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Updated July 11, 2016 - 11:19 PM EDT
US to Send Hundreds More Ground Troops to Iraq
  US-Backed Syria Rebels Committing War Crimes, Torture, Abductions
  US Concerns About Syrian al-Qaeda Could Lead to Russia Partnership
  After Losing Aleppo Supply Route, al-Qaeda Attacks Govt Districts
Israel Launched Numerous Drone Strikes in Sinai
  Israel Moving to Legalize 14 Settler Outposts in West Bank
  Israel Passes NGO Bill to Clamp Down on Human Rights Groups
In Africa, US Military Sees Enemies Everywhere
  South Sudan Fighting Could Quickly Escalate Into Full-Scale War
  UN's Huge South Sudan Mission Stands Useless as Violence Escalates
Images of Militarized Police Draw Global Attention
If ISIS Loses Libya City, West-Backed Govt May Lose Too
New Philippine Govt Goes After Abu Sayya, Kills 40 Rebels
Cameron to Resign, Theresa May Is Britain's Next PM
Fool’s Errand: NATO Pledges Four More Years of War in Afghanistan  by Ron Paul
One Year In, the Iran Nuclear Deal Is Working  by Barbara Slavin
How the Cold War Launched the Modern American Police State  by Will Grigg
The UK's Amateurish Occupation of Iraq  by Patrick Cockburn
Flynn's Warped Worldview  by Daniel Larison
Atoning for Washington’s ‘Mass Kidnapping’ in the Indian Ocean  by David Vine

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GOP Platform Subcommittee Approves 28 Pages Plank
14 Articles on Success of Iran Deal After One Year
2 Gitmo Detainees Sent to Serbia in Latest Releases
Chelsea Manning Confirms She Was Hospitalized Over Suicide Attempt
134 Killed in Iraq as Fighting Resumes After Holiday
Chilcot Inquiry: Black Ops in Iraq Caused Split Between US and UK
Russian Strike Kills Reporter in Syria: Al Jazeera
Reports Leading PKK Militant Killed in Syria Not Confirmed: Turkey
Human Rights Watch Concerned of 'Major Cover-Up' of Turkish Army
Three Police Officers Shot Dead in Southeast Turkey
As Erdogan Sculpts New Turkish Identity, Turks Look at His Work With Unease
After Nuclear Deal, Iran Sticks to Wary Tactics in Key Gulf Waterway
British-Iranian Charity Worker Faces Trial in Iran
The New Iraq
Israeli Legal Rights Group Sues Facebook for $1 Billion Over Palestinian Violence
Outrage at Arabic Language Ad on Israeli TV
Missing Soldier's Family Blocks Hamas Inmates' Visitors
Middle East
Conflict Destroyed Factories, Damaged Yemen Economy
Hariri Tribunal Axes Trial of Slain Hezbollah Commander
Clash With Rebels Was FARC 'Error': Colombia Government
Chilean Rights Activists Allege Prisoner Disappearances
Mexico Ombudsman: Slain Student Was Brutally Tortured
El Salvador Says Romanian Consul Dies in Suspected Homicide
The War at Home
Micah Johnson Was Shunned by Black-Power Groups as 'Unstable'
CIA Docs Reveal Details About Wrongfully Renditioned German
House GOP Raises Pressure on FBI Over Clinton
Pressure Grows on Clinton Aides to Lose Security Clearances
Newt Gingrich Pals Around With Terrorists Saddam Once Armed
South Sudan
South Sudan Leaders Order Forces to Halt Fighting
US Calls for 'Ordered Departure' of Staff From South Sudan
UN Chief Calls for Arms Embargo, Sanctions on South Sudan
Somalia's Al Shabaab Hit Army Base, Kill at Least 10 Soldiers
Nigerian Authorities Say More Than 70 Killed in Land Dispute
Niger President Suggests Regional Anti-Terror Force
Police Say South African Twins Planned Attacks on US Embassy, Jewish Buildings
Toronto Family of Dhaka Detainee Loses Contact With Him
Bangladesh to Ban Islamic TV Channel, Peace TV
Bangladesh: US Embassy Families Given Option to Leave
North Korea
Images Show High Activity at N. Korea Nuclear Site: Monitor
N. Korea Cuts Off Only Diplomatic Channel With US Over Sanctions
North Korea Says Will Treat US Detainees Under 'Wartime Law'
Kashmir Mob Drowns Policeman
Ghani: Pakistan Should Expel Militants Fighting Afghanistan
Mystery, Concern Spread With Release of Chinese Activist
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