US-backed Islamist "rebels" are coming under fire from Russian war planes in Syria – and American fighter jets are being mobilized to defend them.

How close are we to World War III?

The answer is too close for comfort.

We've been bringing you the facts about US meddling in the Syrian civil war like no one else has. The mainstream media is siding with the "rebels" – who are beheading their opponents, killing Christians, and imposing Sharia law on a war-torn nation. Now they are pushing for US military intervention.

Help us bring the facts to the American people. Keep us out of Syria. We've raised $32,000 in matching funds, so you can double the impact of your contribution at this crucial time. Support with your tax-deductible donation today.

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Updated August 26, 2016 - 11:09 PM EDT
Turkey Attacks US-Backed Syrian Kurdish Militia
  Turkey Planned Syria Invasion for Over Two Years
  Turkey's Foray Into Syria Is a Very Dangerous Game
  Russia Tries to Downplay Split With US Over Syria Chemical Report
  US Pilots Detail Confronting Syrian Warplanes in Syrian Airspace
Zawahiri Sees 'Long Guerrilla War' for Iraq Sunnis
  Iraq, Syria Discuss Plans for Post-ISIS Border Security
Clinton Foundation Facilitated Bahrain Arms Deal
  Judge Orders State Dept. to Look for New Clinton Emails by Sept. 13
US Patrol Ship Fires 'Warning Shots' at Iranian Speedboat
Yemen 'Peace Initiative': Kerry Demands Houthis Surrender
Lots of Smoke Here, Hillary  by Patrick J. Buchanan
US Weapons Sales Are Drenched in Yemeni Blood  by Medea Benjamin
Republicans, Democrats Alike Still Level Threats at Iran  by Stephen Zunes
Syrian Flashpoint  by Justin Raimondo
Provoking Nuclear War by Media  by John Pilger
How Neocons Helped Create Trump  by Jim Lobe

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Arrest Warrant Issued for District Attorney Involved in DEA's California Wiretap Warrant Mill
Baltimore Police Secretly Running Aerial Mass-Surveillance Eye in the Sky
Apple Fixes Serious Security Flaw After UAE Dissident's iPhone Targeted
Al Shabaab Militants Bomb Somali Beach Restaurant, Gunfight Ongoing
Car Bomb Explodes Near Turkish Embassy in Somalia's Capital
South Sudan
South Sudan: Future Uncertain as Machar Plans Pull Back From Peace Deal
About 243,000 South Sudanese Refugees in Sudan: UN
Egyptian Police Officer Shot Dead in Sinai
Mediterranean Rescue Boat Hit in Armed Raid Off Libyan Coast
Zimbabwe Opposition Seeks Court Backing Ahead of New Rally
French Court to Rule on Burkini Ban on Friday
French Police Create Propaganda for ISIS by Ticketing Muslim Women on Beaches
Biden Warns Europe Against Russian Energy Reliance
Hungary Offers Serbia Help in Guarding Borders Against Migrants
Asylum Seekers and Refugees Donate Money, Help Clearing Up After Italian Earthquake
Norway Introduces Compulsory Military Service for Women
Santos Orders Ceasefire After Colombia Seals Peace Deal
Colombia Pushes for Quick Vote on Peace
28 Sentenced to Life for Argentine Dictatorship Crimes
Fleeing Civilians Shot; 116 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Defense Minister Sacked
Iraq Army Captures Qayyara Oil Region From ISIS, Abadi Says
Turkey's Syria Offensive May Have Been Delayed a Year by Officers Who Plotted Coup
Barrel Bombing Kills 11 Children in Syria's Aleppo
Turkish Opposition Leader Attacked by Kurdish Fighters
Turkish-Backed Rebels 'Cleansing' Syrian Town of ISIS: Turkish Minister
Turkey Enters Syria to Halt Kurds: Analysts
Besieged Town of Daraya Agrees to Surrender to Syrian Govt
China Military Says It Is Providing Medical Training for Syria
Germany in Talks With Turkey to Allow Lawmakers to Visit Air Base
UN Rights Chief Calls for International Probe Into Yemen Violations
The Death Toll in Yemen Is So High the Red Cross Has Started Donating Morgues to Hospitals
Iran Minister Defends Encounter With US Warship
Leader of Sunni Militant Group in Iran Killed, State Media Say
Palestinian Who Stabbed Israeli Soldier Shot Dead: Army
In Crime-Ridden Israeli Arab City, Police Seek New Approach
Israel Clears Troops Over Airstrike Near School in 2014 Gaza War
Netanyahu: I Can't Fire Lieberman, Bennett Over Gaza War Criticism
China Expresses Concern About Indian Missiles on Border
Indian Submarine Documents Stolen, Not Leaked: French Source
Leader of Maldives Aware of Plans to Overthrow Him: Spokesman
Duterte Accuses Philippine Senator Probing Killings of Taking Drug Money
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