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Updated July 18, 2016 - 8:41 PM EDT
UK OKs Trident, PM 'Willing to Nuke 100,000'
Turkey's Erdogan Orders Detentions, Death Penalty
  Turkish Army: Coup Neutralized After Hundreds Killed
  How an Iphone Defeated the Tanks in Turkey
The 50 American H-Bombs in Turkey
  Despite Early Tensions, US-Turkey Ties Remain Unchanged
Iraqi Cleric Tells Followers to Target US Troops
  Canadian Priest Gambled Away $500,000 in Syria Refugee Aid
  Syrian Forces Recapture Key Town on Latakia Coast
  Syrian Army Tightens Siege on al-Qaeda Districts in Aleppo
Now We Know: The Saudis Did 9/11
  29 Pages Revealed: Corruption, Crime and Cover-Up of 9/11
  Read the 28 Pages From the 9/11 Report
Israeli AG: Effort to Legalize Settlements Unconstitutional
29 Pages Revealed: Corruption, Crime and Cover-Up of 9/11  by Kristen Breitweiser
How Extrajudicial Executions Became US 'War' Policy  by Rebecca Gordon & Tom Engelhardt
What Really Happened in Syria  by Daniel Lazare
The Saudis Did 9/11  by Justin Raimondo
Aftermath of Turkey Coup Attempt Will Be Bloody and Repressive  by Ranj Alaaldin
Coup Strengthens Erdogan, Weakens Turkey  by Doug Bandow

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Baton Rouge: Ex-Marine Kills 3 Police, Injures 3
Justice Department 'Uses Aged Computer System to Frustrate FOIA Requests'
Egyptair Crash: On-Board Recording Discusses Fire
UN Recommends United Army to Combat Insurgents
Newt: Visiting a Pro-ISIS Website Should Be a Felony
Will Boris Johnson End the Special US-UK Relationship?
In Fresh Fighting, Turkish Security and Coup Plotters Clash at Istanbul's Second Airport
2,700 Judges Removed From Duty Following Failed Overthrow Attempt
Turkey's President Survives Coup Attempt, Thanks in Part to Social Media He So Despises
Contrary to Expectations, Turkey's Kurds Denounce Attempted Coup
Ankara Residents Celebrate and Denounce Erdogan After Failed Coup Attempt
Turkish Cleric Gulen Says Erdogan Behind Coup, Willing to Be Extradited
Turkey's Erdogan Says Will Continue Cleaning 'Virus' From State Institutions
Soldiers Say They Were 'Not Aware They Were Part of Coup Attempt'
Turkey's Coup Attempt Captured in Dramatic Images
Turkey and the US
John Kerry Rejects Suggestions of US Involvement in Turkey Coup
Kerry Says Failed Coup in Turkey Won’t Hamper Campaign Against ISIS
The Cleric Blamed by Turkey Leads a Global Movement From the Poconos
US Would Consider Extradition Request for Exiled Cleric
US Warns Against Travel to Turkey After Coup Attempt
FAA Bans Flights Between the US and Turkey
Turkey and the World
Israel, Iran Rally Behind Erdogan After Failed Military Coup
Egypt Blocks UN Security Council Condemnation of Turkey Violence
Turkey Coup Supporters Arrested in Greece After Landing in Helicopter
Alleged Turkey Coup Leader Was Once Military Attache to Israel
Netanyahu: Attempted Coup Will Not Affect Israel-Turkey Reconciliation
Israel's 'Contribution' to the Turkish Coup
Egypt's Pro-Army Media Jump Gun, Welcome Turkey Coup
Turkey May No Longer Be a Viable Partner in Fight Against ISIS Following Coup, Says French Foreign Minister
Turkey Reopens Border With Bulgaria, Reassures on Refugees: PM
Bastille Day Terrorist Was Radicalized Within Months, Sent £84,000 to Tunisian Family Just Days Before the Attack
Nice Attacker Treated for Psychological Issues Before Leaving Tunisia: Sister
3 More Reported Held in Bastille Day Truck Attack in Nice
Paris Calls All Willing Citizens to Become Reservists
France Agonizes Over Whether Truck Rampage Could Have Been Stopped
Attack on Nice Deals Blow to France's Crucial Tourism Industry
British Lawmakers to Vote on Renewing Trident Nuclear System
Most Britons Oppose Second Referendum on EU Exit: Poll
Britain Reaffirms Commitment to Gibraltar Post Brexit
UK Brexit Minister Warns New EU Migrants Could Be Sent Home
Armed Men in Armenia Seize Police Station, Demand Politicians' Release
Croatia to Hold Snap Elections in September
Spanish Archive Raises Franco-Era Ghosts and Shadows of a New Chasm
The War at Home
Former Fox News Commentator Sentenced to Prison for Faking CIA Ties
Trump: I'd Declare War on ISIS, Send 'Very Few' Troops
Survey: By and Large, the Military Thinks Trump and Clinton Are Total Losers
Black Lives Matter Activists Say FBI Told Them Not to Protest GOP Convention
Feds Monitoring Activists on Facebook Ahead of Republican Convention
US Coast Guard Calls Off for Search for 15, Mostly Cubans
When Army Career Ended in Disgrace, Dallas Gunman Was Ostracized
117 Killed in Iraq; Heavy Strikes in the Kirkuk Region
Syria's Aleppo Besieged, Fears for 300,000 Trapped Civilians
Syrian Opposition Says US Must Stand Up to Russia
Netanyahu Sends Message to Abbas in New YouTube Video
IDF: We Tried and Failed 3 Times to Bring Down Drone Over Golan
Israel Seeks to 'Publicly Shame' Human Rights Groups
Report: Netanyahu Expected to Be Questioned as a Criminal Suspect
Accidental Grenade Blast in Israel Kills IDF Soldiers, Including One From New Jersey
Palestinian Carrying Explosives Arrested at Jerusalem Rail Station
Hundreds Participate in Israeli-Palestinian Freedom March
Middle East
Court in Sunni-Ruled Bahrain Dissolves Shi'ite Opposition Group
UN-Backed Yemen Peace Talks Resume in Kuwait
Despite Reform, Saudi 'Guardianship' Still Restricts Women: HRW
South Sudan
US Seeks to Reassure South Sudan on Troops Sent to Juba
South Sudan Activists Say Prominent Journalist Arrested
Zimbabwe Finance Minister Says Sanctions to Blame for Cash Crunch
Zimbabwe Women in Pot-Beating Protest Against Mugabe
France Proposes 200-Strong UN Police Force for Burundi
Protests Delay Libyan Oil Shipments From Hariga: Official
Cameroon Hostages Freed From Captivity in Central African Republic
Two Indians Kidnapped in Nigeria Released
Ex-Guinea Leader Avoids US Prison Term for Smuggling Cash
Information Blackout in Indian Held Kashmir in Bid to Curb Unrest
India Kashmir Newspapers Raided by Police
Kashmir: Why Are Young People Protesting?
Vietnam Careful, Not Jubilant After South China Sea Ruling Against China
Vietnam Detains Dozens in Anti-China Protest in Hanoi
Soaring Prison Population Prompts Thailand to Re-Think 'Lost' Drug War
Three Abducted Red Crescent Doctors Released in Afghanistan
Bangladesh Police Deny Any Rescued Hostages in Their Custody
Venezuelans Pour Into Colombia Again as Border Briefly Reopens
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