US-backed Islamist "rebels" are coming under fire from Russian war planes in Syria – and American fighter jets are being mobilized to defend them.

How close are we to World War III?

The answer is too close for comfort.

We've been bringing you the facts about US meddling in the Syrian civil war like no one else has. The mainstream media is siding with the "rebels" – who are beheading their opponents, killing Christians, and imposing Sharia law on a war-torn nation. Now they are pushing for US military intervention.

Help us bring the facts to the American people. Keep us out of Syria. We've raised $32,000 in matching funds, so you can double the impact of your contribution at this crucial time. Support with your tax-deductible donation today.

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Updated August 23, 2016 - 11:14 PM EDT
Pentagon: Syria 'Exclusion Zone' Isn't 'No Fly Zone'
  US General Doubts Cooperation With Russia on Syria Is Possible
  Iran Ends Russia's Use of Air Base for Syria Strikes
  Israeli Warplanes Pound Syria After Stray Mortar Crosses Frontier
Turkey Attacks ISIS, Kurds in Northern Syria
  Turkey FM: Border Must Be Cleansed of ISIS
How Foundation Donors Got Access to Clinton at State Dept
  Judge Orders State Dept. to Review 14,900 New Clinton Emails
US Sending More Troops to Counter S. Afghan Taliban
  US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan's Helmand Province
Vote of No Confidence Against Libya's 'Unity Govt'
War: ISIS and Western Politicians Against the Rest of Us  by Thomas Knapp
Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane  by Nebojsa Malic
Getting Away With War and Torture  by Jeremy Varon
US Hawks Advance a War Agenda in Syria  by Daniel Lazare
Congress Must Block Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia  by Medea Benjamin
Can America Share Its Superpower Status?  by Michael Lind

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Turkish PM: Can't Yet Verify if Wedding Bomber Was Child, or Linked to ISIS
Turkish Soldier Killed in Clash With Kurdish Militants
Device Used in Turkey Wedding Bomb Same Type as 2015 Ankara, Suruc Attacks: Official
First Army Vehicles Pull Out of Turkey Cities After Coup Bid
Turkey Suspends 95 Police as Post-Coup Crackdown Rolls On
Turkey Recalls Ambassador to Austria as Row Deepens
Turkish Foreign Minister Summons Austrian Envoy Over PKK Rally
Arms Sales to Saudi 'Illicit' Due to Civilian Deaths in Yemen: Campaigners
A Congressman Campaigns to 'Stop the Madness' of US Support for Saudi Bombing in Yemen
Israel Harshly Responds to Turkey: Think Twice Before Criticizing Military Actions of Others
Rights Groups: Israel's Policy Is to Rearrest Freed Palestinian Prisoners
First Time in Decade, Israel Plans to Expand Settlement in Hebron
Israeli BDS Activist Seeks Asylum in Canada
Keeping Blockade on Gaza Strip Won't Serve Current Calm: Hamas
Slim Majority of Israelis, Palestinians Still Favor Two-State Peace Settlement, Poll Says
Ethiopia Pledges Safe Return for Olympic Protest Runner
Ethiopia's Feyisa Lilesa Won an Olympic Medal Then Protested His Govt, Can He Go Home?
Nigerian Oil Militants Declare Ceasefire, Ready to Negotiate
Nigeria's Buhari To Ask for Emergency Powers to Revive Economy
US Seeks Progress in Deploying New UN Troops to South Sudan
Jailed Gambia Opposition Official Dies in Hospital: Party
Mali Extremist Begs 'Forgiveness' for Destroying Timbuktu Shrines
Egyptian FM Sparks Uproar by Saying Israel Not Guilty of 'Terrorism'
UN Aid Chief Warns of 'Unparalleled' Catastrophe in Aleppo
All Syria Parties Must Commit to Aleppo Aid Truce, Not Just Russia: UN
46 Killed in Iraq, Including British Demining Contractor
Iraq Used Torture to Extract Confessions From Convicts, Amnesty Says
Police Apprehend Boy Would-Be Suicide Bomber in Kirkuk
Brit Killed in Iraq Working for American Demining Firm
Under New Philippine President, Nearly 1,800 Have Died in Extrajudicial Killings
Philippines and Communist Rebels Start Peace Talks After Truce
Garbage, Sewage Bigger Threat to Karachi Than Terrorism
Protesters Attack Pakistani TV Station, Shots Fired
US, South Korea Begin Joint Drills Amid Tension After Defection
North Korea Appeared to Resume Plutonium Production This Year, UN Says
North Korea 'Netflix' Device Unveiled
China, Russia to Hold South China Sea 'Drills' Next Month
Thailand Bomb Attacks the Work of 'At Least' 20 People: Police
Lithuania Splurges on Its Largest Ever Military Purchase
Militarily Neutral Finland in Talks With US on Closer Defense Collaboration; Minister
Shoot First: Greek Coast Guard Fired at Migrant Boats, European Border Agency Documents Show
Tensions Mount Between Russia and Ukraine Ahead of Military Drills
Britain to Create Isolation Units to Counter Extremism in Jails
German Court Rules Muslim Woman Can't Wear Face Veil in Class
Mexican President Pena Nieto Plagiarized Law Thesis: Report
UN: Thousands of Central American Children Seek to Enter US
Venezuela Interior Minister Lashes Out at US Over Cocaine Charges
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