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Updated September 12, 2016 - 11:13 PM EDT
US, Israel Agree $38 Billion Military Aid Deal
Obama to Veto 9/11 Saudi Lawsuit Bill
US Response to 9/11 Drove Spread of Terror
  DHS Chief: Terror Threat Requires New Govt Response
Few Violations as Syrian Ceasefire Takes Effect
  Turkey Says 20 ISIS Killed in Weekend Syria Airstrikes
Saudi Airstrikes Kill 21 Civilians in N. Yemen
CIA-Backed General's Troops Seize Libya Oil Ports
Iran Denies 'Harassing' US Warships in Persian Gulf
South Korea Details Plan to Reduce Pyongyang to Ashes
'A Constitutional Crisis': The CIA Turns on the Senate
Netanyahu's Land-Grab Strategy  by Alon Ben-Meir
Hillary Was Worse Than Trump on Iraq and Libya  by Michael Tracey
9/11 Then and Now: Terror, Militarism, War, and Fear  by Rami G. Khouri
9/11 and the Treason of Empire  by Justin Raimondo
The Tyranny of 9/11  by John W. Whitehead
The Truth About 9/11
 by Eric Margolis

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North Dakota Issues Arrest Warrant for Democracy Now's Amy Goodman
Assange: 100,000 Pages of Clinton Documents to Come
Overthrowing Other People's Governments: the Master List Since WWII
The Secret History of Colombia's Paramilitaries and the US War on Drugs
IEDs Kill Women Fleeing ISIS; 32 Killed in Iraq
Fallujah After ISIS: Go Inside Militants' Courthouse, Jail Cells
ISIS's Burning Oil Wells the Legacy of Dark Rule Near Mosul
Amnesty Condemns Detention of Yazidi Woman in Iraqi Kurdistan
US Syria Envoy Warns Rebels of Dire Consequences of Cooperating With Former Nusra
Israel Attacks Syrian Post After Stray Shell Crosses Border
Iran Welcomes Syria Deal, Urges Political Solution
Lebanon's Hezbollah Backs Syria Truce Deal
Turkey Says Backs Syria Truce Deal, Preparing Aid for Aleppo
Erdogan Says PKK Trying to Disrupt Turkey's Operation in Syria
US Says Concerned by Unrest in Southeast Turkey After Mayors Removed
Unrest Erupts in Turkey's Kurdish Areas After Government Purges Mayors 'Linked to Terrorism'
Turkey Says Foils 'Graveside Bomb Plot' Against Top Official
Leading Journalist, Academic Held in Turkey Coup Probe
Prominent Thinkers Urge Turkey to End Writers' 'Witch Hunt'
Turkey Grants Jailed PKK Leader Family Visit
Iranian Forces Kill 4 Sunni Militants Near Pakistan Border
Kurdish Journalist Released After 10 Years in Jail in Iran
Iranians Flock to Iraq's Karbala for Holy Plan B
Iran Begins Building Second Nuclear Plant – With Russian Help
Muslim Pilgrims Begin Hajj, but This Year Without Iranians
Israel's High Court Finds Force Feeding Constitutional: 'A Hunger Striker Is Not an Ordinary Patient'
UN: Israeli Occupation Stunts Palestinian Economy
Israel Is Carrying Out 'Ethnic Cleansing,' Abbas Shoots Back at PM
Abbas: Israel Not Responding to International Peace Efforts
Israel 'Bracing for Attack' by ISIS in Sinai in Next 6 Months
Middle East
Suicide Bomber Kills Seven Policemen in Yemeni President's Hometown: Official
Saudi Launches Persian Hajj TV After Tensions With Iran
EU's Refugee Deal With Jordan Stalls
South Sudan
Israel's Role in South Sudan Under Scrutiny
US Ambassador 'Outraged' Over South Sudan Harassment
Boko Haram Blamed After Road Attack in NE Nigeria
Gunmen Kill Woman, 5-Year-Old Boy in Niger Refugee Camp
Mozambique Army Destroys Rebel Base: Police
Ethiopia Frees Muslims Jailed After Protests Over Religion
Seychelles LDS Coalition Opposition Scores First Victory in 40 Years
Zimbabwe to Axe 25,000 Government Employees
Morocco Says Committed to W. Sahara Truce
Guinea Bissau Agrees to Deal Aimed at Ending Crisis
Kenyan Police Kill 3 Women Who Attacked Police Station
Venezuela Opposition Says Blocked From Meeting Near Summit
Opposition Activist Released in Venezuela
Venezuela's Troubles Overshadow Non-Aligned Summit
Gun, Explosive Attacks on 2 Media Offices in Paraguay
Dancing in Chile to Protest Dictatorship Disappearances
'ISIS-Inspired' Australian Charged With Terrorism After Stabbing
The War at Home
Chelsea Manning Begins Hunger Strike, Demanding 'Dignity and Respect'
Oversight Panel Zeroes in on Deletion of Clinton Emails
Snowden's Story Shows 'The World Is Out of Control,' Says Oliver Stone
What Happens When a Muslim Judge Turns Out to Be a Methodist?
Cocaine Bust Highlights Growing Air Force Role in Southern Hemisphere
Would-Be Reagan Assassin Released From Psychiatric Hospital
Former State Department Contractor Challenged Security Preparations
CIA Director Rebuts Trump's Claim on Intelligence Briefing
Kansas Air Force Pilot Missing in Vietnam Since 1965 to Be Buried
9/11 Pilot's Mother 'Believes He Is Alive in Guantanamo'
2 Muslim Women, Babies Attacked in Alleged Hate Crime in New York
Former EPA Head Admits She Was Wrong to Tell New Yorkers Post-9/11 Air Was Safe To Breathe
Vets Poisoned at Camp Lejeune Inch Closer to VA Benefits
Greta Zimmer Friedman, 'Nurse' in Iconic WWII Kissing Photo, Dies at 92
Fewer Orders, More Coaching: Army Rookies Learn to Fire Guns
Afghan Security Forces Plan Push to Relieve Besieged Provincial Capital
Senior Afghan Police Commander Killed by Roadside Bomb
Eight Terrorists Killed in Rajanpur Operation: Pakistan Army
Pakistani Lawyers Gather to Reflect a Month After Shooting and Suicide Bombing
Kashmir Unrest: Two More Protesters Killed in Clashes
Kashmiri Police Face Public Wrath Amid Anti-India Uprising
Skirmishes in Indian Kashmir Leave Police Officer, Seven Militants Dead
North Korea
North Korea Demands US Recognize It as 'Legitimate' Nuclear-Armed State
Key China Border City Brushes Off Latest North Korea Nuclear Test
North Korea Ready for Another Nuclear Test: Yonhap
North Korea Says Sanctions Push After Nuclear Test 'Laughable'
Bridge to Nowhere Shows China's Failed Efforts to Engage North Korea
China, Russia Naval Drill in South China Sea to Begin Monday
China Eyes Closer Military Ties With Myanmar
Militant Suspected in Bangladesh Cafe Attack Killed Himself, Police Say
Fiji Police Detain Opposition Leaders After Constitutional Talks
France Arrests 15-Year-Old Boy for Planning 'Imminent' Paris Attack
France's Premier Warns of New Attacks, 15,000 People on Police Radar
US Response to 9/11 Increased the Global Terror Threat: Hollande
Kids Who Lost Dad in WWI Also Died Younger: French Study
Thousands Hold Pro Catalan Rally in Southern France
Sarkozy Outlines Measures to Get Tough on Militants
UK Sikh Temple Armed Protest: Fourteen Arrested
World War II Torpedo Blown Up Off Isle of Wight
Germany Says Over 500 Potential Attackers Currently in Country
Belarus Opposition Wins Parliamentary Seat for First Time in 20 Years: Electoral Commission
Rescuers Bring 2,300 Boat Migrants to Safety From Mediterranean
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