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Updated August 1, 2016 - 9:16 PM EDT
US Airstrikes Pound Libyan City of Sirte
Clinton: We Know Russia Behind DNC Hack
  NSA Hackers Believed to Be Attacking Russian Computer Networks
Syrian Rebels Start Surrendering in Aleppo
  Thousands Flee as US-Backed Rebels Seize Much of Syria's Manbij
  CIA Chief: May Be Impossible for Syria to Remain One Country
Houthis, Saudi Troops Killed Near Yemen Border
  Yemen Peace Deal Falters on UN Demand for Houthis' Surrender
Taliban Overruns Key Afghan District
  US Airstrikes Soaring in Afghanistan After Loosened Restrictions
  Afghanistan: Forces Linked to Vice President Terrorize Villagers
2,647 Killed in Iraq in July
Muslims Attend Mass in France and Italy After Priest Killing
Prosperous Israel Demands Even More US Taxpayer Money  by Glenn Greenwald
The New McCarthys Attack Trump on Russia  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Misunderstanding Russia and Russians  by Ann Wright
It's Getting Scarier  by Justin Raimondo
Why Civil Defense Still Matters  by Jon Basil Utley
As the Saudis Covered Up Abuses in Yemen, America Stood By  by Samuel Oakford

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Russian Rebels From Dagestan Rising Up the Ranks of ISIS
ISIS Calls on Members to Carry Out Jihad in Russia
B-1 Bombers to Patrol Skies From Guam
Netanyahu 'Happy to Work With Whoever Gets Elected' in US
Canada Couple Freed in Terror Entrapment Case Rearrested
The War at Home
Trump: Putin's 'Not Gonna Go Into Ukraine'
Trump to Consider Recognizing Russian Control of Crimea
ISIS Calls Slain Muslim American Soldier an 'Apostate'
Grenade Found in Room of Dallas Gunman in 2014
Marines' Future Helicopter Will Be Optionally Manned: General
Target of Contested National Security Letter Was a Muslim the FBI Wanted to Turn Informant
Veteran Commits Suicide Hours After Being Turned Away At VA Facility � Rest In Peace
Refugee Crisis
Five Migrant Bodies Recovered Off Libya, 1,100 Rescued: Italy Coastguard
More Than 120 Migrant Bodies Washed Up in Libya's Sabratha in July
Turkey Says to Back Away From EU Migrant Deal if No Visa-Free Travel
EU's Juncker Sees 'Great Risk' to Migrant Deal With Turkey
Taliban Claims Truck Blast on Key Kabul Compound, Reports Dozens of Casualties
Power Cuts in Kabul Follow Explosion
China/Hong Kong
China Holds Japanese Man for Endangering National Security: Media
Hong Kong Pro-Independence Candidate Disqualified From Election
Philippines May Still Impose Ceasefire With Maoist-Led Rebels
The Dark Side of Philippines President's Deadly but Popular Drugs War
US Army Secretary Says US-South Korea War Games to Proceed
Bomb Kills 1 Security Official, Wounds 8 People in Pakistan
Malaysia's Leader, Dogged by a Billion-Dollar Scandal, Proves Untouchable
Indonesia Detains Seven After Attacks on Buddhist Temples
Bangladeshi-Canadian Named as Dhaka Cafe Attack Mastermind
Russia Says Spyware Found in State Computer Networks
US Surveillance Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Russia
Armenia: All 20 Gunmen Surrender, Standoff Is Over
After Attacks, German President Says Absolute Security Impossible
Cousin of Church Attacker Charged and Detained
Activists Rally for Scottish Independence After Brexit Vote
Man in Belgium Charged With 'Terrorist Murders' Attempt
Militants Launch Car Bomb, Gun Attack on Somali Police Base, Ten Dead
Militants Bomb Shell Oil Pipeline in Nigeria: Locals
Niger Extends State of Emergency in Diffa Region Hit by Boko Haram
Fighting Between Rival Tuareg Groups Kills 6 in NE Mali
Protest in Burundi After UN Decides to Send Police
Tunisia Lawmakers Vote to Dismiss Prime Minister
IMF Delegation Arrives in Egypt for Bailout Talks
China Asks South Sudan to Punish Those Responsible for Chinese Peacekeeper Deaths
Nine Found Dead Near Pemex Pipelines in Western Mexico
Seven Family Members Found Dead in Mexico's Guerrero State
Venezuela Calls for Mandatory Labor in Farm Sector
Venezuela Attorney General Says Congress Illegally Formed
Venezuela Authorities Warn Opposition Over Three Banned Lawmakers
Rio Beach Protest Calls for Ouster of Suspended Brazil President
Brazil Authorities Arrest Man Wanted by Bosnia for War Crimes Since 1992
2,647 Killed in Iraq in July
Haider Al-Abadi, Iraq Prime Minister, Faces Power Struggle With Muqtada Al-Sadr in Mosul Fight
ISIS Attacks Two Energy Plants in North Iraq, Kills Five
Retaking ISIS-Held Mosul Likely to Be Tricky, Costly for Iraq
Iraqi Government Warns Kurdish Peshmerga Not to Enter Mosul, Barzani Promises Supportive Role
Militants Killed, Hostages Freed After ISIS Attack on Oil Field Near Kirkuk, Iraq
Death Toll in July 3 Baghdad Bombing Rises to 324: Ministry
Human Rights Watch: Ban Abusive Militias From Mosul Operation
Brother-In-Law of ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Said Killed in Iraq
Syrian Rebels Launch Push Aimed at Breaking Aleppo Siege
UN Deputy Syria Envoy in Damascus for Talks on Proposed New Peace Round
Reports: Iranian General Wounded by Israel or Rebels During Syria Visit
Nusra Front Eyes Legitimacy in Syria After Amicable Split With al-Qaeda
Confusion Over 'Humanitarian Routes' in Syria's Aleppo
Russia Announces Four More Escape Routes From Syrian Aleppo
First Families Leave Syria's Besieged Aleppo
Turkey and Kurdistan
Fighting Between Turkish Forces, Kurdish Rebels Kills 43
Four Turkish Soldiers Killed in Clashes With Kurdish Militants
Turkey Misses Chance for Peace With Kurdish Militants After Coup Failed
Turkey After Coup Attempt
Erdogan Brings Turkish Armed Forces Under Civilian Control
Fethullah Gulen Discusses Failed Turkey Coup
Turkey Culls Nearly 1,400 From Army, Overhauls Top Military Council
Turkish Authorities Free Over 800 Soldiers in Coup Probe
Turkey Says to Include More Government Ministers in Top Military Body
Dozens Suspended From Turkey's Highest Court in Coup Probe
Turkey Soccer Federation Board Members Resign for 'Security Checks' After Coup
The Execution of a Former Turkish Leader That Still Haunts Erdogan
Turkey and the World
Turkey's Anti-Gulen Crackdown Ripples Far and Wide
In Debt to Turkey, Somalia Shuts Network Tied to Fethullah Gulen
Pentagon Says No US Military Support for Turkey Coup
Erdogan Demos and Counterprotests Put Cologne on Edge
Tensions as Tens of Thousands Rally for Erdogan in Germany
German Court Bans Erdogan From Addressing Cologne Rally
German Decision to Block Erdogan Speech Is Against EU Values: Turkish Minister
Palestinian Tries to Stab Israeli Troops in West Bank, Shot Dead: Army
Israel: Bedouin 'Betrayed' by Relocation Plan
Palestinian Legal Battle Over Balfour Declaration a 'Long Shot'
Hundreds of Yemenite Children Were Abducted in State's Early Years, Says Israeli Cabinet Minister
Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, Still a Step Ahead of Scandals, Faces a New Inquiry
IDF Revokes Exemptions of 4,000 Yeshiva Students Found to Lead Secular Lifestyle
Middle East
Iran and Russia Discuss Increasing Military Ties; Iran Blasts US for 'Violation' of Nuclear Deal
Suspect Held Over Bomb Attack Dies in Bahraini Jail: Media
Nasrallah Attacks Saudis for 'Normalizing Ties With Israel'
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