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Updated October 20, 2016 - 8:58 PM EDT
Air Force Chief Sees Decades More of US Wars
Hillary: Putin, WikiLeaks, Trump Plot to Hack Vote
  US Hawks Continue Hysteria Over All Things Russia
Turkey Air Raid Kills 200 Kurd Fighters in Syria
  EU Slams Russia as Putin Offers to Extend Aleppo Ceasefire
  Syria Amnesty: 100s of Rebels Withdraw From Damascus Suburb
US Soldier Killed in Northern Iraq Bombing
  US Won't Support Shi'ite Militias in Mosul Invasion
  Abandoned Villages on Road to Mosul Rigged With Tunnels. Bombs
  Satellite Images Show Liberation of Mosul Could Come at High Cost
  Mosul Braces Itself for Next Bloody Chapter After 13 Years of War
Two Americans Killed in Afghan Insider Attack
  Afghan Troops Causing More Civilian Casualties, UN Says
US Talks Major Military Buildup Against North Korea
Why Is the Truth on Syria Difficult to Decipher?  by Ramzy Baroud
Why the Battle for Mosul Could Become a Total Disaster  by Daniel L. Davis
Good Deaths in Mosul, Bad Deaths in Aleppo  by Robert Parry
Lament for an Indispensable America  by David Raeburn Finn
Was a US Ship Attacked Near Yemen or Not?  by Sarah Lazare
The Baby Boomers' Monumental Quagmire in Iraq  by Andrew Bacevich

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WikiLeaks: Kerry Pressured Ecuador to Cut Assange Internet Connection
ACLU Wants 23 Secret Surveillance Laws Public
British Al-Jazeera Reporter Arrested in Somalia
Marco Rubio Warns Republicans: Don't Talk About WikiLeaks
232 Killed in Iraq as Mosul Fighting Heats Up
US General Said Mosul Battle Could Last Months
Shi'ite Militias Say Will Support Iraqi Army Offensive on Mosul
Russia Says Worried Militants in Iraq's Mosul May Flee for Syria
ISIS Has 5,000 to 6,000 Fighters in Mosul: Iraqi Army
In Mosul Fight, Iraqi Forces Eye Redemption and Revenge
Iraqi Troops Poised to Seize Christian Town as Advance Against ISIS Continues
Syria Says EU Criticism of It Lacks Credibility
Thousands of Iraqis Fleeing Mosul Arrive in Syria
Russia Rules Out Extending Bombing Pause in Syria's Aleppo Unilaterally: Interfax
On Syrian Border, Rebel Goals Not All Shared by Turkish Backers
Erdogan Says One Million Could Come to Turkey if Aleppo Exodus Starts
Syrian Forces Prepare to Open Corridors Out of Aleppo
Kerry Plays Down Syria Deal Hopes as Russia Joins Geneva Talks
Netanyahu Tells Settlers of Worries of Possible US Action at UN
Israeli PM Denies He Called Obama an 'Existential Danger' to Settlements
Israel Takes Exit Permits Away From Top Palestinian Officials in Gaza
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Assailant in West Bank: Police
Israel Held Turkish National for Three Weeks Over Suspected Ties to Iran
Middle East
Yemen Ceasefire Goes Into Effect After Day of Violence
Palestinians Urge UN to Adopt Resolution Against Settlements
Mortar Shells Wound Woman, Child in Southern Turkey: Dogan
As Egypt's Economy Struggles, Calls for Protests Against Sisi Grow Louder
Egyptian High Court Reverses 14 Death Sentences Against Islamists
UN: Colombians Want Quick Agreement on New Peace Deal
Prominent Honduran Rural Leader Under Police Protection Killed
Pakistan Set to Arrest Imran, Key PTI Leaders Before Islamabad Lockdown
Pakistan: Indian Fire Wounds Two Women, Two Children in Kashmir
China/Hong Kong/Japan
Crisis Looms as Hong Kong Legislators Walk Out to Shun Independence Activists
China Angered as Japan Withholds UNESCO Funding in History Row
Another North Korea Intermediate Range Missile Fails After Launch
Divided Maldives Parliament Backs Commonwealth Exit Amid Ruling Party Split
Uzbek Military Helicopter Crash Kills Nine
Philippines' Duterte Says South China Sea Arbitration Case to Take 'Back Seat'
Mental Illness Casts Shadow Over Afghans Struggling to Cope With Decades of War
4 Police Wounded in Raid on Anti-Govt Extremist
Syrian Guides Offer 'Refugee Tours' of Berlin
Russian Parliament Approves Suspension of Plutonium Accord With US
Poroshenko: Leaders in Berlin Agree to Peace Timetable for Eastern Ukraine
Swiss Govt to Pay Two Syrians Wrongly Held on Terror Charges
Croatia Parliament Approves New Conservative-Led Cabinet
Rescuers Save 301 Boat Migrants, Recover Five Bodies in Mediterranean
Grounded F-35 Fighters Seen Back in the Air in November: Norway
French Government Talks Tough on Anti-Police Violence After Protests
France Says Ready to Keep Troops in West Africa for as Long as Needed
Death Toll in Attack on Southern Somali Town Rises to 11
Officer Who Announced Burkina Faso Coup Released
Mauritania Stifling Jailed Anti-Slavery Activists: UN Experts
Mozambique Opposition Renamo, Government Resume Peace Talks: State Media
Police Disperse Cape Town Student Protesters With Rubber Bullets
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