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Updated June 29, 2016 - 11:18 PM EDT
Kerry: US Intervening in More Places Than Ever
Brexit Could Kill Sanctions, Open UK-Iran Trade
  Scotland Rebuffed, Particularly by Spain, on EU Membership
US Airstrikes Kill 250 ISIS Fighters in Fallujah
  US Loans Iraq $2.7 Billion for War Equipment
  Iraqi Troops Near Qayara, Key Airbase on the Road to Mosul
  Sinjar Mass Graves in Danger of Destruction; 197 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS Retakes Key Town From US-Backed Rebels
  UN: Aid Deliveries Made to All Besieged Parts of Syria
  Why Assigning Blame for Terrorist Attacks in Turkey Is Difficult
CIA Chief: ISIS Is Likely Plotting Strikes in US
2 Million-Person Terror Database Leaked Online
Searching for a 'Responsible Adult': Is Brexit Good for Israel?  by Ramzy Baroud
Trading Places: Neocons and Cockroaches  by Robert Parry
European Unification Divides Europeans: How Forcing People Together Tears Them Apart  by Diana Johnstone
Sen. Jack Reed: Cluster Bomb Cheerleader  by Aniqa Raihan
The FDA Is Stockpiling Military Weapons – and It's Not Alone  by Jeff Jacoby
Quietly as Possible, Govt Renewing Its Assault on Your Privacy  by Trevor Timm

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Brennan Says Release of 28 Pages Requires Congressional Role
Chagos Islanders Cannot Return: UK Supreme Court
Egyptair Black Box Confirms Smoke on Board: Probe
Rights Court Mulls Claims CIA Secretly Held Suspects in Eastern Europe
Lawyer: CIA Gave Romania Millions for Secret Prisons
Sinjar Mass Graves in Danger of Destruction; 197 Killed Across Iraq
At Least 5 Killed in Bombing in Kurdish-Controlled Syrian Town
Bomb Attack Kills Two Soldiers in Southeast Turkey: Sources
Putin Lifts Turkey Restrictions After Erdogan Call
Erdogan, Putin Agree to Meet in Person
In Istanbul Airport's Swift Reopening Some See Resilience, Others Resignation
US to Ban Military Families in Turkey for Security Reasons
Tunisia Medic Killed in Turkey Blast Was Seeking Son in ISIS
More Than 250 Killed in Major Bombings in Turkey Over Year
Israel's 'Non-Lethal' Sponge-Tipped Bullets Cause Serious Harm to Palestinians
Netanyahu Vows to Work to Oust Israeli Arab MP Who Called Soldiers Murderers
Gaza's Palestinians Divided Over Israel-Turkey Deal
Middle East
Amnesty, HRW Want Saudis Off UN Rights Council
Bahrain Jails 8 Shi'ite Nationals in Continued Crackdown
Kenyan Forces Kill Five Suspected Shabaab Militants
Right Groups: Police Responsible for 3 Men Missing in Kenya
UN Adds 2,500 Peacekeepers to Mali Mission
Angolan Court Orders Releases Jailed Activists
Zambian Police Charge Editors of Newspaper Critical of Government
Ex-Assistant State Prosecutor Assassinated in Mexico
Mexican Rights Groups Say 2014 Army Slayings Go Unpunished
Clashes Rage in Rio as Police Try to Capture Drug Trafficker
Six Honduran Police Officers Indicted on US Drug Charges
Suriname President Acts to Again Avoid Trial in 1982 Deaths
Haiti's Bickering Lawmakers Avoid Vote on Interim Leader
The War at Home
Trump Advocates Waterboarding and 'Much Worse' to Battle Terrorists
US Report Critical of Fellow Lawmakers' Efforts to Regulate Encryption
NYT Reporter Who Gave US Saddam's Aluminum Tubes Summers at Neoconservative Thinktank
Senate Panel Grants More Visas for Afghans Who Supported US
US Military Wants to Buy Guantanamo Bay a 2nd Fiber-Optic Cable
GOP Senator Mark Kirk Immediately Politicizes Istanbul Attack to Smear Syrian Refugees
Post-Brexit EU
Theresa May, Boris Johnson To Announce Tory Leadership Bids
British Expats Flock to Brussels City Halls to Become Belgian
Tackle Migration or Risk More Exits, Hungarian PM Tells EU
France's Far Right Sees an Opportunity in 'Brexit'
EU Tells UK Single Market Access Requires Full Free Movement
EU, US Urge Bosnia to Pass Reforms Critical for EU Bid, IMF Funds
Armed Guards to Patrol French Beaches This Summer
Serb National Jailed for 13 Years in Kosovo on Terrorism Charges
Gunmen Kill Four Security Officials in Pakistan's Quetta
Pakistan Extends Afghan Refugee Registration Deadline by Six Months
Pakistani Schoolgirl Malala Joins Millionaires' Club
New Philippine Defense Chief Says Militant Threat More Pressing Than South China Sea
China Slams South China Sea Case as Court Set to Rule
Indonesia to Step Up Oil Exploration, Fishing in South China Sea Waters
China's Xi Urges Caution Over US Missile Deployment in South Korea
Top Court Green-Lights Surveillance of Japan's Muslims
Ruling Party Defeated in Mongolian Parliament Elections
Myanmar Should Dismantle Laws Blocking Free Speech: HRW
Australia Mosque Targeted in Firebomb Attack
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