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Updated October 17, 2016 - 11:10 PM EDT
Iraq PM Announces Start of Mosul Invasion
Yemen Missiles May Have Been Radar Anomaly
  US, Britain Call for 'Immediate Ceasefire' in Yemen
  Saudis: Bombing Yemen Funeral Home 'A Mistake'
Syria Talks Quickly End Without Any Deals
  Little Western Support for Attacking Syria's Assad
  Israel Seeks New Coordination Deal With Russia in Syria
CIA Prepping for Cyber Strike Against Russia
  Hysteria Over Russian Ships' Planned Pass Through English Channel
  Sen. Feinstein Says Russia Trying to Hack Trump to Presidency
CNN Anchor: 'Illegal' for You to Look at WikiLeaks
  Ecuador Cuts Julian Assange's Internet Access: WikiLeaks
Russia Today's UK Bank Accounts Closed Down: Editor
Egypt Air Force Claims Over 100 ISIS Killed in Airstrikes
Hillary Clinton Threatened To Ring China With Missiles
Did the US Assist the Disastrous Bombing of a Funeral in Yemen?  by Ken Klippenstein & Paul Gottinger
More Allies, More War?  by Eric Margolis
The Pentagon Must Stop Abusing the War Budget  by William D. Hartung
Trumped!: The Book  by Justin Raimondo
War Goes Viral
 by Emerson Brooking
The Warnings of a New World War  by Gilbert Doctorow

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Did Qatar Hand Bill Clinton $1 Million?
Filmmaker Arrested at Pipeline Protest Facing 45 Years in Felony Charges
Russia Envoy: Tensions With US Are Probably Worst Since 1973
And the Fattest US Military Service Is ...
Wheels of Justice Barely Turn at Guantanamo Prison
Mosul Fight Begins; 131 Killed Across Iraq
Mosul Civilians Brace for Assault as Iraq Forces Bid to Retake ISIS Stronghold
Turkey's Erdogan Says Iraq Cannot Handle Mosul Assault Alone
In Comments Directed at Kurds, Former Iraqi PM Warns Mosul Borders Must Not Change
Syria's Dabiq Under Full Control of Turkish-Backed Rebels: Minister
Turkish Operations in Syria to Continue After Dabiq Liberated: Erdogan's Spokesman
Turkish Army Hits 80 ISIS Targets in Northern Syria
All Talks Participants Agreed Syrians Must Decide Own Future: Russia
Britain, US Consider More Sanctions Against Assad, Supporters
Suicide Bomber Kills Three at Refugee Camp on Syria-Jordan Border
Suicide Bomber Kills Three Police in Southern Turkey
25 Detained Following Attack in Turkish Resort Town
Two US Citizens Held in Yemen Freed: Oman State Media
A Child in Yemen: 'We Sleep Afraid, We Wake Up Afraid'
Iran Leader Urges Polls Transparency, Rejects Foreign Meddling
Iran MPs Call for Release of Death Penalty Activist
Top UNESCO Official Tells Israeli TV He's 'Sorry' About Jerusalem Resolution
Palestinians Rebuke UNESCO Chief for Opposing Jerusalem Resolution
'Bad Palestinians' Under Israel's Collective Punishment
Israeli Rights Group Vows to Fight Against Settlements
Border Police Officer Stabbed Outside of Jerusalem
The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel
Middle East
Rise of Saudi Prince Shatters Decades of Royal Tradition
Thousands Rally for Former Lebanese General for President
Kuwait Ruler Dissolves Parliament, Opens Way for Elections
Flying the ISIS Flag Is Legal, Sweden Declares
Britain Pays Compensation to Victims of Sex Attacks by Libyan Cadets
Thousands Take Part in Anti-Government Protest in Hungary
Migrants Riot in Greece After Car Kills Woman, Her Child
Syrian Bombing Suspect in Germany Spoke to ISIS Contact About Attack Plans: Newspaper
Norway F-35 Block Buy, Air Force, Joint Strike Fighter
Montenegrin Election Inconclusive According to Partial Count
UN Worried Over Attacks on Aid Convoys in Hurricane-Hit Haiti
Mexico's Zapatista Rebels to Field a Presidential Candidate
Cuba's Top Negotiator Says Obama Regulatory Changes Don't Go Far Enough
The War at Home
Clinton in 2015 Email: Facade of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Better Than Nothing
ND Prosecutor Seeks 'Riot' Charges Against Amy Goodman for Reporting on Pipeline Protest
WikiLeaks Dumps Ninth Batch of Clinton Campaign E-Mails
Hillary Clinton's Encryption Proposal Was 'Impossible,' Said Top Adviser
USS Fort Worth Gear Failure Blamed on Lack of Leadership, Complacency
Thousands of Documents Show Close Eye FBI Kept on Miami Exiles and 'Batista Crowd'
Barrett Brown: I Am Fully Capable of Entertaining Myself in Prison for Decades if Need Be
Egypt's President Predicts Long War Against Sinai Militants
18 Egyptian Trial Defendants Get Prison Sentence After Shoe Thrown at Judge
Egypt Temporarily Reopens Rafah Border Crossing With Gaza
South Sudan
62 Killed as South Sudanese Rebels, Army Clash
South Sudan Spends Budget on Fighting as People Starve
Nigeria's Buhari Doubles Down: Wife Should Stay Out of Politics
Only 83 Chibok Girls Left for Bargain, Sources Say as Talks to Resume
Shell Faces Possible Dutch Lawsuit Over Nigerian Activist's Execution
South Africa
South African Police Arrest Nine in Rioting Near University
South African Government Demands End to Violent Student Protests
Gunmen Kill 11 in Central African Republic Camp: UN
Somali Government Shuts Down Newspaper, Arrests Editor
Gunmen Kidnap American Aid Worker in Niger and Kill Two
Ethiopia Announces New Curbs as Part of State of Emergency Measures
Goldman Sachs Vindicated but Bruised in Court Battle With Libyan Fund
European Union to Ready Sanctions Over Congo Vote Delay, Violence
India's Modi, at Summit, Calls Pakistan 'Mother-Ship of Terrorism'
Two Pakistani Soldiers Killed in NW Pakistan: Officials
Pakistan, Azerbaijan to Undertake Joint Military Training
India, Russia Sign 16 Agreements Across Multiple Sectors
Thailand Picks Ex-PM as Caretaker After King's Death
Thai Crown Prince Urges Calm Over Succession: Junta Chief
Military Operation Kills 18 Afghan Taliban Militants
Japan Mulls Joint Administration of Disputed Russian-Held Isles
North Korea Mid-Range Ballistic Missile Explodes During Launch
Philippine Leader Says Will Raise Arbitration Case With China, Won't Bargain
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