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Updated October 16, 2016 - 8:55 PM EDT
Iraq PM Announces Beginning of Mosul Invasion
  ISIS Crushes Attempted Rebellion in Mosul
CIA Prepping for Cyber Strike Against Russia
  Top House Dems Insist FBI Probe Trump Ties to 'Russia Hacks'
Yemen Missiles May Have Been Radar Anomaly
  US: Saudi Attack on Yemen Funeral 'Egregious'
  Britain to Present UN Resolution Demanding Yemen Ceasefire
Syria Talks Quickly End Without Any Deals
  Syrian Forces Advance Deeper Into Aleppo Amid Heavy Airstrikes
Clinton Threatened To Ring China With Missiles
Google Reveals Secret FBI Subpoena
Coup in Libya, Rival PM Declares Himself Back in Power
ISIS Kills 12 Egyptian Troops in Attack on Sinai Checkpoint
Kansas Militiamen Arrested in Alleged Mosque Attack Plot
Human Conscience Dismissed on a Technicality  by Robert Koehler
The Frighteningly High Human and Financial Costs of War  by Rami G. Khouri
The US Still Serves Israel and Saudi Arabia  by Michael S. Rozeff
How Kissinger Won the Middle East for America  by Uri Avnery
Prepare Yourself for Blowback From Yemen  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Why Russia Fears NATO  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Panel: No Indication of Russian Aggression in Arctic
Gitmo Court Pushed for Full Records on Tortured Saudi
Israel Freezes Ties With UNESCO for 'Denying Jewish Holy Sites'
US Marines May Base 300-Man Force in Norway
Fuel Aid Halt Suggests Deeper Saudi-Egyptian Rift
Funeral Bombed in Baghdad; 88 Killed in Iraq
New Batch of US Troops Heading to Iraq
Iraqi Special Forces Arrive Outside Militant-Held Mosul
Iraqi PM: We Must Liberate Hawija Before Mosul
Erdogan: Turkey Determined to Play Role in Ousting ISIS From Iraq's Mosul
Russia: Syria Meeting Aims to Isolate Nusra Extremists
Putin Ratifies Deal for Russia to Use Syria Base Indefinitely
Turkey Carries Out Major NATO Purge
Roadside Bombs Kill Three Turkish Soldiers in Largely Kurdish Southeast: Sources
As Turkey Purge Continues, Even Non-Gulenists Find Themselves Caught in the Net
Rockets Hit Turkish Fish Store Near Tourist Town in Antalya: Dogan
Turkey Could Hold Referendum on Presidential System by Spring: Minister
Blast Kills 6 at Yemeni Military Officer's Funeral
Saudi Soldier Killed by Houthi Fire in Southern Border Area: TV
Destitute Migrants Pile Up in Djibouti as Yemen Sends Boats Back
Italy to Send 140 Troops to NATO Mission in Latvia
Far-Right Ukraine Fighters Create Political Party
Anti-Russia Blogger Stands Trial in Belarus
German Prosecutor Rejects Erdogan Complaint Over Comedian Case
French Couple Is Put Under Formal Investigation for Ties to Jihadist
Britain May Decide Against Brexit When They Realise Just How Painful It Will Be, Warns EU Chief
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
14 Dead as Pro-Govt Fighters Squeeze ISIS in Sirte
Libya's $1.2 Billion Claim Against Goldman Sachs Thrown Out
Nigeria's President Buhari Is Not in Control of His Govt, Says His Wife
Nigeria Denies Paying Ransom and Freeing Boko Haram Leaders for Chibok Girls
Nigeria Confirms Attack on State-Owned Oil Pipeline in Delta
Week of Violence in South Sudan Kills 60, Government Says
Clashes in Somalia Kill 11, Displace 50,000: UN
China Warns 'Hostile Forces' Trying to Undermine Military Reform
27 Years Later, China to Release the Final Prisoner From Tiananmen Square Protests
China Steps Up Rhetoric in Criticism of Young Hong Kong Lawmakers
China Signs Deals Worth Billions With Bangladesh as Xi Visits
Japan Jet Scrambles Against Chinese Aircraft Hit Six-Month Record
Japan Defense Contractors Get to Grips With Foreign Military Buyers
Japan Withholds UNESCO Funding After Nanjing Massacre Row
Gunmen Kill 3 Pakistani Paramilitary Troops in Quetta
Pakistan: Journalist Cyril Almeida Removed From Exit Control List
'Eroding Stalemate' in Afghanistan as Taliban Widens Its Offensive
Militants Ambush Security Convoy in Indian Kashmir, Killing Two
Argentina Demands UK Halts Military Exercise in Falklands
Honduran President Warns of Drug Cartel Plan to Assassinate Self, US Envoy
Venezuela's Maduro Signs 2017 Budget, Bypassed Congress Cries Foul
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