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Updated October 4, 2016 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Suspends Syria Talks, Blames Russia
  The PR Firm Lobbying for Syria Regime Change
  Kurdish Wedding Bombed in NE Syria, at Least 22 Killed
  US Helped Clinch Iraq Oil Deal to Keep Mosul Battle on Track
  US Drone Strike Kills Key Syrian Nusra Front Cleric
FARC: Colombia Truce to Continue Despite Vote
  Is US Aid Package Supporting Colombia Peace, or War?
Taliban Seizes Major North Afghan City of Kunduz
  Bicycle Bomb Tears Through Crowded North Afghanistan Market
On Anniversary, Assange Vows Election Leaks
  WikiLeaks Cites Report Clinton Mulled Killing Assange With Drones
Yahoo Searched Customer Emails for NSA
Russia Suspends Nuclear Pact, Citing US Distrust
Former CIA Detainees Describe a Makeshift Electric Chair
Trump Did Business With Iran Bank Way Before Sanctions
America's Deceptive Model for Aggression  by Nicolas JS Davies
The PR Firm Lobbying for Regime Change in Syria  by Max Blumenthal
When Is Direct Military Intervention Not Direct Military Intervention?  by Jim Naureckas
Peres' Disputed Funeral  by Ran HaCohen
After Peres, Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?  by Ron Paul
Both Major Candidates Stink on Foreign Policy  by Ivan Eland

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Egypt Says It Killed Senior Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Shootout
Afghan Hospital Bombing Reenacted in Protest as Bombs Fall on Aleppo
Republicans: Military Broke Law Searching for Gitmo Alternative
Pentagon Paid UK PR Firm $500m for Top Secret Iraq Propaganda
Pilgrims Attacked in Baghdad; 120 Killed in Iraq
Attacks in Iraqi Capital Kill at Least 16
Iraq Rejects Erdogan Comments on Participation in Mosul Battle
ISIS' Al-Bayan Radio Station in Mosul Is Bombed Into Silence by Iraqi Jets
Turkey Says US Must Ensure Kurdish Militia Withdraws to East of the Euphrates
Turkish Military Says 15 Rebels Killed in Clashes in Syria
Rebels Close in on Village ISIS Believes Will Host Doomsday Battle
Russia Wants New UN Resolution to Ban Extremist Propaganda
UN May Urge End to All Military Flights Over Syria's Aleppo
Suicide Bombers Strike in Syrian Government-Held Hama
Russia Says UN Measure on Aleppo Truce Will Not Work
Turkey's State of Emergency Extended as President Erdogan's Post-Coup Crackdown Continues
Fighting in Turkey's Kurdish SE Kills 20 Militants, Two Soldiers
Turkey's Erdogan Says EU Yet to Deliver on Aid Pledge for Migrants
Siemens Signs Iran Rail Contract as Germany Drums Up Business
Washington Post Reporter, Sues Iran Over Imprisonment
Kidnapped Red Cross Worker Freed in Yemen, Taken to Oman
Protests Hit Ethiopia After Stampede Deaths
Peacekeeper Killed, Others Wounded in Mali Blast: UN
All-Female 'Islamic State' Cell Arrested in Morocco
Ivory Coast Draft Constitution Amends Clause at Heart of Civil War
Colombia's Ex-President Uribe Holds Keys After Peace Vote Defeat
After Emerging From Hideouts, Colombia's Rebels Now in Limbo
Stunned Latin America Exhorts Colombia to Keep Seeking Peace
Deep Scars and Complacency Defeated Colombia's Peace Deal
Colombia's Shock Referendum May Pull the Plug on a Nobel Peace Prize
UN Committed to Colombia Peace Process: Spokesman
Honduras Police Tear Gas Anti Re-Election Protesters
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Court to Consider Whether Brexit Requires Parliament Vote
Northern Ireland Border Controls Cannot Be Ruled Out: Irish Foreign Minister
Over 6,000 Migrants Plucked From Mediterranean Sea in a Single Day, Nine Dead
Plan for UK Military to Opt Out of Convention on Human Rights
Emboldened by Hungary, Serbia's President Floats Tougher Border Controls
Estonia Chooses EU Accountant as First Female President
World Powers Seek Billions More Dollars to Keep Afghanistan Running
Taliban Advance on Afghan City Exposes Weak Defenses, Deep Divisions
Manila Has Not Spoken to US About Ending Military Exercises: State Department
India Arrests ISIS Cell Suspected of Plotting Attacks During Diwali
Afghan Refugees in Pakistan Feel Heat of Rising Regional Tensions
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