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Updated July 26, 2016 - 8:58 PM EDT
Nusra Front to Rebrand in Public 'Split' From Qaeda
  US-Backed Syrian Rebels Face 'Total Collapse' in Aleppo
  US General: Russia Deal on Syria Cooperation 'Not Based on Trust'
  Airstrikes in Syria's Aleppo Kill 42 Civilians
Turkey FM: Ties Hurt If US Doesn't Extradite Gulen
  Turkey Arrests Reporters as Post-Coup Purge Expands to Media
UN: Record High Civilian Toll in Afghanistan
  NATO Spokesman Dismisses Afghan ISIS After Massive Bombing
Man Who Killed French Priest Was Under 'House Arrest'
Philippines Calls Ceasefire With Communist Insurgents
Intervention Fail: ISIS Gains in 'Post-Liberation' Afghanistan  by Daniel McAdams
Kill All the Terrorists?  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Swapping the Roles of Police and Military Is Bad for the Republic  by Ivan Eland
Hawks' Election Strategy: Pushing a New Cold War  by David Bromwich
The Secret US-UK Airwar Against Iraq  by Michael Smith
TSA Descends From Incompetence to Inhumanity  by Becky Akers

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US Approves Release of Last Russian Guantanamo
Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary
Committee to Protect Journalists Wins UN Accreditation
Australia Plans Indefinite Detention of Convicted Extremists
Bomber Strike East of Baghdad; 138 Killed in Iraq
US Central Command Denies ISIS Claim It Shot Down US Warplane
Suicide Attack Kills at Least 15 Near Baghdad
Car Bomb Kills 17 in Khalis, in Attack Claimed by ISIS
Iraq Finally Bans Fake Bomb Detectors After July 3 Blast
Iraq Digs Security Trench Around Fallujah
Israel Attacks in Syria After Errant Fire From Quneitra Hits Israeli Golan
US-Backed Fighters Renew Offer for ISIS to Leave Syrian Town
Car Bomb Wounds Several in Syrian Capital: State Media
UN Aid Chief Urges Security Council to Push Aleppo Aid Access
Turkey Detains 42 Journalists as Europe Sounds Alarm
Turkish Ruling Party, Opposition Agree to Work on Constitutional Changes After Failed Coup: PM
Turkish Airlines Sacks 211 Employees After Failed Coup Attempt
Turkey Renames Bosporus Bridge '15th July Martyrs' Bridge'
Turkey in No Position to Become EU Member Any Time Soon: Juncker
Turkey Will Remove Some Ambassadors in Relation to Failed Coup: Minister
Israel Demolishes More Palestinian Homes This Year Than Last
Netanyahu: Israel Hopes to Sign New Aid Agreement With US as Soon as Possible
Palestinian Hunger Striker Sparks Widespread Protest
Netanyahu Tells Knesset Panel: We Have Defeated the BDS Movement
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudis Say Five Guards Killed in Clashes on Yemen Border
Military Chopper Crashes in Yemen, Two Saudi Pilots Killed
Bahrain Arrests 'Political Poet' Amid Free Speech Crackdown
China/Hong Kong
Diplomatic Win for China as ASEAN Drops Reference to Maritime Court Ruling
One in Six in Hong Kong Want Independence From China: Poll
US Praises Confidence-Building Measures With Chinese Military
China Sets Up South China Sea Environment Protection Fund
China Calls for Tension Over South China Sea to Be Toned Down
China Jails Former Top Military Officer for Life in Graft Case
Bangladesh Police Say 9 Militants Killed in Raid in Dhaka
Band of Monkeys Raid Thai Polling Place, Tear Up Voter Lists
China Says South Korea's Thaad Anti-Missile Decision Harms Foundation of Trust
The War at Home
Hillary Clinton Exchanged Top Secret Emails on Her Private Server With Three Aides
Microsoft Can't Shield User Data From Government, US Says
Facebook Admits It Blocked WikiLeaks Links, but Won't Say Why
War Correspondents Are No Longer Spies in the Eyes of the Pentagon
2 Dead in Florida Club Shooting; Terror Ruled Out
Refugee Crisis
Libya: 87 Refugee Bodies Wash Up on Beach
Erdogan Vows to Stick to Migrant Deal, but Questions EU's Commitment
With Turkey in Turmoil, EU Migrant Deal Back Under Fire
Syrians in Lebanon Hit by Arrests, Curfews, and Hostility After Bombings
Migrants on Serbia-Hungary Border Go on Hunger Strike, Want to Enter EU
Austria Breaks Up Migrant-Smuggling Ring: Police
Scotland's Sturgeon Preparing for Independence to Keep Post-Brexit Options Open
Northern Ireland Politicians Threaten Legal Challenge to Brexit Trigger
Syrian Bomber at German Music Festival Was Set to Be Deported
Bavarian Bomber Pledged Allegiance to ISIS: Minister
Syrian Who Detonated Self Near German Rock Festival Had Tried to Kill Himself Before
ISIS Attacker: Germans 'Won't Be Able to Sleep Peacefully'
Ukraine, After War, Becomes a Trove for Black Market Arms Trade
Armenia: Gunmen at Police Station Set Police Vehicle on Fire
Azerbaijan Top Court Clears Aliyev's Bid to Extend Presidential Term
Kosovo Seeks to Expel Iranian Suspected of Terrorism Funding
Assassination Plot Reported Against Egypt's President Sissi
Egypt's Coptic Pope Warns of Increased Attacks on Christians
South Sudan
South Sudan President Replaces Rival
Two South Sudanese Soldiers Executed in Wau
Uganda: South Sudan Refugees in the North Swell to 26,000
Regional Armies Struggle in Last Push Against Boko Haram
Niger Delta Avengers Say They Blew Up NNPC's Pipeline
Libyan Health Crisis Sharpens as Resources Dwindle
Congo Opposition Leader Gets Two Years for Inciting Disorder
Venezuela Receives Major Loan to Boost Falling Reserves
Mexico Mayors Demand More Security After Weekend Murders
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