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Updated May 23, 2016 - 11:24 PM EDT
ISIS Bombs Syrian Coastal Cities: 148 Killed
  Fighting Between Kurds, Arab Rebels in Syria Spiraling Out of Control
  Syrian Rebel Whose Group Is Linked to Al Qaeda Visited US
Iraq PM: Offensive on ISIS-Held Fallujah Begins
  Iraq Denies Using Live Ammunition After Killing Baghdad Protesters
Israel's New Death Penalty Law Won't Apply to Jews
  US Warns Lieberman 'Complicates' New Israel Aid Deal
GOP Split in Senate Battle Over Drafting Women
  Thousands of US Military Sex Assault Victims Got Wrongful Discharges
Pakistan: US Drone Strike Violated Our Sovereignty
Taliban Infiltrators Kill Six Afghan Police, Seize Weapons
Turkey's New PM: Expanding Erdogan's Power 'Top Priority'
Israel: The Rise of the New 'Messianic Elite'  by Ben White
A Neoconservative Plan That Will Cripple US Interests  by Daniel L. Davis
What Difference Does It Make to Kill Akhtar Mansour and Why?  by Michael S. Rozeff
The Big Breakthrough  by Justin Raimondo
Only Solution to TSA's Problems: Get Rid of It  by Benjamin W. Powell
The Clinton-Colombia Connection  by Jonathan Marshall

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EgyptAir Was Aware of Threats to Security, Even One Scribbled on Plane
How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS
Experts: Perfect Security Is Elusive at All Airports
Foggy Numbers of Obama's Wars and Non-Wars
Britain Trains Soldiers for Many Regimes on Its Own Human Rights Watchlist
Falluja Operation Begins; 219 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Army Tells Fallujah Residents to Flee City
Obama, Iraqi PM Want Tighter Security After Green Zone Storming
Iraqis Mourn Protesters Shot Dead in Baghdad Green Zone
Iraq: Border With Jordan to Open Soon, After Year of Closure
Heavy Air Strikes Hit Rebel Road to Syria's Aleppo: Monitor, Rebels
FSA Rebels to Syrian Army: End Assault Within 48 Hours or Truce Finished
Syria Army Commander 'Poses Next to Dead Bodies'
Top US Commander Makes Secret Visit to Northern Syria
UN Chief Urges Mideast States to Press for Syria Transition
European Leaders Express Concern at Turkey Immunity Vote
Turkey Refuses EU Travel to Highly-Skilled Syrian Refugees
Sixteen Militants Killed in Raid in Former al-Qaeda Yemen Hub
British-Made Cluster Bomb Found in Yemen, Amnesty International Says
Yemeni Govt to Give Peace Talks 'Last Chance': FM on Twitter
War Takes Heavy Toll on Cancer Patients in Yemen
Israeli Police Documented Savagely Beating Arab in Central Tel Aviv
Hundreds Protest New Government Deal in Tel Aviv
Israeli Prosecutors Target Group That Collects Testimony on Soldier's Conduct
Hamas Scorns Lieberman's Threat to Kill Leaders if Israeli Bodies Not Returned
Middle East
Iran FM: 'Hostile' US Policies an Obstacle to Trade Relations
More Than Half UN Schools in Middle East Targeted in Conflicts
Lebanese Charity Says Unfairly Hit by US Anti-Hezbollah Law
Kuwait Opposes UN Display of Jerusalem as Jewish Capital
With Oil Prices Stubbornly Low, Saudi Future Looks Fraught
Britain Trains Soldiers for Many Regimes on Its Own Human Rights Abuse Watchlist
Chilcot Report: Tony Blair Set to Be Savaged in 'Absolutely Brutal' Iraq War Inquiry Verdict
Protest Vote Puts Far-Right Party in Cyprus Parliament
France to Test Air Passenger Data Sharing
Swiss Hope for Breakthrough in EU Talks After Brexit Vote
6 Dead in Pair of Nightclub Shootings on Mexico's Gulf Coast
Police, Soldiers Swarm Mexico's Acapulco, Killings Continue
US Quietly Drops El Chapo Murder Charges to Ease Extradition
One Dead in Chile Protests as President Speaks in Congress
Venezuela Leader Says US 'Dreams' of Dividing Loyal Military
Colombia Military Searching for Missing Spanish Journalist
Protests in Brazil's 2 Biggest Cities Against Acting Leader
The War at Home
Slanted CSIS Report on 28 Pages Showcases Saudi Influence on US Think Tanks
Afghan Who Faced Charges at Guantanamo Can Now Be Released
Report: Sanders to Demand Changes in Democrats' Israel Policy
Biden: Diverse Military of Women, Gays Strengthens US Forces
TSA: Long Airport Lines to Continue Despite Increased Funding
Was General Petraeus Ensnared in a Hezbollah 'Honeytrap' and Is There a Cover Up by the White House?
US Universities Fight Proposed Crackdown on Foreign Students' Defense Research
Obama Says More Troops Will Stay in Afghanistan Next Year
Rockets Fired in Western Afghan City Herat, One Killed
Afghan Leaders See Taliban Leader's Death as Hopeful Sign
Pakistan Handed Over Angoor Adda Check Post to Afghan Forces
Balochistan Minister's Son Kidnapped
Two Traffic Wardens Shot Dead in Karachi
The Vietnam War Is Still Killing People
Arriving in Vietnam, Obama Aims to Lure It Away From China
Arms Embargo on Vietnam in the Balance as Obama Visits Old Foe
Buoyed by US Firms, Vietnam Emerges as an Asian Manufacturing Powerhouse
Tajiks to Vote in Referendum on Banning Religious Parties
Tajik Leader Strengthening Grip on Power in Volatile Region
New Philippines President Duterte Seeks Better Ties With China
Filipino Muslims Ask Duterte to Pardon Wrongly Accused
Myanmar Votes Down 'Rohingya' Citizenship Verification
Suu Kyi Asks for 'Space' to Address Myanmar's Rohingya Plight
US Defense Secretary Apologizes After American Charged in Japanese Woman's Death
North Korea Says Its Proposed Talks With South Could Prevent 'War'
ISIS Threate
Kazakh Police Break Up Anti-Government Protests
'One China' Principle Must Be Basis for Relations With Taiwan: Xinhua
Malaysia's Police Nab 14 in Anti-Terror Crackdown
NATO Chief: No Plans for Combat Troops in Libya
Libyan Coastguard Intercepts 850 Migrants at Sea
Militants Attack AGIP Pipeline in Nigeria's Bayelsa State
Algeria Troops Kill Six Armed Islamists in East: Official
UN Says Sudan 'Expels' Senior Humanitarian Official
Burundi Peace Talks Open in Tanzania With Opposition Criticism
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