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Updated June 4, 2016 - 10:11 PM EDT
US Effort to 'Retrain' Iraqi Army a Failure
  Fighting, Attacks in Iraq Leave 375 Dead
US Carrier Launches Anti-ISIS Airstrikes From Med
  US Asks Russia Not to Attack al-Qaeda in Syria
  Syrian Army Launches New Offensive Against ISIS in Hama Province
  Al-Qaeda Launches New Offensive on Syrian Troops Near Aleppo
  US Airdrops Weapons to Syria Rebels Resisting ISIS Offensive
Kerry Gives Saudis a Pass on Bombing of Yemen Civilians
  Pentagon: Only 15 al-Qaeda Killed in Yemen Airstrikes Since February
  17 Civilians Killed in Rocket Strike Against Yemen's Taiz
'Brexit' Could Trigger Defense Cuts, Report Says
Libya Unity Govt: We Can Defeat ISIS Ourselves
Muhammad Ali Risked All When He Opposed Vietnam War
Next Time Someone Says Nothing Is Made in the USA Anymore, Show Them This  by JP Sottile
Obama Legitimizes the Drone Wars  by Philip Giraldi
The Bigger Nuclear Risk: Trump or Clinton?  by Robert Parry
Netanyahu Consolidates Power Over Israeli Society  by Uri Avnery
Dismantling Bahrain's Civil Society  by Rannie Amiri
US Expands Secret Wars in Africa  by Justin Yun

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US Sanctions Expected to Hit Small Banks' Business With North Korea
Olympics: Refugee Team Will Have 10 Athletes
An Offshoot of al-Qaeda Is Regrouping in Pakistan
Israeli Police Help Palestinian Girls Commit Suicide
The War at Home
The Government Is Building a Database to Predict Who Will Be the Next Edward Snowden
One Guantanamo Detainee Pleads for Release, but Another Does Not Appear
Journalists Urge Newseum to Disinvite Avital Leibovich
Three Minnesota Men Convicted of Conspiring to Join ISIS
Kerry: Editing State Department Video Was 'Stupid,' 'Inappropriate'
US Navy Identifies Blue Angel Pilot Who Died in Crash
Refugee Crisis
117 Migrant Bodies Washed Up on Libyan Beach: Red Crescent
German States Speed Up Refugee Deportations Under Federal Pressure
Greece to Return Gay Syrian Refugee to Turkey in Migrant Deal
Turkish Man Gets 108 Years' Jail for Sexually Abusing Refuge Boys at Syrian Camp
Nigerian Militants Say Aim Is Zero Oil Output After Three New Attacks
Niger Delta Avengers Claims Responsibility for Attacks on Shell Installations in Forçados
US Sanctions 2 Burundi Officials, 1 Rebel Leader Over Chaos
UN Ending Burundi Police Role in Central Africa Mission
Gabon Presidential Candidate in Police Standoff
Western Sahara Independence Movement at Crossroads After Polisario Chief's Death
Tunisia's Powerful Union Rejects Essebsi Call to Join Government
Alleged ISIS Terrorists Captured in Germany: How High Is the Risk of an Attack?
Poland Plans Paramilitary Force of 35,000 to Counter Russia
Britain: Families of Iraq War Slain Will Get Free Copies of Chilcot Report
I Am My Own Man, Says Ukraine's New Prime Minister
Georgia Hopes for Visa-Free Travel to EU Despite German Objections
Washington Urges Albania's Opposition to Approve Reforms
China Angered by US Criticism of Anti-Terror Fight
China Slams Philippines' Definition of South China Sea 'Reef'
North Korea 'Will Be Punished' Says France
Indian Police Clash With Park Squatters From Obscure Sect, 22 Dead
Expanded US Marines Deployment to Australia Delayed
Americans Still Dying
Navy Gunner's Mate (UT) Serving Aboard Ship in the Red Sea Dies From Non-Combat Cause
Fighting, Attacks in Iraq Leave 375 Dead
Iraqi Military Takes a Slow Approach in Battle for Fallujah
Fallujah Is a 'Tough Nut to Crack': Iraqi Finance Minister
Attack on Iraqi Civilians Fleeing ISIS in Fallujah Kills Two
As Iraq Repays Debt, Lukoil Pledges to Unlock Investment
Syrian Government Air Strikes Kill 15 People in East: Monitor
US Sees Fate of Up to 40,000 Civilians at Stake in Syria Offensive
Syrian Government To Allow Aid to Besieged Towns
Security Campaign Against Kurdish Militants in Turkish Border Town Completed: Sources
Turkish Nationalist Leader's Weakening Grip Poses Challenge for Erdogan
Turkey's Reaction to Germany Genocide Vote Tempered by Politics, Trade
Iran's Khamenei Rules Out Cooperation With US Against ISIS
Iran Leader Slams 'Fake' BBC Report on Secret US Contact
Iran State TV: Khamenei Says US, 'Evil' Britain Can't Be Trusted
Israel Releases Female Palestinian Lawmaker After 14 Months
Israelis and Palestinians Absent From Middle East Talks in Paris
Chance of Two-State Solution Fading, France Says in Reviving Israeli-Palestinian Peace Push
Foreign Ministers in Paris: Israelis, Palestinians Must Show 'Genuine Commitment' to Peace
Hollande: No Israel-Palestine Deal Aids 'Terrorists'
Saudi Foreign Minister Rejects Netanyahu's Demand to 'Update' Arab Peace Initiative
Senior Egyptian Official: Cairo Isn't Promoting Its Own Israeli-Palestinian Peace Bid
Thousands of Jewish Settlers Overrun West Bank Shrine
IDF Troops Simulate Hezbollah Warfare
Israel 'Engaging' With ICC Over Gaza War Crimes Inquiry: Prosecutor
Middle East
Saudi's Deputy Crown Prince to Visit US for Talks
The Forgotten Story of European Refugee Camps in the Middle East
Venezuela's Maduro Takes Opposition Congress Leaders to Court
Mexican Officials Exhume 117 Corpses From Common Grave
Credibility of Brazil's Interim President Collapses as He Receives 8-Year Ban on Running for Office
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