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Updated June 19, 2016 - 11:24 PM EDT
Saudis Back State Dept on Syria Regime Change
  Russia: US-Allied Rebels Mingling With Qaeda, Complicate Airstrikes
Iraq PM: Fallujah Victory as Troops Attack Hospital
  Iraqi Forces End ISIS's Two-Year Occupation of Fallujah
Afghan Civilian Casualties at 'Record Highs'
  Tensions Grow as Border Clashes Stall Afghan-Pakistan Trade
The Problem of Defining an 'Act of Cyber War'
Israel Begins Huge Gaza Barrier Project
US Courts Saudi Prince, But Fears His Recklessness
World's Largest Arms Dealers Lecture Americans on 'Assault Weapons'  by Will Porter
Netanyahu's Petty Corruption  by Uri Avnery
How the FBI's Pursue-Every-Lead Policy Allowed Orlando Shooting  by Trevor Aaronson
Hate, Terror, and Collectivism Culminate in Orlando  by Dan Sanchez
Pick Your Poison: Clinton vs Trump on Foreign Policy  by Stephen Zunes
Why Hasn't Congress Authorized Force Against ISIS?  by Daniel DePetris

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EgyptAir Black Boxes Badly Damaged, Will Prolong Probe
Nine Lost Souls FBI Charged as Terrorists While Letting the Orlando Shooter Go
Ex-White House Officials Criticize Vague Rules Around Disclosure of Hacking Tools
Putin Says Russia Will Work With Any US President
Saudi Imam, 2 Hijackers and Lingering 9/11 Mystery
Refugee Crisis
MSF Rejects EU Funding Over 'Shameful' Migrant Pact With Turkey
Greece Wants to Send Thousands of Migrants Back to Turkey in Coming Weeks
Rape, Abuse Stalk Migrant Children in French Slums, UN Warns
Austria Says Agrees to Help Hungary Secure Schengen Border
DR Congo
UN Peacekeepers Kill Seven Congo Rebels Amid Inter-Ethnic Tensions
UN Early Warning Report Sees Burundi Scenario in Congo
Boko Haram Shoot Dead 24 Women at Funeral in Northern Nigeria
Boko Haram Militants Kill Seven Police in Attack in Niger: Military
ISIS Hits Back With 9th Suicide Car Bombing in Libya's Sirte
Fresh Violence in Central African Republic Kills Several, Forces Thousands to Flee: UN
Lethal Government Force Brings Ethiopian Region to Fearful Standstill
Morocco Offers to Let Some UN Western Sahara Mission Staff Back
Somalia: Number of Child Soldiers May Top 5,000, UN Reports
65,000 Rights Complaints Filed to Tunisia 'Truth Panel'
Russia Says Kills Islamist Warlord, Nine Other Militants in Dagestan
US Says It Will Stay in Black Sea Despite Russian Warning
Putin Says US Missile Shield Is a Danger
Vladimir Putin Says Russian Athletes' Ban From Olympics Is Politically Motivated
Putin: Russia Has No Grudge Against EU, Ready to Improve Ties
Kiev Worried That Brexit Would Weaken EU Support for Ukraine
EU Extends Sanctions on Russia-Annexed Crimea Until Mid-2017
Scots Draft Plan for Post-'Brexit' Independence Vote
Germany Starts Trial of Alleged Turkish Militants
PM of Croatia Is Ousted by the Party That Backed Him
Seven Decapitated Bodies Found on Home Turf of Mexican Drug Lord 'El Chapo'
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed Last Week
Former IDF Chief: Israel Not Under Existential Threat
Palestinians Say They Are Negotiating Sea Border With Egypt
Tank Returned to Israel From Russia Was Not One From Which Three Soldiers Went Missing
New Front Opens; 53 Killed in Iraq
Bombardments in Syria's Aleppo Kill 9 Civilians
Putin: I Agree With US Proposals for Syrian Opposition
Russia Says Syria Campaign Death Toll Moves Into Double Figures
Turkish Plan to Restructure Courts Stokes Opposition Alarm
Turkish Vote on Stronger Presidency May Come Late This Year
Minister Disowns Comment That UAE's Role in Yemen Is Over
Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Requests Meeting on Yemen With UN Chief
Potential Boeing Iran Sale Faces Opposition in US Congress
US Rules Out Mediation Between Afghanistan, Pakistan
Afghans Chanting 'Death to Ghani, Death to Abdullah' Protest in Kabul
Afghanistan's Vice President Barred From Coming to US
US Drone Kills Two Alleged TTP Commanders
Pakistan Threatens to Deport All Refugees
Pakistani Woman Throws Acid at Man Who Refused to Marry Her
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Protesters Voice Outrage After Bookseller Detentions by China Exposed
China Rights Lawyer Faces Fraud Trial in Beijing Amid Crackdown
Indian Court Jails 11 for Life Over Gujarat Massacre of Muslims
AFP Releases Report Into Who Leaked Top Secret Report on Iraq War to Australian MP
Weekend Reviews
We Buried the Disgraceful Truth
In Washington, the Real Power Lies With the Spooks, Eavesdroppers, and Assassins
Bad Intelligence: David Price's Long War Against Anthropology's Collaborations With the National-Security State
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