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Updated June 15, 2016 - 11:20 PM EDT
Clinton Supports Draft Registration for Women
  Senate Passes Bill With Provision to Draft Women
'Missing' Grow as Iraqi Troops Detain Civilians
  Pentagon 'Skeptical' of Latest Reports ISIS Leader Baghdad Killed
  Is Iraq on the Brink of Collapse?
  Investigation of Refugee Murders Continues; 203 Killed in Iraq
Afghan Govt Says 117 Militants Killed in 24 Hours
  Pakistan, Afghanistan Add Troops to Border After Clash
Clinton, Trump Call to Bomb After Shooting ISIS Didn't Direct
  FBI to Investigate if Orlando Gunman's Sexuality Was a Motive
  Officers May Have Shot Orlando Club Patrons
  Witness: Gunman Attacked to Get US 'To Stop Bombing His Country'
Khamenei: If US Reneges on Deal We Would Abandon It
Israel Cuts Water Supplies to West Bank During Ramadan
Britain Affirms Continued NATO Buildup in Eastern Europe
Saudi Weapons Imports Lead Surge in Global Arms Sales
What the FBI Was Doing Instead of Catching the Orlando Shooter
US Counterterrorism Funds Ended Up in the Orlando Attacker's Pocket  by Patrick Tucker
Stop Exploiting LGBT Issues to Justify Anti-Muslim Policies  by Glenn Greenwald
The Candidates on Orlando: A Study in Contrasts  by Justin Raimondo
Senate Votes for Equal Slavery for Women  by Jessica Pavoni
Muhammad Ali Was America's Most Effective Antiwar Advocate  by Anthony L. Fisher

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Assange: WikiLeaks Will Publish Enough Evidence to Indict Hillary Clinton
Russia Hacks Democrats, Trump Info Taken
Want to Save Migrants in the Mediterranean? There's an App for That
US Isn't Offering Libya Military Aid to Oust ISIS
Gingrich: Let's Create New House Un-American Activities Committee
Attack in Orlando
Orlando Gunman's Wife Could Face Charges
Orlando Police Reject Freedom of Information Request for Audio of Nightclub Shooter's 911 Call
Did a Delay in Response Give the Gunman More Time?
Despite Orlando Killer's Desire to Glorify ISIS, Discussion Moves on to His Sexuality
Orlando Shooter Wasn't the First Murderer Employed by Global Mercenary Firm
US Shooter Underwent Company Screening
Orlando Gunman Visited Pulse Nightclub Several Times Before Shooting, Witnesses Say
Gay Dating App Says It Has No Record of Mateen Account
The War at Home
Republicans Seek Wider FBI Surveillance Power After Orlando
Cleveland's Rules on Demonstrations at Convention Draw Their Own Protests
Navy MH-60s Seahawk Chopper Crashes in Virginia River, Crew Safe
Man Arrested After Threatening Shooting at Seattle Mosque
Ethiopia Says Will Not Escalate Border Clash With Eritrea
Eritrea Accuses Ethiopia of Being Behind UN Crimes Report
UN Approves High Seas Crackdown on Libya Arms Smuggling
UN Urges Libya to Probe Murder of Ex-Detainees
Uganda Police Say Senior Officer Wounded in Attack on Police Station Dies
Kenya Police Summon Politicians Over 'Hate Speech' Allegations
Guinea-Bissau Envoy: the Country Is 'Practically Paralyzed'
Niger Leader Asks France to Boost Operations Against Islamist Militants
Venezuela Accuses Washington and the OAS of Fostering a Coup
Kerry Announces Talks With Venezuela but Backs Disputed Referendum
Colombia Government, FARC Close to Peace Deal: Mediator Norway
167-Year-Old Panama Newspaper Faces US Sanctions
IDF Closes Case Against Officer Who Shelled Gaza Clinic 'in Memory' of Fallen Comrade
Israel Drills Civilians in North for Future Bout With Hezbollah
Israel's Reconciliation With Turkey Seen Bolstering Its NATO Cooperation
Investigation of Reported Refugee Murders Continues; 203 Killed in Iraq
Syria, Iraq Conflicts Won't Be Solved by Military Alone, Iran Says
Turkey Will Not Allow Cooperation With Terrorist Groups in Syria: PM Yildirim
Turkey Will Not Change Anti-Terror Laws, Even if Scuppers EU Visa Deal: Yildirim
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi-Led Yemen Coalition Demands Sources for Critical UN Report
Power Cuts, Violence Fuel Yemen Separatists' Dreams
Middle East
Bahrain Suspends Main Shiite Opposition Party Amid Crackdown
Christian Ministers Quit Over Lebanon Government Inaction
US Declines to Say if Boeing Has License to Sell Planes to Iran
Pakistan Moves to Hire Washington Lobbyists Amid Strained US Ties
Pakistan, Spurned by US, Considers Offer of Jordanian F-16 Jets
Vietnamese Fighter Jet Goes Missing Along South China Sea Coast
Kazakhstan Guard Base Attackers Heard 'Holy War' Broadcast From Syria: Minister
China Warns US on Visits by Dalai Lama, Taiwan President
Russia and Ukraine Free Prisoners in Latest Swap
Want to Save Migrants in the Mediterranean? There's an App for That
Children Face Beatings, Rape, Death Trying to Reach Europe: UNICEF
Second Largest German Bank Shuts Anti-Israel BDS Account
Knifeman Kills Paris Policeman and Partner, ISIS Claims Responsibililty
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Justin Raimondo
The Candidates on Orlando: A Study in Contrasts

Ivan Eland
Given Orlando, Has the US Government Been Adequately Protecting the Public?

Lucy Steigerwald
David French and the Cult of the Soldier

Dan Sanchez
The Sociology of War

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NATO in Montenegro: Securing the Rear Before Barbarossa II?

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What Do Terrorists Want?

Ran HaCohen
What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

David R. Henderson
Questioning the Powerful

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