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Updated June 23, 2016 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Officials: ISIS 'Defeats' Not Making Impact
US Commanders Seek Many More Troops for Iraq
  Militias Sneak Into Fallujah; 256 Killed in Iraq Battles, Attacks
US-Backed Rebels Fight One Another in N. Syria
  Lebanese Army Slowly Retakes Border Area From ISIS, al-Qaeda
  Airstrikes Kill 18 Civilians in ISIS Capital of Raqqa
Putin Pushes Readiness, Citing NATO 'Aggression'
  US Commander: NATO Can't Defend Baltics From Russian Invasion
Man Opens Fire at German Cinema, 25 Wounded
Brent Scowcroft Endorses Hillary Clinton
Top General: Escalation but No Strategy in Libya
Senate Giving FBI More Access to Americans' Digital Data
‘Prayer for Rain’: How Israel Uses Water as a Weapon of War  by Ramzy Baroud
Stop Using Tragedies to Justify Unjust New Laws  by Bonnie Kristian
Hillary Clinton Is Teaming Up With the NYPD to Push Police Militarization  by Sarah Lazare
Trump and Washington's Wars  by Jon Basil Utley
Neocons Scheme for More 'Regime Change'  by James W. Carden
New CIA Torture Documents Confirm Details of Khaled El-Masri's 'Kafka-Esque' Ordeal  by Jamil Dakwar

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Clinton Tech Aide Takes 5th in Deposition
Egyptian Court Acquits 22 Over Red Sea Islands Protest
Stop-Trump Groups Air Ads Aiming to Unbind Delegates
Rubio Skips Foreign Policy Hearing as He Announces Reelection
Colombian Govt and FARC Rebels Announce Ceasefire Deal to End War
Militias Sneak Into Fallujah; 256 Killed in Iraq Battles, Attacks
UN Says Received Further Reports of Abuse of Fallujah Escapees
Norway's Parliament Approves Sending Troops to Syria
Syria's Assad Appoints New Prime Minister
Amnesty Urges Jordan to Keep Border Open to Syrian Refugees
Turkish Prosecutors Demand Over 14 Years in Jail for Activists
Turkey Close to Restoring Diplomatic Ties With Israel
ISIS Suspects Held in Turkey Over Transgender Attack Plot: Dogan
Turkey Blocking German Official's Visit to Incirlik Base: Germany
UN: Shortfalls Will Disrupt Already Limited Yemen Food Aid
Saudi Deputy Crown Prince, UN Chief Talk Protecting Yemen's Children
Bahrain Gambles With Security by Launching Crackdown on Shi'ites
Bahrain National Reconciliation Efforts Stalled: US State Department
Anti-Money Laundering Body Seen Keeping Iran on Blacklist: Officials
20 Congress Members Send Obama Letter Requesting Protection of Palestinian Children From Israeli Abuses
Israel Eyes Law to Remove Online Content Inciting Terrorism
Poll: Israelis Even on Clinton-Trump
Rivlin Tells European Lawmakers: Conditions Not Right for Final Status Agreement With Palestinians
Israel and US Sign Cyber Defense Cooperation Agreement
Airport Planned for Israel-Jordan Border Clouds Neighborly Ties
UK Chilcot Inquiry: What Is It, When Will It Be Published, and What Will It Say? Everything We Know So Far
OSCE Urges Ukraine and Separatists to Investigate Ceasefire Violations
Russian Bill Requires Encryption Backdoors in All Messenger Apps
Swiss Authorities Detain Suspected Islamist Leader
Why German Troops Don't Trust Their Weapons
The War at Home
Orlando Police Chief Blames Mateen for Any Pulse Victims Killed by Police
Pakistan-Born American Says He Foretold FBI About Florida Killer
US Military Won't Disclose Details on Injured Service Members
Homeland Security Analyst Took Weapons Into HQ, 'Possibly for Attack'
US Government Conducted Bioterror Research Right Under Subway Riders' Noses
Afghanistan Risks 'New Spiral in Violence', UN Official Says
Afghan Taliban Release Most Kidnapped Bus Passengers
Afghanistan's Dwindling Sikh, Hindu Communities Flee New Abuses
China's Top Paper Lambasts US Aircraft Carrier Deployment
US Warns China Against Provocations Once Court Rules on Sea Claims
China's One-Time 'Democracy' Village Protests for Fourth Straight Day
China Plans First Regular Civilian Cruises to Disputed Spratlys by 2020
North Korea Leader Says Missile Gives Ability to Attack US in Pacific
North Korea's Missile Launches 'Brazen, Irresponsible Act': UN Chief
South Korea Spy Agency to Extend Protection of Waitresses From North
Pakistan Sufi Singer Amjad Sabri Gunned Down in Karachi
MSF: Nearly 200 Die of Starvation at Nigerian Refugee Camp
Boko Haram's Victims – Rescued but on the Verge of Starvation
Gunmen Kidnap Expatriate Cement Workers in South Nigeria
Gunmen Kill 4 in Attack on Darfur Camp for Displaced: UN
DR Congo Presidential Hopeful Sentenced to Jail
France Reduces Central African Republic Force to 350 Soldiers
Venezuela Indicts Opposition Activists Amid Recall Effort
US Envoy Talks With Venezuela President Maduro Amid Crisis
Experts Urge Follow-Up Probe to Mexican Student Massacre
In Chile's Forests, Shadowy Rebel Groups Threaten Logging Industry
Panama Canal Expansion to Open Amid Shipping Downturn
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