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Updated May 27, 2016 - 11:24 PM EDT
US Special Forces More Involved in Syria Combat
  Green Berets in Syria Wearing Kurdish Militia Insignia on Uniforms
Iraq PM: Protests Must End During Fallujah Ops
  Growing Fear for Fallujah Civilians as Iraq's Offensive Expands
  Iraqi Troops Take Karma, Key Town Northeast of Fallujah
Breakaway Taliban Faction Rejects New Leader
  Obama: New Taliban Leader to Continue 'Agenda of Violence'
  Pakistani Official: Six Afghan Spies Arrested on Terror Charges
Palestinians Use Facebook to Warn of Imminent Israeli Raids
  Israeli Minister: Lieberman's Appointment None of US's Business
Despite Assurances, US Sanctions Still Stalling Iran Oil Deals
The Real Story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki  by Andrew Cockburn
Clinton’s Imperious Brush-Off of Email Rules  by Ray McGovern
The NYT's (and Clinton Campaign's) Abject Cowardice on Israel  by Glenn Greenwald
Why I Didn’t Vote for Trump  by Justin Raimondo
The Coming Drone Blowback  by John Feffer
Obama Plays a Dove in NPR's Historical Fiction  by Jim Naureckas

More Viewpoints

No, You Can't Have a Small Nuclear War
by Geoff Wilson & Will Saetren
VA Wrongly Declares Thousands of Veterans Dead, Stops Benefits
UN Panel Rejects Press Freedom Watchdog Accreditation Request
1,000 Killed in Attacks on Health Workers in 2014-15
Ukraine Bans Gorbachev for Supporting Crimea Annexation
Trump's New Fundraiser's Israel Connection
Obama Ready to Face Historic, Haunted Ground of Hiroshima
Obama's Every Gesture Will Be Scrutinized in Hiroshima Visit
Obama Defends His Nuclear Record on Eve of Hiroshima Visit
Atomic Bomb Survivors to Attend Hiroshima Event for Obama Visit
Korean Survivors of Atomic Bombs Renew Fight for Recognition, and Apology
Pakistan Criticizes Killing of Taliban Leader in US Drone Strike
Afghanistan Sees Taliban Leader as Rigid Conservative Uninterested in Peace

In Dig at US, China Says All US Arms Embargoes Should Go

China Says Its People Will Never Stand for Taiwan Independence
Bangladeshi Police Dismiss Claim That ISIS Was Behind Shop Owner's Death
ISIS Propaganda Stunt Backfires, Revealing European Supporters' Locations
Azerbaijan Frees Journalist Whose Case Raised Outcry in West
Dutch OK Extradition of Islamist Militant Suspect to France
Putin Says EU Needs Russia to Stay on Global Stage
UN Suspends Torture Inquiry in Ukraine
Last Call for Owners to Claim Cars Left in 1974 Cyprus War
Raided Belgian Cell Had Possible Targets in Second City Antwerp
Mexican Military Runs Up Body Count in Drug War
Townspeople Kidnap Lawmakers to Seek Mayor's Ouster
Chile's Students Clash With Police as Protests Intensify
Tear Gas Forces Partial Evacuation of Hospital in Chile
Panama Initiates Process to Seek Extradition of Ex-President
Panama's Honorary Consul in El Salvador Found Dead
Some Allies of Bolivia's Leader Cool to Him Seeking New Term
The War at Home
Secret Service Punishes 41 Over Leak of Lawmaker's Data
Sanders Expects 'Consensus' on Palestinian Rights at Party Convention
Clinton Says State Dept Emails Report Won't Affect Campaign
Abu Zubaydah Called as Witness in 9/11 Case at Guantanamo
Airport Security Delays Won't End Soon, TSA Chief Says
Airport Screening Made 70,000 Miss American Airlines Flights This Year
Intruders Breach US Airport Fences About Every 10 Days
Bill Would Require DNA Samples From Americans When Sponsoring Family Visas
Two F/A-18s Crash Off North Carolina Coast
UN Envoy: Stalled Syrian Peace Talks Won't Resume for Weeks
Turkish FM Calls for 'Pluralist New Syria'
95 Killed in Iraq; Fighting Continues in Fallujah
Families Fleeing Iraq's Fallujah in 'State of Shock'
Iraq Honors Policeman Who Stopped Would-Be Suicide Bomber
Yemen's Warring Sides Agree Prisoner Swap Before Ramadan
Al-Qaeda Still Reaping Oil Profits in Yemen Despite Battlefield Reverses
UN Calls for Emergency Economic Body to Prop Up Yemen Economy
Arab Coalition in Yemen Says It Respects Humanitarian Rights
Israeli Court Orders State to Compensate Palestinian Family for Checkpoint Killing
West Bank Activists Use Facebook to Halt Israeli Raids
Middle East
Iran's Khamenei Calls for Vigilance Against West's 'Soft War'
Half of Bahrain Inmates Charged With Terrorism
Muslim Mob Burns Christian Homes in Egypt Over Interfaith Relationship
Egypt Rights Activist Says Banned From Travel
Tunisia Mulls Women Soldiers to Face 'New Challenges'
Under High Security, Jewish Pilgrims Gather in Tunisia
US Increases Antiterrorism Exercises With African Militaries
Nigerian Leaders Warn Against Crackdown in Delta as Chevron Attacked
Protester, Police Officer Killed in Congo Election Protest: UN
Last Liberia Sanctions, Vestige of Civil War, Are Lifted
Britain Plans to Send Warship to Fight Smuggling of People, Arms Off Libya: Cameron
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Empties Food-Starved Female Prisons Under Amnesty
Refugee Crisis
More Than 4,000 Migrants Rescued in Single Day
Migrants Stranded in Greece Take to Fields to Avoid State-Run Camps
Italy Says Migrant Boat Capsized, Second in Two Days
Fallujah Refugees Report Cases of Starvation: Norway Aid Group
100 People Feared Dead in Wednesday's Shipwreck
Migrant Numbers Growing Again at Calais Camp
Refugee Boat Serves as Altar in Cologne
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