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Updated July 7, 2016 - 11:28 PM EDT
Iraq Reels After Worst Bombing in Its History
  In Political Fights Over Chilcot, Iraqi Lives Don't Matter
  Families of Soldiers Killed in Iraq Vow to Sue Blair for 'Every Penny'
US Jets Diverted to Iraq, Abandoning Syria Rebels
  US-Backed Rebels Again Push Into ISIS City of Manbij
  Syrian Army Cuts al-Qaeda's Last Road Into Aleppo
Israel Targets Palestinian Protesters on Facebook
Multiple Officers Shot at 'Black Lives Matter' Protest in Dallas
Suicide Car Bomber Kills 12 Libyan Soldiers in Benghazi
Rep. Lynch: 28 Pages May Reveal 'Terrible Errors' by US Intel
Militants Attack Huge Bangladesh Holiday Gathering
From Cops to Clinton: Impunity Corrupts  by Dan Sanchez
Is Hillary Morally Unfit To Be President?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Chilcot Report, 7/7 Anniversary Highlight Terrorism's Causes  by Glenn Greenwald
Chilcot and the End of the Anglosphere  by Justin Raimondo
Military-Industrial Election  by Kelley Vlahos
The US Needs Its Own Chilcot Report  by Trevor Timm

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State Department Reopens Clinton Emails Probe
Judge Allows Bergdahl Lawyers to Get Top Generals' Emails
Ethiopia Backs Israeli Bid for AU 'Observer' Role
FBI Director: Charging Hillary Clinton in Email Case Would Be 'Celebrity Hunting'
Blair Says World Is Better as a Result of Iraq War
Attack on Shi'ite Shrine and Tomb; 47 Killed in Iraq
UK Foreign Secretary: US Decision on Iraqi Army Led to Rise of ISIS
US and Britain Wrangled Over Iraq's Oil in Aftermath of War, Chilcot Shows
How Michael Bay's 'The Rock' Was Used to Justify War in Iraq
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Arrest 12 Pakistanis Over Bombs
Saudi Interior Ministry Names Qatif and Medina Bombers
Facebook Rejects Harsh Israeli Critique Over Incitement
Bennett: Kidnap Hamas Officials to Get Soldiers' Bodies Back
Egypt Slams 'Unjustified, Incomprehensible' Settlement Plans
Israel Seeks to Double Security Budget for Jewish Settlers in East Jerusalem
Electricity-Starved Gazans Look to Sun for Help
In Test, Israel, US Successfully Link Missile Defense Systems
Middle East
Iran Will Not Intervene in Bahrain Despite Tensions: Khamenei
Lebanese Army Arrests Palestinian-Syrian for Building Bomb
Two Syrians Killed in Blast While Making Bombs in Turkey's South
Three Explosions in Taipei Train Car; 24 Injured
China Urges US, South Korea to Stop Deployment of Missile System
Zhao Wei: Chinese Rights Activist Released From Jail
North Korea
North Korea: US Sanctions Tantamount to Act of War
Shooting Heard in Tense South Sudan's Capital Juba: Residents
Gadhafi's Son Saif Al-Islam Released From Death Row in Libya, Says Lawyer
The War at Home
VA Puts Latest Estimate of Suicides at 20 Per Day
Lawmakers Rip TSA for Growing Allegations of Misconduct
Marine's Defense for Disseminating Classified Information Will Cite Hillary Clinton's Case
Federal Court Hears Long Overdue Arguments Over 2008 Surveillance Law
Refugee Crisis
Italy Recovers 217 Bodies From Hull of 2015 Migrant Shipwreck
Syrian Refugees Build a City in Jordan Desert
Britain's Cash-Strapped Councils Decline to Take in Syrian Refugees
Archbishop of Canterbury to Open Home to Syrian Refugee Family Next Month
Russian TV Shows US Diplomat Decked by Embassy Policeman
Russian Special Forces Kill Seven Militants, Lose Officer in Dagestan
Suspect Package Sparks Security Alert at UK Parliament
Hungary, Austria Squabble About Border Controls Causing Traffic Jams
Germany Arrests Algerian Suspected of Helping Paris Attack Ringleader
Colombian Rebel Unit Says It Will Not Disarm Under Peace Deal
Just 40 Percent of Colombians to Participate in Peace Vote: Poll
Brazil Says It Will Shoot Down Any Aircraft Violating Airspace of Olympic Games
Venezuela State Workers Claim Supporting Maduro Recall Costs Them Their Jobs
US: No More Financial Help to Conclude Haiti Elections
Ex-Chile Army Chief Detained Over Dictatorship-Era Deaths
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Chilcot and the End of the Anglosphere

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From Cops to Clinton: Impunity Corrupts

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Brexit: Which Kind of Dependence Now?

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