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Updated June 25, 2016 - 8:35 PM EDT
Worldwide Shock at British Decision to Leave EU
  David Cameron to Quit After UK Votes to Leave EU
  Is Brexit the Beginning of the End of the United Kingdom?
France Fears Brexit Will Harm Military Power
  Frexit? Talk of EU Withdrawal Votes in France, Netherlands, Italy
  Obama Assures Britain 'Special Relationship' Is Safe Despite Brexit
  Poland: EU Needs a New Treaty to Prevent More Brexits
ISIS Kidnaps 900 Kurdish Civilians in N. Syria
  Likely Clinton Defense Secretary Denies Backing US Troops in Syria
  Hezbollah to Send Reinforcements to Continue Aleppo Battles
33 Killed in Renewed Clashes Across Yemen
Blasts, Gunfire Hit Hotel in Somalia's Mogadishu, 15 Dead
Trump Adviser Urges Israel to Wait on US Military Aid Deal
Clinton's State Dept Calendar Missing Scores of Entries
Pentagon Confirms New Afghan Strikes Since Escalation
Brexit Wins: Why That’s
Great News for Europe, Too
 by Dan Sanchez
With Brexit, the British Strike a Resounding Blow for Liberty  by Matt Purple
Clinton and Obama Are Wrong About Snowden  by Ben Norton
Second Coming of Ehud Barack  by Uri Avnery
Putin Conspiracies, Obama Nonintervention Blamed for Brexit  by Adam Johnson
Gaza's Plight Matters to the World  by Elizabeth Kucinich

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State Dept. Sending Shaquille O'Neal to Cuba
Colombia to Get UN Peace Monitors, Possible Referendum
Greeks Welcome Brexit Vote as Snub to Overbearing Brussels
Navy to Demo Swarming Drones at Sea in July
Spain Calls for Joint Control of Gibraltar After EU Vote
Kurdish Media Office Attacked; 87 Killed in Iraq
Vicar of Baghdad Suspended Over Ransoms for Sex Slaves
UN Can't Verify Incendiary Bombs in Syria, Concerned by Reports
Father of Palestinian Boy Killed by IDF Troops Urges Israel to 'Recovers Its Sanity'
Why Did IDF Release 61-Year-Old Secret Documents Only Now?
Israel Kills Palestinian Woman in Occupied West Bank
IDF Unveils New Cyber Defense HQ
Middle East
Turkey Grants Immunity to Security Forces Fighting Militants
Hezbollah Brushes Off US Sanctions, Says Money Comes Via Iran
Oil Glut Fading Where You Would Least Expect: Saudi Arabia
Russian MPs Approve Sweeping Anti-Terror Measures
Investigators Detain Russian Governor Accused of Taking Bribe
Syrian Armenians Find Refuge in Homeland
China Rejects Bending Rule for India to Join Nuclear Club
Afghan Official: ISIS Kills 8, Including Civilians
Indonesia Tries to Steer Convicted Militants to New Lives
Thailand Jails Seven Activists Over Referendum Campaign
Mob Destroys Mosque as Religious, Ethnic Tension Rises in Myanmar
Will Not Allow Any Country to Use Proxies Against Pakistan: Army Chief
Nepali Migrants Banned From Working in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria
Philippines' Duterte Says Time Will Come to Confront Abu Sayyaf
Private Companies Are Helping African Governments Spy on Their Own People
Somalia: Deadly Explosion Hits African Union Troops in Marka Town
Congo's President Promises Democratic Vote Despite Tensions
Libyan Forces Clash With Militants in Sirte, 14 Dead: Official
Algerians Celebrate Return of Social Media After Blackout
US Military
2nd Navy Officer Fired Over Iran's Detention of 10 Sailors
Pentagon Expected to Repeal Ban on Transgender Members Next Month
The Post-Brexit 'Great Britain'
New Scotland Independence Referendum 'Highly Likely': Sturgeon
Sinn Fein Calls for Irish Unity Poll as Brexit Fallout Begins
Brexit: Scotland and Northern Ireland Reconsider Ties to UK
Britain Vows to Remain Diplomatic Power, Keep UN Veto
EU Referendum Result: 7 Graphs That Explain How Brexit Won
Young Brits Wanted to Stay, the Older Generation Chose to Leave
Boris Johnson: 'No Need for Haste' on Formal Process of Pulling UK Out of EU
Boris Johnson Emerges as Big Winner After British Referendum
Ireland Will Do Utmost to Keep British Common Travel Area: PM
More Exits?
EU's Tusk Says 27 EU Leaders Determined to Keep Unity After Brexit
Catalonia Government Head Says Brexit Shows Split From Spain Possible
Danish Govt-Allied Populists Call for EU Vote, PM Rejects
Turkey's Erdogan Says EU to Face More Exits if Continues on Same Path
Finnish Euroskeptics Say Respect Brexit Vote, No Time for Finland Euro Exit
Brexit Could Slow EU Enlargement, Croatia Warns
Global Reaction
EU Leaders Call for UK to Leave as Soon as Possible
Brexit Vote Sends a Message to Politicians Everywhere: It Can Happen Here
Putin Says Russia Did Not Influence Britain's Vote to Leave EU
Turkey Warns of Rising European Xenophobia After Brexit Vote
Italy PM Renzi Says After Brexit EU Must Become 'More Just and Human'
Germany Wants to Offer Britain Associated Partnership With EU
German Officials Warn Against EU Revenge for UK Brexit Vote
Venezuela Opposition: Enough Signatures for Recall Vote on Maduro
Frustrated Venezuelans Finish Fingerprinting for Referendum
US Diplomat: Venezuela Dialogue Could Open Way for International Help
NYC and Havana Create Arts and Cultural Exchange
Young Colombians Look Ahead to a Peace They'Ve Never Known
Seeking New Routes, Central American Migrants at Risk of Trafficking
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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Brexit Wins: Why That’s Great News for Europe, Too

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