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Updated December 15, 2016 - 11:13 PM EST
NBC: Putin 'Personally' Directed US Election Hack
  WikiLeaks Operative: Dem Whistleblower Gave Him Clinton Emails
Amid Confusion, Aleppo Evacuation Deal Back On
  US to Launch Airstrikes in Palmyra, Targeting ISIS Arms Caches
US Drone Strike Kills Nine Civilians in Mosul
  Artillery Fire Strikes Civilians in Mosul; 154 Killed in Iraq
Yahoo: New Hack Record at 1 Billion Accounts
ISIS in Sinai Accuses Israel of Airstrikes Against Them
War Manual Revised, Limits US Attacks on Human Shields
Questions for the Electors on Russian Hacking  by Andrew Cockburn
Has the War in Syria Also Destroyed Journalism?  by Ramzy Baroud
Three Trump Security Proposals That Are Losers  by Bonnie Kristian
Did the Russians Hack Hillary?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Bolton and the Iran Obsession  by Daniel Larison
Hypocrisy Behind the Russia-Election Frenzy  by Robert Parry

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Kissinger Lauds Trump's Pick for Secretary of State
Lindsey Graham: Russians Hacked My Campaign Email
US Troops to Arrive in Europe in January to Reassure Allies
Flynn Investigated by Army for Wrongly Sharing Intel
The Invisible Costs of Cyber Weapons
Artillery Fire Strikes Civilians in Mosul; 154 Killed in Iraq
Aussie Warplanes Hitting More ISIS Targets After Changes to War Crimes Bill
Australia Hits 'Low Mark' Over Iraq Airstrikes Transparency
Iraqi Gains Reveal Huge Scale of ISIS Arms Industry
Arms Seized by ISIS in Syria Pose Threat to US-Led Forces: General
Putin and Erdogan Agree to Make Joint Effort to Evacuate East Aleppo
Syria's Assad: Trump Can Be Our Natural Ally
A Hotline for Americans and Russians to Avoid Catastrophe in Syrian Skies
UN Rights Chief Says Aleppo Bombardment Most Likely a War Crime
Germany Blames Russia Over Syria, Says Sanctions Still on Table
France Calls for UN Observers in East Aleppo
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Eleven Headless Bodies Found in Yemen's Port City Aden
Saudi King Defends Yemen Intervention in Televised Address
IDF Concerned Trump Administration May Cut Defense Aid
In US, Palestinians Say They Want Negotiated Two-State Solution
Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem's Old City, Three Wounded
Military Laptop Stolen From Home of IDF Manpower Directorate Chief
Amona Activists Protest Outside Israel PM's Residence
France Reportedly Postpones Middle East Peace Conference
Why Are These Muslim States Hosting Benjamin Netanyahu?
Israeli Arms Sales, Big Oil, and the Mossad: Why Is Azerbaijan Hosting a Hanukkah Party at Trump Hotel?
Turkey Imprisons More Kurdish Lawmakers, Intensifying Crackdown
Turkish FM: Bomber in Saturday's Istanbul Attack Came From Syria
Two Killed in South Lebanon Palestinian Camp Gunfight
Venezuela Power Clash Resumes After Vatican-Led Talks Falter
Venezuela Gate-Crashes Meeting With Regional Powers
Splits Form Among Colombia's FARC Rebels After Commanders Expelled
Colombia Pardons 110 FARC Rebels
The War at Home
State of Georgia Asks Trump to Investigate 'Failed Cyberattacks'
Super PAC Starts 2018 Spending Attacking GOP Over Tillerson
US Tech Employees Vow to Fight Trump on Surveillance
Flynn Investigated by Army for Wrongly Sharing Intelligence
The US Navy's Autonomous Swarm Boats Can Now Decide What to Attack
Marine Corps: Three Marines Face Courts-Martial in Hazing Probe
Afghan Police Kill One Foreigner, Wound Another Outside Kabul Airport
Afghan Brothers Who Had 'Minefield as Playground' Develop Drone to Clear Mines
US Approves $25 Million Radar Sale to the Philippines
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Says He Personally Killed Criminals
Philippines Cancels Visit by UN Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings
China Says Damage to 'One China' Principle Would Impact Peace
Popular Chinese Muslim Website Shutters After Xi Jinping Petition
No Change in US Commitment to Asia-Pacific Under Trump, Admiral Says
Myanmar's Rohingya Insurgency Has Links to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan: Report
US Grounds Osprey Aircraft in Japan After Okinawa Crash
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Egypt Church Bombing and Warns of More to Come
Egypt Freezes Assets of Media Company Chairman
UN: South Sudan on Brink of Ethnic Civil War
Military Intervention Possible as Gambian President Refuses to Step Down
Protesters Agree to End Blockade of Western Libya Oil Pipelines: Officials
Greek, Turkish Cypriots March for Reunification
Polish Rights Groups Urge President to Veto Freedom of Assembly Bill
French Terrorism Suspects Appeared Anything But
Two Finnish Journalists Resign Amid Row With Prime Minister Over Press Freedom
Mexican Townsfolk Release Drug Boss' Mom
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