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Updated September 29, 2016 - 11:11 PM EDT
Congressional Leaders Move to Weaken 9/11 Bill
  Obama: Override 'Single Most Embarrassing Thing' Senate Has Done
US to Send More Ground Troops for Mosul Fight
  Mass Execution Filmed; 131 Killed in Iraq
US Demands Russia Suspend Aleppo Offensive
  Airstrikes Hit Two Hospitals in Rebel-Held East Aleppo
  Syrian National Coalition: Political Solution 'No Longer Viable'
US Drone Strike Kills 13 Civilians in Afghanistan
Somali Official: US Airstrike Killed 22 Soldiers
Indian Troops Cross Kashmir LoC, Attack Pakistani Troops
Lawyers Claim Russian-Made Rebel Missile Downed MH17
Philippines President: War Games With US 'The Last One'
Clinton's Faulty New Scheme to 'Fight' ISIS  by Daniel Lazare
Why Is US Blessing Saudi War on Yemen?  by Kris Boyd & Andrew Cockburn
Shimon Peres: Israeli War Criminal Whose Victims the West Ignored  by Ben White
Israel's $38 Billion Scam  by Philip Giraldi
America's Exceptional Past  by Ryan Miller
9/11 Families Deserve Their Day in Court Against Saudis  by Robert Naiman

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Appeals Court Can't Guarantee Snowden Safe Travel to Norway for Prize
OPEC Agrees to Surprise Oil Output Cut
Hillary Clinton's Plan to Stop ISIS: Hunt Down Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
All-Female Flotilla Members Aim to Break Gaza Blockade
Clinton Running Mate Skips Veto Override Vote of 9/11 Victims Bill
Mass Execution Filmed; 131 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Loses Control of Last Oil Wells in Iraq: Oil Ministry
Iraqi Minister's Downfall Hurts Prospect for Financial Bailout
Syrian Military Says Destroyed Nusra Meeting Point
US Has Discussed Non-Diplomatic Responses to Syria Violence: State Department
US and EU Sanctions Punishing Ordinary Syrians and Crippling Aid Work, UN Report Reveals
A Bomb Shatters an Aleppo Building, and Videos Capture the Rescue Minute by Minute
France Wants UN Resolution on Aleppo, Force Russia's Hand
East Aleppo Has No Anesthetists, Few Intensive Care Beds: Doctor
Turkey Security Council to Recommend Extending State of Emergency
Tens of Thousands to Stand Trial in Turkey
Turkey to Finish Syrian Border Wall in Five Months
Turkish Court Jails Five Men for Life Over Murder of Christians
Yemen's Houthis Must Disband Militias Under Any Peace Deal: Saudi-Led Coalition
Yemeni Rights Inquiry Not Up to the Job, UN Official Says
For Palestinians Shimon Peres Was a Hawk Disguised as a Dove
Israel Trying to Block FIFA Move to Oust Six Settlement Teams
Middle East
Lebanese Army Faces Jihadist Threat on Syrian Border
Oman Detains Judge Who Criticized Judiciary: Rights Group
Dubai Airport Grounds Flights Due to 'Drone Activity'
Colombia's ELN Rebels Say Ready to Start Formal Peace Talks
Venezuela's Maduro Calls for New Era of Relations With US
Cuba Welcomes Ambassador Nomination but Says Obama Can Do More
Peru's Ex-Spy Chief Guilty of Disappearing Students
The War at Home
Obama Tells Vets to Call Hotline No One Answers
CIA Director: 9/11 Bill Will Have 'Grave Implications' for National Security
FBI Director: Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills Immunity Was 'Not Irregular'
US Owes Black People Reparations for a History of 'Racial Terrorism,' Says UN Panel
Justice Department Is Fighting Fired FBI Agent's Use of Whistleblower Defense
Police Surveillance: The US City That Beat Big Brother
Apple Logs Your Imessage Contacts – and May Share Them With Police
Letter From CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Details Federal Prison's Scandalous Treatment
Report: Weapons AI Increasingly Replacing, Not Augmenting, Human Decision-Making
After 170 Years, Remains of US Troops Return From Mexico
China Urges Pakistan, India to Solve Differences Over Disputed Kashmir
US Says Probing More China Firms for North Korea Sanctions Breaches
Amnesty Cancels Thai Torture Report Event Under Threat of Arrests
NYC Bombing Suspect's Mother, Brother Detained in Afghanistan, Father Says
EU Seeks Money for Joint Defense Programs
Bosnia Chief Prosecutor Cries Foul After Suspension
World War Two Spy's Row With Wife 'Almost Ruined D-Day'
Swiss Army Helicopter Crash Kills Two
US Calls on Mali Government to Sever Ties With Northern Militia
US Condemns South Sudan Opposition Leader's Call for Renewed War
Sudan Government Accused of Using Chemical Weapons in Darfur
US Slaps Sanctions on Congo General, Former Senior Police Official
Professor Arrives in Rwanda From US to Face Genocide Trial
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