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Updated October 28, 2016 - 9:48 PM EDT
US Fails to Defeat UN Vote on Banning Nukes
Russian, US Jets in 'Near Miss' Over Syria
  Turkey-Kurd Rivalry Complicates Raqqa Invasion
  US Gen.: Must Conquer Raqqa Before ISIS Launches Attacks on West
Putin: Russia Is Not Going to Attack Anyone
  US to Hold Off on Cyberwar With Russia Until After Election
  Does the US Govt Really Know Who Hacked Democrats' Emails?
Those Fleeing Mosul Face Summary Execution
  US: 800-900 ISIS 'Probably' Killed in Mosul Fighting
UN's Yemen Peace Plan Sidelines Ex-President
  US Claims Four Arms Ships From Iran to Yemen Caught in 18 Months
FBI: New 'Investigative Steps' on Clinton Emails
Clinton Adviser Proposes Attacking Iran to Aid the Saudis in Yemen  by Eric Levitz
Budgeting the Good War, for 75 Years  by Robert Koehler
2016 and the Politics of the Nuclear Deal  by Daniel Larison
As Darkness Falls, a Silver Lining  by Justin Raimondo
Obama's Stupid Iraq Policy  by Bruce Fein
How Israel Seeks to Erase the Region's History  by Jonathan Cook

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When CIA and NSA Workers Blow the Whistle, Congress Plays Deaf
DDOS Attack That Disrupted Internet Was Largest of Its Kind in History, Experts Say
At Hillary's Favorite Think Tank, a Doubling Down on Anti-Iran, Pro-Saudi Policy
Baghdad Admits to Military Casualties; 254 Killed in Iraq
Residents of Iraq Town Want Answers on Deadly Strike
Iraqi Army Aims to Reach Site of ISIS Executions South of Mosul
Iraqis Find Bomb Factory, Tunnels on Long Road to Mosul
Syrian Army Says It Takes Town Near Hama
Erdogan Says Turkish Offensive Will Target Syrian Towns of Manbij and Raqqa
Turkey Asked US Not to Allow Kurdish Militia Into Raqqa, Minister Tells TRT Haber
Putin Says Russia Has No Option but to Clear Aleppo of Militants
White House Blames Syria, Russia for Deadly Syria School Attack
EU Hits More Syrian Military, Assad Officials With Sanctions
Russia Denies Its Warships Will Join Aleppo Bombardment: RIA
Russia Unconvinced by UN Report on Syria Chemical Weapons
Turkey Detains Dozens of Air Force Pilots in Coup Probe
Violence Flares in Turkey's Tense Southeast After Mayors' Arrest
Turkey Detains 81 Mostly Foreigners on Suspected ISIS Links
Turkey Calls for End to Nato's Migrant Mission in Aegean
Turkey Says Gives US New Documents on Gulen Extradition Request
Turkish, Syrian Men Extradited to US to Face Drug Charges
Israeli Minister Slams Rare Building Plans for Palestinians: 'Settlers Get Sticks'
Israel: Settlers' Takeover of Security Posts 'Alarming'
Fishing Zone Expanded by 50% for Gaza's 4,000 Fishermen
Israeli Army Battles to Keep Its Finest From Defecting to Private Sector
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
UAE Hails UN's Yemen Peace Roadmap
Gunmen Who Killed Saudi Security Officers Linked to Other Attacks: Government
Putin Says Obama Administration Does Not Stick to Any Deals
Putin Says US 'Hysteria' Over Russia Is Election Ploy
Putin Says Russia Does Not Plan to Get Militarily Involved in Iraq, Libya
The War at Home
Police Begin Removing Protesters From Dakota Pipeline Encampment
Mozilla Presses White House to Do More to Prevent Cyberattacks
Booz Allen Reviewing Security After Arrest of NSA Contractor
Hacked Emails Show Clinton Aides Surprised at 2015 Email Revelations
Justice Department Releases Guidelines on Controversial Anti-Hacking Law
Philippine Leader Duterte Now Wants US Troops Out 'in the Next Two Years'
Duterte Says Philippines Could Join Sea Exercises With Japan, Again Vents Anger at US
Philippines Mayor, 9 Others Killed in Shootout With Drug Squad
Pakistani Capital Bans Political Gatherings
India, Pakistan to Expel Diplomats Amid Kashmir Tension
Pakistan Opposition Says Dozens of Activists Arrested
Afghan Spy Agency Confirms Militant Leaders' Deaths
China, Saudi Arabia Hold Joint 'Anti-Terror' Drills
Calls Grow for Access to Western Myanmar in Face of Military Lockdown
Japan, US, South Korea Agree to Put More Pressure on North Korea: Japan Official
ISIS Faction Raises Black Flag Over Somali Port Town
Libya's Navy Says 90 Migrants Perished After Boat Fell Apart
Man Shot Dead After Stabbing Guard at US Embassy in Kenya
UN Chief Seeks Security Council Help With South Sudan Rebels in Congo
Egypt's Sisi Pledges Reviews of Protest Law, Detentions
Venezuela Crisis Enters Dangerous Phase as Maduro Foes Go Militant
Venezuela Opposition Heaps Pressure, Maduro Scoffs
Opposition, Socialist Supporters Face Off in Caracas
Venezuela's Maduro Pledges to Crush Looming Strike
US Says Politics Drove Venezuela First Lady's Nephews in Drug Deal
Colombia Delays Peace Talks With ELN Rebels Until Captive Freed
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