
Syria Truce Extended to Devastated Aleppo, US Says
Russia Withdraws 30 Aircraft From Syria: Tass Cites Defense Ministry
Turkey Could Send Ground Troops Into Syria in Self-Defense: PM
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Opposition Says Lifting Immunity Will Bring More Violence
Iran Accuses US of Meddling as Tensions Grow
Illinois Lawmakers Urge Boeing Not to Sell Aircraft to Iran
Iran Says Five Countries Bidding for Its Copper Deposit
Qaeda Threatens Attacks on Homes of Yemeni Forces
UN Peace Talks on Yemen Resume After Three-Day Suspension: Delegates
UK's Claims Over Saudi Bombing in Yemen 'Deeply Disappointing', Say MPs
Israeli, Palestinian Violence Flares Along Gaza Border
Hamas Accuses Fatah of Organizing Military Cell in Gaza
Palestine Requests to Use Afghanistan Football Ground for Syria Match
Middle East
Saudi Prince Makes Bold Challenges to Kingdom's Old Ways
Official Blames 'Tom and Jerry' Cartoons for Violence in the Middle East
US Military
Marine Corps Investigating Claims About Iconic Iwo Jima Photo
Soldier Missing From Korean War Accounted For
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