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Updated May 8, 2016 - 11:09 PM EDT
Pentagon Confirms US Ground Troops in Yemen
  Former US Diplomats Decry the US-Backed Saudi War in Yemen
Qaeda-Led Rebels Seize Aleppo Village, 73 Killed
  Syrian Rebels Threaten to Attack Troops in Hama Amid Prison Revolt
Baghdad 'Shut Down' to Prevent Friday Protests
  For Iraqi Kurds, Lobbying US Is Strategy for Funding War
Libyan Factions Launch Competing Offensives
  ISIS Advancing Along Libya Coast, Threatening Misrata
The Anti-War Origins of Mother's Day
Erdogan Rejects EU, Won't Ease Anti-Terror Laws
Diplomats: US in More Critical Tone on Israeli Settlements
Trump Must Offer a Peace Deal  by David Stockman
US Military Medical Ethics Guidelines in Limbo  by Adil E. Shamoo
The Spirit of Mandela in Palestine: Is His Real Legacy Being Upheld?  by Ramzy Baroud
Is the US War Against ISIS Illegal?  by Matt Ford
Cowardice and Exoneration in Kunduz  by Robert Koehler
Sinai: An Enduring Risk  by Omar Ashour

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Doctors Without Borders Withdraws From UN Humanitarian Meeting
Benghazi Panel Goes to War With Pentagon
George W. Bush White House's 'Skull and Bones' Files Due Out
Soldier Suing Obama Over ISIS War Unlikely to Face Punishment, Lawyer Says
London Elects Sadiq Khan as First Muslim Mayor
US Service Member Among 67 Killed in Iraq
Marines Sent to Protect US Embassy in Baghdad Amid Unrest in Iraq
UN Envoy Warns That Iraq's Political Crisis Helps Extremists
He Once Fought US Troops – Now Moqtada Al-Sadr Is Battling Iraq's Political System
50 Mass Graves Uncovered in Ex-ISIS Territory in Iraq: UN
Aleppo Ceasefire Extended by Three Days
Syria Denies Targeting Camps, UN Condemns 'Murderous Attacks'
Hezbollah Says Saudi Arabia Causing Collapse of Syria Truces
After Assassination Attempt, Turkish Journalist Sentenced to Five Years for Revealing State Secrets
Turkish Soldiers Kill Five People Trying to Enter Syria to Join ISIS
US Says It Killed 10 al-Qaeda Militants in Yemen April Air Strikes
Bomb Attack Kills Seven in Yemeni City Marib: Police
Video Purportedly Shows French Woman Kidnapped in Yemen
Tunisian Woman Kidnapped in Yemen Appeals for Release in Video
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Prince: Getting Nukes an Option if Iran Breaks Deal
Saudi Policeman Shot Dead in Mecca Area After ISIS Raid
Saudis Identify Suspected ISIS Fighters Killed in Raid
Critics Slam Israeli Proposal for Dual Legal System
Hamas Says Does Not Want War but Will Not Allow Israeli Incursions
Netanyahu to Host Seminar on Jewish History for UN Diplomats
Israel Should Carry Out Revenge Attacks on Palestinians, Rightist MP Says
Israeli Comptroller Irate Over Leak of His Damning Gaza War Report
Ultra-Orthodox Draft-Resister Arrested at a Nightclub, Draws Hundreds of Supporters
Iran Filmmaker Sentenced to 233 Lashes Says He's No Activist
Refugee Crises
Erdogan's Authoritarian Tilt Threatens Visa Deal With Europe
Italy Rescues 1,800 Migrants in Mediterranean in 24 Hours
Kenya Closing Refugee Camps With Hundreds of Thousands
Germany Expects Turkey to Honor EU Migrants Pact After PM Exit
Colombia to Send Jets Against Criminal Gangs
Colombia to Extradite Panama Drug-Money Suspect to US
Venezuela Accuses US of Conspiring to Topple Maduro
El Salvador Arrests 5 Police in Slayings of Gang Members
Despite Billions in US Funding, Afghan Forces Have a Problem With Boots
Pentagon Asks Congress to Limit Afghanistan Trips
Afghan Special Forces Raid Frees 60 Prisoners From Taliban
Taiwan Leader Must Convince China She's No 'Splittist'
China to Expand Bilingual Schooling in Xinjiang
China Takes First Step in $1 Billion Pledge to UN to Fund Peace, Development
New York Dance Troupe Says China Banned Shows Over Falun Gong Links
US Rights Official Travels to Vietnam Ahead of Obama Visit
Mother of Thai Anti-Junta Activist Charged With Insulting Monarchy
Philippine Fishermen Favor Strong President to End China's Blockade
Pakistan's Tribal Councils in Spotlight After 'Honor Killing'
North Korean Leader Hails Nuclear Success in Opening Congress
Kazakh President Completes Reshuffle in Response to Protests
Moscow: NATO Aims to 'Destabilize' Caucasus With Georgia Drills
US Won't Contact Russian Defense Minister Amid Tension in Baltic Sea: No 'Particular Purpose'
One of Russia's Biggest Holidays Is a WWII Anniversary Americans Don't Think About
ETA Member Jailed 92 Years Over Plot to Kill Spanish King
Podemos Seen Losing Support Ahead of Spanish Election
NATO Official Says Montenegro Membership Means Stability
Ireland's Kenny Re-Elected PM as Head of Minority Government
Shelling Kills Four at Rally in Libya's Benghazi: Source
Libya, Tunisia Eye Anti-Terrorist Cooperation
DR Congo
Three Red Cross Staff Kidnapped in Congo Are Free: Red Cross
Rwandan Rebel Deputy Chief Transferred to DR Congo Capital
US Seeks to OK Attack Aircraft for Nigeria in Boko Haram Fight
Egypt Rights Lawyer Arrested, Another Detained in Cairo
Kenyan Businessman Shot Dead, Opposition Sees Political Motive
Algeria Builds Giant Mosque as Blow to Extremism in Islam
Americans Still Dying
Slain Navy SEAL Took Lessons From Running Track Into Combat in Iraq (AZ)
2 Navy Civilians Supporting Operation Inherent Resolve Die in Separate Incidents in Bahrain
Weekend Reviews
Film Review: National Bird Looks Deeply in the Drone War’s Abyss
'Disgraced' Asks Provocative Questions About Being Muslim in America
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