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Updated December 13, 2016 - 11:25 PM EST
Trump Takes on the Defense Industry
  Trump Picks Exxonmobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
Top Spy Agency Doesn't Buy CIA Assessment
  Congressional Leaders Plan to Probe Russia 'Election Interference'
  Congress Quietly Approves Act to 'Counter Russian Propaganda'
ISIS Defeat Unlikely Anytime Soon: Report
  Report Faults Lack of US Transparency in Anti-ISIS Airstrikes
Deal Reached to Evacuate Rebels From Aleppo
  US, Russia Trade Blame for Syria Woes
Obama Faults Trump, Insists 'One China' Policy Must Remain
Trump on Military Spending: An Encouraging Sign  by Thomas Knapp
Obama's Outgoing Attitude on War and Terrorism: Do as He Says, Not as He Did  by Scott Shackford
The Syrian-Sarin 'False Flag' Lesson  by Ray McGovern
Americas Failed War On Drugs In Afghanistan  by Abigail Hall-Blanco

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Trump Taps Retired General Kelly for Homeland Security
Kissinger: Give the 'Trump World Order' a Chance
Portugal's Guterres Sworn in as Next UN Sec-Gen
Obama Decision: Senate Torture Report to Be Kept From Public for 12 Years
PM Says Mosul Operation Going Well; 44 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Police Say Ready to Join Assault on East Mosul
Russia Blames US for Loss of Palmyra to ISIS
Suspected Gas Attack in ISIS Palmyra Area
Russia's Changes to Aleppo Proposal 'Unacceptable': US Official
European Surveillance Companies Were Eager to Sell Syria Tools of Oppression
Factbox: Combatants Fighting in Aleppo
Turkish Police Detain Hundreds After Bomb Attacks, Pro-Kurdish Party Targeted
Death Toll in Istanbul Bombings Rises to 44: Health Minister
Netanyahu Says Israel 'Mightier' as First F-35 Fighter Jets Arrive
IDF Suspends Access for 200 Gazans to Pray at Al-Aqsa
'Serious Concern' in Beijing at Trump's Threat to End 'One-China' Policy
Okinawa Set to Lose Lawsuit Filed by State Over US Base Relocation
Pakistani Birds Caught Up in International Intrigue
Cuba Signs Deal With Google for Faster Access
EU, Cuba Sign Accord on Political Dialogue and Cooperation
Colombia's President Calls for New Approach to Drugs War
US Declassifies New Documents on Argentina's Dictatorship
Venezuela Shuts Colombia Border to Fight Currency Smuggling
The War at Home
Trump Takes Aim at Pentagon's 'Revolving Door' and Lockheed Martin's $400 Billion
McCain Backs Trump Criticism of F-35, Says President Can't Cancel It
Trump's Tweet About Lockheed-Martin Cuts $4bn in Value as Share Prices Fall
Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem 'Very Big Priority' for Trump, Senior Adviser Says
Guantanamo Board Approves Release of Another Yemeni 'Forever Prisoner'
Gorbachev Says US Was Short-Sighted on Soviets
Excerpts From AP Interview With Mikhail Gorbachev
'Claiming Israel Is a Racist Endeavor': Britain Adopts New Definition of Anti-Semitism
UK: Far Right Group National Action to Be Banned Under Terror Laws
UK Pair Linked to Brussels, Paris Attacks Suspect Jailed
Man Stabbed at London Station by Attacker 'Threatening Muslims'
11 Arrested in France Over Nice Massacre
Austria Threatens to Block Turkish Accession
Macedonia's Nationalists Win Election: Official Results
Egypt Says Suicide Bomber Did Church Blast
EU, US Sanction DR Congo Officials Over Protest Violence
US Calls Gambia Crisis 'Very Dangerous' Ahead of Presidents' Visit
Gabon Vote 'Anomalies' Raise Questions Over Result: EU
Sudan's President Warns Against Anti-Regime Protests
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