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Updated November 5, 2016 - 7:52 PM EDT
US Threatens Hacks on Russia's Grids Over Vote
  US Officials Try to Scare Voters With Terror Threat
Angry Afghans Bury Victims of US Airstrike
  UN Report: Around 45,000 Opposition Fighters in Afghanistan
As Troops Near Mosul, Civilian Casualties Rise
  Foreign ISIS Fighters Defend East Mosul as Local Jihadis Flee
  321 Killed in Iraq as Fighting Intensifies in Mosul
Jordan Troops Kill Three US Military Trainers
Russian Ceasefire in Aleppo Ends, Locals Brace for Strikes
How Jason Leopold Helped Start the Hillary Email Scandal
US Hypocrisy: Bombing of Aleppo Is No Worse Than What Happened in Gaza and Iraq  by Gareth Porter
Remember the Media's Iraq WMD Lies? It's Happening Again  by Alice Salles
Pseudo-Scholarship About Iran: Insulting Cyrus the Great  by John Limbert
Endangered Hawk Watch  by Daniel Larison
How Washington Turned Ireland Into an International Scofflaw  by Conn Hallinan
Hillary and Friends: Resetting the Discourse on Israel in 6 Easy Steps  by Philip Weiss

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Attorney: Chelsea Manning Again Attempts Suicide in Prison
Freed From Gag Order, Google Reveals It Received Secret FBI Subpoena
Private Intellligence Firm Proposes 'Google' for Tracking Terrorists' Faces
Opponents of 'Brexit,' Emboldened by UK Court Ruling, Start Shaping Plans
321 Killed in Iraq as Fighting Intensifies in Mosul
Bomb Blast in Iraq Kills 12 Civilians Fleeing ISIS
France Steps Up Airstrikes Against ISIS in Mosul
Tears and Joy as Families Fleeing Mosul Reunite With Relatives
Aleppo Evacuations to Fall Flat, Rebels Prevent Any Exit: Syria Official
UN Says Can't Use Russian Aleppo Pause to Send Aid
Car Bomb in Turkey's Southeast Kills Eight, Wounds More Than 100: PM
Turkey Draws Western Condemnation Over Arrest of Kurdish Lawmakers
Turkey Says EU Criticism of Kurdish MP Detentions 'Unacceptable'
Turkey Blocks Access to Twitter, Whatsapp: Internet Monitoring Group
Kurdish PKK Militant Group Vows to Intensify Struggle Against Turkey: Video
Yemen's Former President Saleh Welcomes UN Peace Proposal
Yemeni Rebels Show Alleged Saudi Captives on TV
Palestinians Say Will Protest Interpol Membership Delay
Israeli Army Prevented American Diplomats From Visiting Jordan Valley Palestinians
Iran Sentences Rioters Who Stormed Saudi Diplomatic Posts
Bosnian Croats Protest Against Arrest of War Crimes Suspects
Police Clear Paris Camp That Swelled After Calais Closure
US Sees Venezuela Talks as 'Last, Best' Hope to Solve Crisis
Brazilian Police Raid Leftist Opposition Group: Activists
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
Blast Kills 11 in Afghanistan
Journalist Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Itself Is Now Taking in the Most Afghan Migrants
Myanmar Policeman Killed by Attackers in Rakhine State: Officials
US Acts to Block North Korea Access to Financial System
Pakistan to Deport 'Afghan Girl' From Famed National Geographic Photo
Philippines Steps Up Security After US Warns Citizens of Kidnap Threat
Indonesian Police Quell Mass Protest by Hardline Muslims
China to Weigh Up Hong Kong Allegiance Rules Amid Independence Row
Somali Militants Intensify Attacks, Death Count Doubles: Experts
Somalia: Unpaid Troops Vacate Gofgadud Town
Egypt Arrests Militants, Links Them to Muslim Brotherhood
Egyptian Judge Who Tried Morsi Survives Assassination Attempt
Thousands of Moroccans Keep Up Pressure Over Fishmonger's Death
Watchdog Slams Morocco Over Reporting Restrictions in Western Sahara
Russia Says UN South Sudan Mission 'in Ruins' After Firing
Foreign Help Building Eritrea Bases Violates Embargo: UN Experts
UN Urges Restraint in Kinshasa as Opposition Rally Banned
Mali Election Campaign Underway After Years of Delays
Tunisian PM Sacks Minister Over Criticism of Saudi Arabian Islam
Libya Accuses Goldman Sachs of Bribery in Bid to Appeal Lawsuit
UN Ceasefire Monitors to Deploy in Colombia
Colombia's ELN Rebels Hope to Free Hostage Next Week
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