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Updated July 4, 2016 - 11:19 PM EDT
US-Backed Syrian Rebels Behind Killings: Report
  ISIS Attacks US-Backed Rebels on Several Fronts in Manbij
  Israel Attacks Syrian Military After Stray Shell Damages Fence
Baghdad Bombs Add to Doubts About Iraq Security
  Shi'ite Militias Give Fallujah the Appearance of Occupied Territory
  40 Wounded As Rockets Hit MeK Camp Near Baghdad Airport
  UK Ex-Navy Chief: Iraq War Planned Before Blair Told Public
  WikiLeaks Found 1,200 Iraq Emails in State Dept's Clinton Trove
Israel OKs 800 New Settler Homes in West Bank
  Israeli Right Slams Plans to Allow Arab Construction in E. Jerusalem
Suicide Attacks Hit Saudi Arabia; 6 Killed
Bangladesh Attackers Were 'Rich and Educated'
Report: Clinton Aide Admits Hillary Burned Daily Schedules
For Obama's Secret Wars, Record Suggests a Far Worse Reality  by Chris Woods
At Their Own Peril, Americans Are Fuzzy on History  by Ivan Eland
Hillary Clinton's Hawkishness Began When She Was First Lady  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Benghazi Just a Symptom; Interventionism Is the Disease  by Bonnie Kristian
Public Eclipse of a Shining Patriot  by Guy Somerset
Why We Forget Muslim Terror Victims  by Haroon Moghul

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UK Independence Party Leader Farage Announces Surprise Departure
Airline Issues Alert on Former Gitmo Detainee
Argentina Says Falklands Claim Unchanged by Brexit
NATO Chief Sees Canada's Troop Commitment as 'Open-Ended'
Ex-Soviet Exiles Give ISIS Violence a Russian Accent
Rockets Strike Iranian Dissident Camp; 135 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Pushes ISIS Back, but Struggles to Secure Baghdad
Iraqi PM Tells Police to Stop Using Fake Bomb Detectors After ISIS Baghdad Attack
A Corrupt Deal for Security Wands Left Iraq Vulnerable to Baghdad Bomb Blast
Britain's Role in Iraq War: What to Expect From Chilcot Report
Iraq Executes 5 After Devastating Baghdad Blast
Iraq's Minorities 'On Verge of Disappearance': Rights Groups
13,000 Flee ISIS Bastion Manbij Since Start of Assault: Activists
IDF Checking Report That Mortar Shell From Syrian Civil War Landed in Golan Heights
Turkey Proposes Cooperation With Russia in Fighting ISIS
Seventeen Suspects to Appear in Court Over Istanbul Airport Bombing
Boris Johnson Backs Andrea Leadsom for Prime Minister
Chilcot to Be Boycotted by Families Amid 'Whitewash' Fears
July 4 Message From Putin to Obama: Let's Have Better Ties
NATO-Russia Talks After Warsaw Summit: Stoltenberg
Triple Suicide Bombing Averted in Nigeria: Army
Twitter Suspends Account of Nigerian Militant Group Niger Delta Avengers
Protests Over Murder of Kenyan Lawyer
Genocide Negotiations Reopen Colonial Wounds in Namibia
Prosecutors: 3 Policemen Killed in Mexico Were Gang Lookouts
Police: 17 Suspects Behind Attack on Haiti Police Station
US Drone Strike Kills Three al-Qaeda Suspects in Yemen
Saudi Arabia Intercepts Ballistic Missile From Yemen: Coalition
Israel Razes Homes of Two Palestinian Assailants
New Film Blames Israel for Failure of Anti-Iran Malware
Controversial Israeli Rapper Survives Assassination Attempt
Middle East
Jordan's Nuclear Chief Says Kingdom Keen on Deal With US
After Attacks, Lebanese Christian Town Casts Wary Eye on Syrian Refugees
Shock Over 'Elite' Bangladesh Suspects
Some Former Hostages Being Questioned Over Bangladesh Attack
Kerry Offers Bangladesh FBI Help as Police Probe Attackers' Links
Pakistan Rejects Allegations of Involvement in Dhaka Attack
China/Hong Kong
China Offers Philippines Talks if South China Sea Court Ignored
China Criticizes Japan Over 'Dangerous' Jet Scramble
Hong Kong Sending Delegation to Beijing on Detainee Notification
Al-Qaeda Urges Muslims in India to Mount Lone Wolf Attacks
US Ditched Plan to Give Afghan Forces More Armored Vehicles
In Pakistan, Gruesome 'Honor' Killings Bring a New Backlash
Chinese Paper Says Should Prepare for South China Sea Armed Clash
US Ready to Help Southeast Asia Fight Extremist Sea Attacks
Suicide Bomber Attacks Indonesian Police Station, Wounding One
Malaysia's Police Confirm ISIS Link to Nightclub Grenade Attack
Thirty Killed in Four Days in Philippine War on Drugs
Thailand Sets Up Security Centers Ahead of Referendum
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