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Updated May 11, 2016 - 11:28 PM EDT
House Hides War Funding in NDAA Bill Scheme
ISIS Car Bombings Kill at Least 96 in Baghdad
  ISIS Cuts Govt Supply Route to Syria's Palmyra
  Rights Group: Turkish Border Guards Killed Syrian Asylum-Seekers
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill Militant Commander, Nine Others in Idlib
Yemen Factions Agree Mass Prisoner Exchange
  As War Strangles Yemen, Many Fear the Grip Will Never Break
Taliban Nears Helmand Capital, Overruns Checkpoints
  Suicide Car Bombing Kills 10 in Eastern Afghanistan
Clinton Aide Walks Out of FBI Interview
China Scrambles Jets as US Navy Ship 'Challenges' Claims
Obama Heads to Hiroshima; Won't Apologize for Nuking City
Obama Should Meet A-Bomb Survivors, and Heed Their Call To Ban the Bomb  by Kevin Martin
Science Shows Torture Doesn't Work and Is Counterproductive  by Rupert Stone
America's Two-Faced Policy on Iran  by Alastair Crooke
Nationalism, Patriotism, and Libertarianism  by Justin Raimondo
What Principles Rule the World?  by Noam Chomsky
US Is Helping Saudi Arabia Wage a Devastating Air War in Yemen  by Sarah Leah Whitson

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A Day in the Life of an F-35 Test Pilot
NYC Airports Replacing TSA With Private Security
US Mulls Release for Kenyan Held at Gitmo Since 2007
Court Papers Reveal Qaeda Operative's Work as Trainer and Bomb Expert
Chuck Hagel: NATO Should Not Enter Syria
Family Burned Alive; 94 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Officials: Suicide Bomb Kills at Least 13 Near Baghdad
ISIS Claims Syrian Plane Shot in E. Syria Where Fighting Flares-Up
Russian Bid to Blacklist Syrian Rebel Groups Blocked at UN
Syria Civil War: Physicians Under Fire
In War-Torn Syria, Women Emerge as Changemakers
Syrian National Extradited to US, Charged With Hacking for Assad
Freed Spanish Journalist Feared Being Sold to ISIS in Syria
Turkey's President Erdogan Fails to Silence German Publisher
Bomb Attack on Police Vehicle in Turkey's Diyarbakir Kills Three
Erdogan Says Europe a Safe Haven for Political Wings of Terrorist Groups
Turkish Court Says Insufficient Evidence Against Suspected Killer of Russian Pilot
Don't Use US as Excuse for Not Doing Iran Business: Kerry
Family of Woman Held in Iran for 5 Weeks Will Be Allowed to Visit
Middle East
Jordan to Buy US-Made TOW Missiles: Company
New Lebanese Movement Says Wins 40% of Beirut Municipal Poll
Netanyahu Says He Threatened Raid to Rescue Israelis From Cairo Embassy in 2011
Russian May Restore Air Travel With Egypt
Gunmen Kill Five Security Personnel in Nigerian Delta, Oil Companies Evacuate Staff
Nigeria Giwa Barracks 'A Place of Death' Says Amnesty
Two Policemen Killed in Nigeria's Delta Region: Police
US Won't Seek Death Penalty Against Benghazi Suspect
Tribesmen Kill 6 Civilians in Sudan's Darfur: UN
13 Bodies Found in Mozambique Rebel Region: Police
Kenya: Wife Accused of Helping Anthrax Plot Appears in Court
South Sudan Group Frees 19 Abducted Ethiopian Children
Dozens More Gambia Opposition Activists Arrested
OAS Chief Defends Venezuelan Lawmakers on Treason Charges
Russia Gives Hero's Welcome to Five Cuban Spies Released From US Jail
Bleak Gaza War Report Shows How Next Conflict Will Begin
Israel Jails Palestinian Beautician Over Facebook Post
Israel Bars BDS Founder Omar Barghouti From Travel Abroad
Israeli Police Say 2 Israeli Women Stabbed in Jerusalem
IDF: Additional Five Pipe Bombs Found in Area Where Explosion Injured an Officer
Israel Court Convicts Palestinian Boy of Murder Attempt
Israeli-Turkish Reconciliation Makes Progress, More Talks Needed: Envoy
Refugee Crisis
US Has Taken in Less Than a Fifth of Pledged Syrian Refugees
Two Asylum-Seekers Rescued From Waters Between Denmark and Sweden
Tired of Waiting, Greece's Migrants Turn to Business to Survive
Managing Mental Health for Refugees in Greece: 'People Need Time to Mourn'
US, Afghan Forces Free Kidnapped Son of Pakistani Ex-Premier
ISIS Radio Broadcasts Re-Emerge in Afghanistan
North Korea
North Korean General, Thought to Be Executed, Resurfaces
North Korea's Kim Caps Rare Congress With Colorful Mass Rally
US Says It Will Work With Controversial New Philippines Leader
Thailand Frees Eight Anti-Junta Activists on Bail
Cambodia Frees Eight Protesters, Including Two Foreigners
New US Ambassador to Myanmar Says He Will Keep Using Term 'Rohingya'
Bangladesh Hangs Islamist Leader for Rape and Genocide in 1971 War
Ukraine Under Pressure to Implement Terms of Minsk Peace Agreement
New Panama Leaks Show Offshore Firm Linked to Associate of Ukraine's Poroshenko
UN Humanitarian Summit Must Tackle Abuse of Laws of War: UK MPs
12 US Soldiers Arrested After Bar Fight in Italy
Moldova Slams Russian Participation in Trans-Dniester Parade
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