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Updated July 3, 2016 - 11:15 PM EDT
White House: Baghdad Attacks 'Bolster US Resolve'
  ISIS Bombs Hit Baghdad Shopping District, 130 Killed
  Looting and Arson Reported as Shi'ite Militias Operate in Fallujah
  Blair Won't Be Investigated Over Chilcot Report – but Soldiers Could Be
ISIS Repels US-Backed Forces in North Syria City
  Syria's al-Qaeda Captures US-Backed Rebel Commander
  31 Killed in Syrian 'Revenge' Airstrikes Against Rebel Town
Bangladesh Denies ISIS Ties to Dhaka Siege
  The Terror Groups Jostling for Influence in Bangladesh
  ISIS Seems to Tailor Attacks for Different Audiences
Obama Drone Toll a Fraction of What's Recorded
  File 17 Is Glimpse Into Still-Secret 28 Pages About 9/11
Saudi Airstrikes Kill Dozens of Houthis in Yemen
Netanyahu Vows More Settlement Expansion
US Arming Somali Warlord to Fight al-Shabaab
The Nonviolent History of American Independence  by Rivera Sun
Why the Sanders 'Revolution' Must Take on the Permanent War State  by Gareth Porter
Prominent Jewish Newspaper Speaks Bluntly of 'Israel Firsters' in US Politics  by Philip Weiss
The Revolt Against Globalism  by Justin Raimondo
Europe Has Underestimated Nationalism  by Patrick Cockburn
When Will Obama Tell US the Whole Truth About Drone Killings?  by Naureen Shah

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Turkish Ship Carrying Aid to Gaza Reaches Israeli Port
Israel's Livni Summoned by London Police for 'War Crimes'
Pentagon Blamed for Pakistan Nuclear Bomb
Near Russia's Border With Baltics, Soldiers on Both Sides Are Practicing for War
Voice Recording From EgyptAir Crash Intact
46 Killed in Executions and Fresh Attacks in Iraq
Tears, Smoke, and Loss at Site of Deadly Baghdad Blast
Iraq Mourns Victims of Baghdad Suicide Bombing
ISIS Fled Last Stand in Fallujah but Fears of Comeback Linger
Iraq PM Abadi Orders Police to Stop Using Fake Bomb Detectors
ISIS Uses Ramadan as Calling for New Terrorist Attacks
Palestinian Refugees Killed in Syria's Khan Eshieh Camp
Syria's Assad Keeps Key Portfolios in New Cabinet Line-Up
Istanbul Airport Attack Toll Rises to 45
Erdogan's Lawyer Says Has Acted to Get Entire Poem Mocking Erdogan Banned
Around 20 ISIS Members in Custody Over Istanbul Airport Attack: Erdogan
Israel Bars Hebron Governor From Entering Country After He Visits Home of Kiryat Arba Terrorist
Israel Destroys Palestinian Bedouin Village for 100th Time
Israel Bars All Palestinian Travel in Southern West Bank
'Israel Is a Dictatorship. but Other Than That, It's Paradise.'
Two-State Israeli-Palestinian Solution Slipping Away: UN Official
In Response to Rocket Fire, IAF Strikes in Gaza
Egyptian Electricity Line to Gaza Repaired After Being Damaged by Airstrikes
Lieberman Tells IDF Chiefs Not to Answer Bennett's Questions
Israel Seeks to Raise Profile in Africa With Netanyahu Trip
Facebook Defends Position on Content Standards After Israeli Censure
Kuwait Detains 5 ISIS Suspects, Foils Attack
Kuwait to Strengthen Security at Oil Sites
Middle East
Suicide Attack Carried Out Near US Diplomatic Site in Saudi Arabia
UAE Warns Against Wearing Traditional Clothes Abroad
Libya Oil Chiefs Reunify State Producer to End Row on Exports
Car Bomb Hits Busy Neighborhood in Libya's Benghazi, Kills 2
Niger Delta Avengers Group Claims Five Attacks in Nigeria's Southern Delta
Egypt Rights Watchdog Criticizes Disappearances, Torture
Mauritania Arrests Nine Anti-Slavery Activists
Armed Attackers Kill 2 Gendarmes, Wound Soldier in Mali
Jailed Algerian Journalist Starts Hunger Strike Before Trial
The War at Home
Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor and Nobel Laureate, Dead at 87
Muslim Doctor 'Shot and Stabbed' Outside Mosque in Texas
Emirati Man Detained at Gunpoint After Entering Ohio Hotel in Headdress
Muslim Man Beaten Outside Florida Mosque That Was Attended by Orlando Shooter
Activists Troubled by Houston's History of Police Shootings
Man Confronted by US Police After False ISIS Accusation
Lockheed's Top Government Affairs Official Not Registered as Lobbyist
Refugee Crisis
Syrian Refugees Could Become Turkish Citizens: Erdogan
Macedonian Police Discover 73 Migrants Hidden in Truck
France Eyes Prospects to Pressure Britain Over Migrants
Greeks Turn Deserted Hotel Into Homes for 400 Refugees
Bangladesh Home Minister Says Dhaka Gunmen Made No Demands
Bangladesh Army Says It Now Believes Not All Cafe Attack Victims Foreign
Bangladesh May Be Confronting a More Fearsome Militant Foe
Savage Attack on Oasis of Calm in Dhaka Shakes Expat Community
ISIS Posts Photos It Says Are of Foreigners Killed in Dhaka Attack
Identities, Nationalities of Dead in Dhaka Restaurant Attack
At UN, Pakistan Demands Immediate Cessation of Illegal Drone Strikes
US Senators Visit Onetime al-Qaeda Stronghold in Pakistan
US Must End Its Occupation of Afghanistan, Warns New Taliban Leader
Myanmar Mob Burns Down Mosque
China to Hold Drills in South China Sea Ahead of Court Ruling
Blair Faces Calls for Impeachment on Release of Chilcot Report
Brexit Vote Makes United Ireland Suddenly Thinkable
'Reverse Greenland', Anyone? Scots Eye Post-Brexit EU Options
Beatles' Ringo Starr Praises Brexit Vote
With Russia as an Ally, Serbia Edges Toward NATO
Serbia Won't Hold Referendum on Joining the EU, PM Says
Controversial Exports in German Arms Report: Newspaper
Nicolas Sarkozy Announces Return Bid for French Presidency
Dutch Populist Geert Wilders Wants to Leave the EU
Colombians Divided on Peace Deal: Poll
Murders in El Salvador Drop by Half in June
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