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Updated July 6, 2016 - 11:12 PM EDT
Paul Bremer Backs Key Findings of Chilcot Report
  Chilcot Report on Iraq War Offers Devastating Critique of Tony Blair
  Blair Had Qualms on Iraq War, but Promised Bush Support 'Whatever'
  Families of Iraq War Victims: 'Blair Is World's Worst Terrorist'
Syria, Rebels Agree Ceasefire, Fighting Continues
  For Iraqis, Baghdad Bombing Overshadows Holiday, Fuels Resentment
  Turkey Tightens Key ISIS Border Crossing Into Northern Syria
US Hopes to Get NATO Focus Back on Russia
  NATO Ex-General Defends Plotting to Escalate Tensions With Russia
GOP Foreign Policy Elites Flock to Clinton
Obama Suspends Troop Cutbacks in Afghanistan
State Dept: Israel Systematically Seizing Palestinian Land
Al-Qaeda Attacks South Yemen Base, 14 Troops Killed
Chelsea Manning Rushed to Hospital After Suicide Attempt
FBI: Hillary Broke the Law, But Don't Prosecute Her  by Eric Schuler
Merkel Should Temper NATO’s Belligerence  Veteran Intel Professionals
Remembering Some Obvious Truths About the Iraq War  by Daniel Larison
Taking the War Out of Warsaw  by Adriel Kasonta & Richard Sakwa
Where Things Really Went Wrong in Iraq  by Patrick Cockburn
The Department of Political Justice  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Trump Praises Sadam Hussein for Being 'Good' at Killing Terrorists
Disappearance of Ex-Guantánamo Bay Prisoner Raises Alarms
UK Police Accessed Civilian Data for Fun and Profit, New Report Says
ACLU: US Deporting 'Untold Number' of Military Vets
Bloody Attacks Around the World This Ramadan
The War at Home
US Court to Hear Arguments in Warrantless NSA Spying Case
Disabled St. Jude Patient Sues Airport and TSA After Bloody Scuffle With Airport Police
New Wave of Hate Crimes Makes Muslim Americans Fear for Future
After Attacks on Muslims, Many Ask: Where Is the Outpouring?
Navy SEAL Trainee's Death Ruled a Homicide
US to Spend $240m on Upgrades to Navy Base at Guantanamo
Congress Buys the Navy a $400 Million Pork Ship
Navy Grants $750,000 to Develop Bomb-Sniffing, 'Tattooed' Locusts
Amid Crackdown, ISIS Warns of New Attacks in Bangladesh
Chef at Bangladesh Cafe Probably Working With Attackers: Police
Italian Victims Tortured in Bangladesh Attack: Autopsies
NATO Set to Approve Further Support for Afghanistan
Senior Republicans Signal Issues for Obama Afghan Plan
A Timeline of US Troops in Afghanistan Since 2001
China/Hong Kong
China Warns US on Sovereignty Ahead of South China Sea Ruling
China Chides UN Group Over Criticism of 'Arbitrary' Detention
Chinese Air Force Puts New Transport Aircraft Into Service
Hong Kong Security Chief Says No Legal Way to Return Bookseller to China
North Korea
US Sanctions North Korean Leader Over Rights Abuses
US Says Sanctions on North Korean Leaders May Have Global Implications for Some
US Moves to Limit Protections for Civilian Military Workers in Japan
Thailand to Free Seven Activists on Bail as Referendum Looms
Balochistan Govt Bans Sale of Toy Guns
French Charity Worker to Stand Trial on Charges of Making Up Islamist Attack
Brother of Paris Attacker Sentenced to 9 Years in Jail
NATO-Russia Council to Meet in Possible Move to Ease Tensions
Abkhazia Leader Calls for Calm After Riots
US Warns of Possible Attacks in Lagos, Nigeria
Nigerian Militant Group Denies NNPC Attack, Says Suspends Social Network Accounts
Two Dutch Soldiers Killed in Mali Peacekeeping Accident
'Shut Down Zimbabwe' Protests Are Met With Internet Blackouts and Arrests
France Sentences Two Men to Life for 1994 Genocide in Rwanda
Chilcot Report on Iraq
Chilcot Delivers Crushing Verdict on Blair and the Iraq War
Chilcot Exposes How Blair Kept Ministers and Generals in the Dark
British Inquiry Slams Ex-PM Blair for Catalog of Failures Over Iraq War
For Iraqis, British War Inquiry Changes Little
Iraqi Who Hammered Saddam's Statue Says Blair Should Be Put on Trial
Chilcot Report: Tony Blair Told George W. Bush, 'if We Win Quickly, Everyone Will Be Our Friend.'
George W. Bush Defends Iraq Invasion Following Chilcot Report
Jeremy Corbyn: The Iraq War Was an Act of Military Aggression Launched on a False Pretext
Tony Blair: 'I Express More Sorrow, Regret and Apology Than You Can Ever Believe'
65 Killed in Iraq During Eid Observances
Baghdad Bombing: Why Is Iraq Still Using Fake Bomb Detectors?
Death Toll From Suicide Bombing in Kurdish Northeast Syria Rises to 25: Monitor
Two Killed as Explosion Hits Refugees Near Turkey-Syria Border
In Syria's Broken Society, Brides Are Celebrating Without the Groom
Turkey Seeks Militants Linked to Istanbul Attack Near Syrian Border: Media
Kremlin: Istanbul Attack Could Be Result of Turkey, EU Ignoring Moscow's 'Signals'
Israel's New 'Facebook Bill' Hopes to Force Social Media Giant to Delete Posts
Israeli Commander Tells Court: Shooting of Subdued Palestinian Assailant Wasn't Justified
Jewish Settlers, Attacked, Needed Help. a Palestinian Doctor Didn't Hesitate
Jewish Agency Chief: Israel Undermining Diaspora Jewish Leaders
Israeli Army Snatches Hundreds of Goats From South Lebanon
Cops Arrest 500 Unauthorized Palestinian Workers in Southern Israel
After Terror Surge, Israel to Funnel $13 Million to Hebron Settlements
Middle East
Bahrain Accused of Launching Cyber War on Protest Village
Lebanon Security Beefed Up for Eid Al-Fitr
Central America
Victims of Gang Violence in Central America Flee Homes to 'Save Their Lives': UN
Former Army Chief Warns Australia Not to 'Blindly' Follow US
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