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Updated September 27, 2016 - 11:13 PM EDT
Clinton, Trump Both Talk Escalation Against ISIS
  Trump Rejects Nuclear First Strike
  Clinton Assures Netanyahu She Would Veto Any UN Actions on Israel
  Bill Introduced Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons
Syrian Troops Invade Aleppo, Seize Key District
   Dozens of Airstrikes Pound Aleppo, 85 Killed
  Turkey Cheers as Kurdish Forces Withdraw From Syrian City of Manbij
  Russia Concerned Syrian Terror Groups Used Ceasefire to Regroup
  Pentagon: ISIS 'Dead Set' on Using Chemical Arms in Mosul Battle
Sleeping Afghan Soldiers Killed by Fellow Troops
  ISIS Recovers Territory in Eastern Afghanistan
Senate to Vote Wednesday on 9/11 Victims Veto
Dresden Mosque and Congress Center Hit by Bomb Blasts
No, Really, Clinton Will Be Very Hawkish as President  by Daniel Larison
Yemen Has Become the Graveyard of Obama Doctrine  by Samuel Oakford
Where Is That Wasteful Govt Spending?  by Lawrence Wittner
The Destruction of TWA Flight 800  by Ron Unz

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Washington State Mall Shooter Had No Militant Contact: Source
Mall Shooting Suspect Had Blog With Picture of ISIS Leader
India Begins Campaign at UN To Isolate Pakistan
Jordan's King: US 'Thinks It Knows Mideast Better Than We Do Ourselves'
Fighting Ramps Up in Anbar Province; 112 Killed in Iraq
Turkey Downgrade Whacks Emerging Markets
Six Soldiers Killed in Clashes With Militants in SE Turkey: Sources
Iran: Nuclear Deal Could Be in Jeopardy if Sanctions Not Lifted
Canadian-Iranian Academic Homa Hoodfar Released by Iran
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Allies Say Iran Supreme Leader Told Him Not to Run Again
Writer Charged With Insulting Islam Is Killed as Extremism Boils Over in Jordan
Jordanians Protest Writer's Assassination, Demand Government Resignation
Family of Murdered Writer Calls for Jordanian PM to Resign
Facebook Blocks Accounts of Palestinian Journalists
Poll: Yesh Atid Edges Out Likud, but Voters Prefer Netanyahu as PM
Israel Prosecutor General Denies Going Easy on PM
Israel Almost Entirely Halts Citizenship Approvals for East Jerusalemites the Times of Israel
Palestinians Slam Trump: 'Undivided Jerusalem' Pledge Shows Disregard for Int'l Law
Middle East
Yemeni Forces Kill Suspected Qaeda Chief
Oman Court Jails Journalists, Closes Down Newspaper
France's 'Jungle': Desperate Migrants Keep Coming to Calais
Bosnian Serb Leader Summoned for Questioning Over Referendum
EU to Issue Pre-Paid Cash Cards for Refugees in Turkey
South Sudan Rebel Leader Making New Accusations Against President
Militia Violence in Central Congo Kills 49
Egypt's President Defends Military's Economic Role
Somalia Delays Elections One More Month
North Korea
US Sanctions Chinese Firm Tied to North Korea's Nuclear Program
Squeezing North Korea: Old Friends Take Steps to Isolate Regime
Afghan Forces 'Kill Pakistan Taliban Commander Azam Tariq'
Vietnamese Court Decisions Against Bloggers, Activist Troubling: US
Chinese Planes Fly Just Off Okinawa, Scramble Japanese Defense Forces
Japan Navy Chief Urges Resumption of China Port Visits
Philippines' Duterte Wants to 'Open Alliances' With Russia, China
Colombia, Marxist Rebels Sign Accord Ending 52-Year War
Colombia Will 'Leap Into Abyss' if Votes Against Peace: Negotiator
EU Suspends FARC From Terror List, While US Prefers More Cautious Approach
Venezuela Opposition Calls October 12 Protest to Press Maduro Recall
Kerry Meets Venezuelan President Amid Escalating Tensions
Families of Missing 43 Students Lead March in Mexico
Human Rights Groups Denounce Displacement in El Salvador
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