Four years ago, we ran a column that told the real story behind the Benghazi disaster: how the State Department "outsourced" security for Ambassador Stevens to a dubious outfit named "Blue Mountain Security," and a gang of Islamists known as the February 17 Brigade. The story was that Stevens and the others who were killed that day were set up.

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Updated November 22, 2016 - 11:18 PM EST
Trump Backs Off Promise to Bring Back Torture
US Airstrikes Kill 10 Syrian Civilians Near Raqqa
  US Vows Syrian Generals Will Face Trial
  Turkey Again Pushes US to Impose No-Fly Zone in Syria
Struggling Iraq Hopes Trump Continues Support
  Iraqi Villagers Mourn Air Strike Victims as Mosul Toll Mounts
Trump Meets With War Critic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Meeting With President-Elect Trump
  Gen. Mattis as SecDef Would Break With 65 Years of US History
Kabul Mosque Hit by Deadly Suicide Bomb Attack
Erdogan 'Disillusioned' With US Over Kurds
Putin Responds to NATO Expansion With More Missiles
Yemen Ceasefire Expires With No Deal on Extension
Minister: Trump May Make S. Korea Spend More on Military
Save the Republic From Self-Ruination  by Bruce Fein
Our Spiral Into Permanent War Seems More Foolish Than Ever  by Conn Hallinan
What Trump Could Do With Executive Power  by Peter Van Buren
Trump's Tulsi Gabbard Factor  by Robert Parry
Stay Out of Mosul  by Alan Grayson
Trump Picks Anti-Muslim Intel Officer as National Security Adviser  by Alex Kane

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Trump Says Will Quit Pacific Trade Deal on His First Day as President
Japan PM Says TPP Pact Meaningless Without US
Netanyahu Forbids Israeli Ministers From Contacting Trump's Team
A Spotlight on Torture at Guantanamo
Militias Mass Near Tal Afar; 18 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Shi'ite Paramilitaries Close to Cutting Mosul Supply Route
Iraq's Ascendant Shi'ite Militias Take the Fight to Tal Afar
In Iraq, Stolen Weapons Easily Sold Online, on Facebook
Christian Heritage Found Ransacked as Iraq Monastery Retaken From ISIS
Canada Waits for Baghdad to Sign Off on Arms for Kurds
Turkish Airstrike Kills 7 Civilians in Northern Syria
Head of Red Cross to Hold Syria Talks in Moscow and Tehran
UN's Syria Envoy Suggests Donald Trump Has Limited Window to Work With Russia
ISIS Used Chemical Arms at Least 52 Times in Syria and Iraq, Report Says
China Says Would Consider Turkish Membership of Security Bloc
Turkish President Not Worried About Trump's Muslim Comments
Turkey Slams Israeli Bill to Reduce Volume of Call to Prayer
Turkish Police Detain Veteran Kurdish Politician in Southeast: Sources
Seething Erdogan Accuses Israel of 'Barbarism' in TV Interview Timed to Mark Warming of Ties
Middle East
Amnesty: UK 'Utterly Disingenuous' About Human Rights in Bahrain
Lebanese Army Constructing Wall Around Parts of Palestinian Refugee Camp
Japanese Peacekeepers Arrive in South Sudan
Wave of Sabotage Hits Long-Delayed Mali Vote
Veteran Algerian Jihadist's Wife Arrested in Libya: Officials
ISIS Terrorists Charged With Plotting to Assassinate Egypt's Sisi
Somali President Seeks Mediation Amid Charges of Violence During Vote
The War at Home
Trump Spokesman Declines to Back FBI Director James Comey
Former NSA Director Doesn't Think Gen. Flynn Is Up to the Job
Yemeni Man in US Charged With Attempting to Support ISIS
Pakistan: Cross-Border Fire Kills Four Kashmiris
Pakistan's Powerful Army Chief Begins Farewell Visits
Pakistan's Beautiful but Dangerous Tribal Areas May Finally Open for Tourism Again
Rohingya Villages 'Destroyed' in Myanmar, Images Show
Myanmar Government Faces New Crisis as Ethnic Armies Attack Military
Hundreds More Myanmar Rohingya Flee to Bangladesh: Aid Workers
Indonesia's Police Chief: Protesters May Storm Parliament Over Blasphemy Row
Taiwan Sees Exchange With China's Leader at APEC as Positive
South Korea's Cabinet Approves Intel-Sharing Pact With Japan
Ukraine Detains Two Russian Soldiers Near Crimean Border
'Little Bird' Ukrainian Anti-Graft Body May Struggle to Investigate MPs' Wealth
Crucial Cyprus Peace Talks at Swiss Resort 'Inconclusive'
Finland Plans to Set Up Center to Counter 'Hybrid' Warfare Threats
UK Home Office Ordered to Review Policy on Torture Survivors
France Detains 7, Saying It Has Thwarted a New Terrorist Attack
Colombia's FARC Leaders Arrive in Bogota Ahead of Peace Signing
Haiti Tabulating Votes as Factions Claim Victory, Fraud
Bodies of 9 Decapitated Men Found Dumped in S. Mexico
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