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Updated May 10, 2016 - 11:20 PM EDT
US Troops in Afghan Hospital Attack 'Confused'
Rebels Doubt US Plans for Nationwide Syria Truce
  Al-Qaeda Led Rebels Capture Iranian Troops in Syria
  Syrian Forces Shell Damascus Suburb, Clash With Rebels
  She Spoke Up About Cooked ISIS Intel, So They Booted Her
US Claims 'Key' ISIS Leader Killed in Iraq Airstrike
  Iraqi Forces Tout Capture of ISIS-Held Village Near Mosul
House Set to Vote on Question of Drafting Women
Step by Step Toward a 'One Man' Turkish Regime
Hezbollah, Allies Win Decisive Victory in East Lebanon Vote
Israeli Civics Text Credits God for Creation of State
Admitting the Iraq War Disaster  by Ron Unz
President Obama's Legacy Is Endless War  by Gene Healy
How the New York Times Magazine Botched Its Iran Story  by Joe Cirincione
How Schooling Leads to War  by Dan Sanchez
The World Through Trump's Eyes  by Ivan Eland
Ground the Blimp to Nowhere  by William Hartung

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Ahead of Vote by Her Methodist Church, Clinton Slams Israel Boycott
Judge OKs US Extradition of Mexican Drug Boss 'El Chapo' Guzman
Soldier Who Lost Leg While Serving in Iraq Dies at Home
Panama Papers Affair Widens as Database Goes Online
New Photos of Bush Right After 9/11 Attacks
Bomber Strikes in Baquba; 104 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Car Bomb in Eastern Iraq Kills 16, Sources Say
Italian Defense Minister in Iraq for Mosul Dam Talks
UK's Iraq Report to Be Released on July 6
Pushed to Accept Marriage, Iraq's Displaced Child Brides Face Bleak Future
Aleppo Ceasefire Extended by 48 Hours Beginning Early Tuesday: Syrian Military
Syrian Opposition Hopeful Renewed Truce Can Revive Peace Talks
US and Russia to Back Syria Ceasefire Pledge With Pressure: Kerry
Russia Showcases Syria Hardware in Red Square Military Parade
Bin Laden's Son Hamza Urges Jihadist Unity in Syria
Alleged Syria Hacker Sympathetic to Damascus Headed to US
Obama Signs Into Law New Restrictions on Syrian Antiquities
Two Days of Clashes in SE Turkey Kill 9 Militants, 1 Soldier
Erdogan, Turkish President, Seeks to Gag German Media Boss
Dissent Stifled, Not Crushed, in Turkish Ruling Party as PM Exits
Berlin Sees Bad News as Davutoglu Resigns in Turkey
Erdogan Reaffirms EU Membership as Turkey's 'Strategic Goal'
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudis Intercept Ballistic Missile Fired From Yemen
Saudi Security Forces Kill Suspected Militant: Official
Yemen's Mukalla Airport Reopens With Aid Flight After Qaeda Exit
Middle East
Iranian Minister Denies Recent Mid-Range Ballistic Missile Test
Bahrain to Release Female Activist With Toddler: Ministry
Libya's Oil Output Slashed as Export Row Rages
Regional Powers to Hold Libya Talks in Vienna: Italian Minister
Al Shabaab Car Bomb Attack Kills at Least Two Somali Police
Gunmen Kill Four Nigerian Policemen in Niger Delta
Egypt to Pay Families of 3 Mexican Tourists Killed by Military
Mali Says Islamist Militant Arms Supplier Arrested
Congo Opposition Leader Faces Mercenary Charges, Backers Cry Foul
Kenyan Police Fire Tear Gas at Protest Over Electoral Body
Israeli Settler Group Takes Over Muslim Quarter Building in Jerusalem
US Pledges $50 Million in Aid to Address 'Dire Needs' in Gaza Strip
Most Jewish Israelis Favor Clinton, but Majority Trust Trump, Poll Shows
Egypt Pledges to Uphold Palestinian Cause at UN
Israel Concerned About Expected US Settlement Criticism
In Israel, Most Jews Don't See West Bank Rule as 'Occupation,' Most Arabs Do
Trial Opens of Israeli Soldier Who Killed Wounded Palestinian
Zionist Union Eyes Agriculture Ministry to Join Unity Government
Refugee Crises
UN Wants to Resettle 10 Percent of the World's Refugees
Merkel to Attend Controversial UN Aid Summit
Migrants Freed From Greek Detention, Trapped in Limbo on Islands
Syrian Refugee Shot by Border Guards Trying to Enter Slovakia From Hungary
UN Warns of 'Devastating Consequences' if Kenya Expels Refugees
North Korea Detains and Expels BBC Team
Duterte Wins Philippine Presidential Election
Pakistan: Four Abducted Levies Recovered in Quetta
Three Afghans Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Two Romanian Soldiers
Cambodia Detains Sex Scandal Protesters as Political Tensions Rise
Taiwan Enters South China Sea Legal Fray, as Group Seeks to Sway International Court
Phone Tap Led Police to Belgian ISIS Cell, Court Hears
Belgium Calls Up Army to Cover Prison Guard Strike Over Budget Cuts
Austrian Chancellor Quits After Far-Right Triumph
France to Create Anti-Jihad Rehab Centers
Spain Court Allows Exhumation of Civil War Bodies at Franco Mausoleum
Impeachment of Brazil's Dilma Rousseff Annulled
Peru's Fujimori Has Slight Lead in Run-Off Election: Poll
Panama Closes Border With Colombia to Stem Migrant Flow
Venezuela First Lady's Nephews Getting Help to Cover Defense Costs: US
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