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Updated December 2, 2016 - 10:20 PM EST
Trump Calls Taiwan President, Upsets 'Status Quo'
House OKs Massive Pentagon Spending Bill
UN: Iraq Troop Deaths Soar With Mosul Invasion
  5,719 Killed in Iraq During November
  ISIS Urges Members to Stop Using Messaging Apps
US Under-Reports Civilians Killed in Iraq, Syria
  Aleppo Rebels Announce New Alliance Aimed at Boosting Defenses
  Lavrov: Neither Syria nor Russia Attacked Turkish Troops Last Week
Trump Picks Gen. James Mattis for SecDef
  White House Announces Support for Women in Military Draft
Senate Unanimously Extends Iran Sanctions 10 Years
Commander: Keep Troops in Afghanistan to 'Send Message'
Obama Is Leaving Trump With Broad War Powers  by Trevor Timm
America's Plunge From Republic to Empire  by Wendy McElroy
The Washington Post Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist  by James Carden
A World to Win  by Justin Raimondo
Fake News and War Party Lies  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Official Washington's 'Info-Wars'  by William Blum

More Viewpoints

UN Sorry for Haiti Cholera Spread, Not for Causing It
US on Watch for ISIS Dispersing in Libya: Official
France Jailed a Man for Visiting Pro-ISIS Websites
Thailand's Crown Prince Becomes New King
20 Organizations Express Continued Disappointment in NDAA Budget Gimmick
192 Killed in Iraq; Explosion at ISIS Storage Facility Kills Dozens
Battle for Iraq's Mosul Could Take Months: Red Cross
Kurdish Traders Gearing Up to Take Over Mosul Trade From Syrians
Beaten and Bruised, Detainee Recounts ISIS Torture in Mosul Prison
Mosul's Emaciated Babies Left in the Rubble of the Bombed-Out ISIS Battleground
30,000 Flee East Aleppo, Russia Proposing Humanitarian Corridors: UN
Erdogan Says Turkish Incursion in Syria Only Targets Terrorist Organizations
Turkey: 'Good Part' of Syrian Kurdish Fighters Have Withdrawn From Manbij
Gazans Hope Coca-Cola Plant Refreshes Economy
'We Are Orphans Here.' Life and Death in East Jerusalem's Palestinian Refugee Camp.
Obama, Trying to Protect Legacy, Unlikely to Act on Mideast Peace
Middle East
Blocked Qatari News Site Blames Government Censorship
Cyberattacks Strike Saudi Arabia, Harming Aviation Agency
Russia Deploys Warships Near Crimea for Ukrainian Missile Tests
France Presidency: Francois Hollande Decides Not to Run Again
Swiss Upper House Backs Immigration Bill Avoiding EU Quotas
North Korea
North Korea Rejects UN Resolution, Vows Stronger Self-Defense Measures
UN Decapitates North Korea's Statue Export Business
British Fighters to Overfly South China Sea; Carriers in Pacific After 2020: Envoy
Myanmar's Leader Faulted for Silence as Army Campaigns Against Rohingya
India Inks Deal With US to Acquire 145 Howitzers
New Evidence Shows Deep ISIS Role in Bangladesh Massacre
Indonesia Tightens Security Before Protest Against Jakarta Governor
South Sudan
Aid Convoys Blocked in South Sudan, UN Says
South Sudanese Flee as Country Edges Closer to 'Genocide'
Ethiopia Says It Intercepted Rebels Linked to Arch-Rival Eritrea
Ethiopian Opposition Leader From Restive Region Arrested
Gambians Vote With Internet and Phones Cut, Borders Sealed
Namibia Will Stay in ICC – if United States Joins, Says President
Boko Haram Attacks Destroy Farm Communities, Bring Famine Risk
Iranians Face Terrorism Charges After Filming Israeli Embassy in Kenya
Colombia to Rush Approval of New Peace Deal, Pending Court Decision
Colombia Postpones Peace Talks With ELN Guerrillas
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