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Updated September 3, 2016 - 9:07 PM EDT
FBI: Clinton Couldn't Recall Briefings on Emails
  Clinton Staffer Put Emails in Someone's Gmail Account, Lost Backups
  Clinton to FBI: Didn't Know Parenthetical 'C' Stood for Classified
Kurds Fear US Will Again Betray Them, in Syria
  Turkish Forces in Syria Turn Attention Westward, Against ISIS
  Teen Killed, 80 Civilians Hurt as Turkish Troops Fire on Protesters
  Turkish Forces Target Southeast, Kill at Least 27 Kurdish Fighters
Philippines: 14 Dead, Dozens Hurt in Market Blast
Police, Lawyers Slain in Suicide Bombing at Pakistan Court
Why Should Partisan Politics Get in the Way of Warmongering?  by Lucy Steigerwald
Hillary Clinton Is Hardly Better Than GW Bush  by Cindy Sheehan
Rights Group Blasts US Hypocrisy in 'Vast Flood of Arms' to Saudis  by Ben Norton
'Christian Realism' for Foreign Affairs  Andrew Bacevich/Stephen Beale
America's Journalistic Hypocrites  by Robert Parry
Human Shields as Preemptive Legal Defense for Killing Civilians  by Neve Gordon & Nicola Perugini

More Viewpoints

US vs. US
in Syria

by Eric Margolis
Jackie Robinson in 1947: 'I Cannot Stand and Sing the Anthem'
The 12 Juiciest Bits From the FBI's Clinton Report
Powell Warned Clinton About Using Blackberry at State
Rebel Groups in Iraq, Syria Using Remote-Controlled Guns
Central Mali Town Falls to Jihadists: Officials
54 Killed in Iraq as Bombers Target Pilgrims
Two Killed, 11 Injured in Baghdad Explosions
Weapons Storage Blaze Fires Off Rockets in Baghdad, Killing Four
Hundreds Evacuated From Damascus Suburb as Three-Year Government Siege Ends
US, Russia Said Nearing Deal on Aleppo Truce, Aid Access
Syrian Rebels Destroy Helicopter in Hama Offensive: Monitor, Rebels
Syria's Message to Tourists: Come Back, Enjoy Our Beaches
Turkey Removes More Than 10,000 Security Personnel, Academics in Purge
Turkey Frees About 34,000 Prisoners, Making Space After Coup Round Up
Bomb Hits Military Vehicle in Turkey's Southeast: Security Sources
Obama Says Security Ties With Turkey Undiminished Since Coup Bid
EU Ministers Tone Down Rhetoric on Turkey but Rights Concerns Persist
EU: 'Serious Concern' Over New Settlement Construction
Mentally-Disabled Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Troops for Behaving Strangely
Israel to Transfer 30m Cubic Meters of Water to Palestinians
Paypal: No Plans to Expand Services to Palestinians
Netanyahu Weighs International Criminal Court Prosecutors' Request for Israel, West Bank Visit
Middle East
As Sanctions Ease, European Carriers Land in Iran
Lebanon Indicts Syrian Officers for Twin 2013 Mosque Bombings: State Media
South Sudan
UN Diplomats Arrive in South Sudan, Threaten Arms Embargo
Photos Show South Sudan Rebel Leader in Apparent Good Health
Algeria to Build Security Wall Along Libya Border
Africa's Disputed Elections
Gabon Soldiers, Police Oversee Tense Calm After Post-Vote Riots
New Law to Give Marginalized Kenyan Communities Land Titles
Colombia's FARC Reschedules Conference to Ratify Peace Deal
Majority of Colombians Back Peace Deal With FARC: Poll
After Huge Venezuela Protest March, Government Says Foils Coup
Brazil Supreme Court Urged to Bar Rousseff From Politics
Americans Still Dying
Army Ranger (GA) Dies From Injuries Suffered During Training Jump
The War at Home
FBI Publishes Heavily Redacted Notes on Clinton's Emails
FBI: Whereabouts of Clinton Phones Would 'Frequently Become Unknown'
Putin Says DNC Hack Was a Public Service, Russia Didn't Do It
Leaked Catalogue Reveals a Vast Array of Military Spy Gear Offered to US Police
Raytheon Padded Timecards in Afghanistan, Whistleblower Alleges
Gun Battle Between Ethnic Factions Roils Afghanistan's Capital
Funding Squeeze Hits UN Food Program in Afghanistan
Uzbek President Karimov Dies: Diplomats
After Karimov's Departure, Uzbekistan's Future Unsure
Obituary: Veteran Uzbek Leader Karimov Battled Islamists, Suppressed Dissent
India and the US Sign Landmark Defense Agreement
Bangladesh Police Kill Man They Believe Trained Dhaka Cafe Attackers
Thai Peace Talk Ends With Separatists Denying Role in Bomb Attacks
China Says Developing New Type of Long-Range Bomber
UN Chief Asks Sri Lanka to Reduce Military Presence
Ahead of Suu Kyi Visit, Obama Weighs Myanmar Sanctions Relief
Russia, Japan Hold 'in-Depth' Talks on Islands Dispute
Ukraine's Disappeared Citizens Underline Rights' Groups Dilemmas
Beatings and a Lost Kidney: Life in 'Secret' Ukraine Prisons
Tensions Rise in Germany's Turkish Diaspora, Mirroring Splits in Turkey
Germany, in Gesture to Turkey, Says Armenia Resolution Not Binding
'Nazi Grandma' 87-Year-Old Holocaust Denier Sentenced to Jail
ISIS Says Its 'Soldier' Shot Cops in Danish Drug Bust
France Vows to Dismantle 'Jungle' Refugee Camp in Calais
EU Army Not 'Any Time Soon': Mogherini
New Scots Independence Drive After Brexit
Member of UK Armed Forces Charged With Northern Ireland-Related Terrorism Offences
Weekend Reviews
The Ignorance of George P. Shultz
Through a Glass Darkly: a Poetry Review – I Remember My Name
Operation Hubris: America's Middle Eastern Missions
The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine
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