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Updated December 16, 2016 - 11:22 PM EST
Obama Vows Revenge for Russia 'Election Hacks'
  FBI Reverses Course, Endorses CIA Allegations on Russia Hacking
  Assange Denies Russian Connection to Clinton Email Leak
  Swedish Towns Told to Prepare for War With Russia
Aleppo Evacuation Stalls Amid Rebel Fire
  SecDef: Trump Committed to Anti-ISIS Coalition
  Thousands Leave on First Day of Aleppo Evacuation
  NDAA Would Allow US to Send Anti-Aircraft Arms to Syrian Rebels
Trump's Israel Ambassador Is Hardline Pro-Settler Lawyer
China Seizes US Underwater Drone in South China Sea
Russia: US Extension of Iran Sanctions Act Threatens Deal
Most UK Terrorism Arrests Lead to No Charge or Conviction
Starving Yemeni Children, Bloated US Arms Makers  by Medea Benjamin
'Getting Tough' With Other States Usually Backfires  by Daniel Larison
Why Are the Media Taking CIA's Hacking Claims at Face Value?  by James W. Carden
The Leak That Came in From the Cold  by Justin Raimondo
Lessons of Aleppo – for Trump  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Is the Battle for Mosul Doomed?  by Daniel L. Davis

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Libertarians Vocal as Trump Resistance and Support
Guantanamo Revamp Raises Prospect Prison Will Not Shut
Explosive Traces Found on Victims of Egyptair Crash
US Army Says Some Misconduct Trends Are Increasing
Bodies Plucked From Rubble in Mosul; 162 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Children Battle Trauma After Life Under ISIS Rule
Red Cross Evacuates 3,000 Civilians From Aleppo
Assad Video Says Taking of Aleppo Is Historic Moment
Britain Summons Russian, Iranian Ambassadors Over Aleppo
Aid Trucks With Medical Supplies Leave Paris for Northern Syria
After Aleppo, a Chapter Closes on Turkey's Ambitions in Syria
Russia Says Over 2,000 Rebel Fighters From CIS Killed in Syria in Past Year: RIA
Middle East
Human Rights Watch: Turkey Silencing Media in Post-Coup Purge
Israeli Settlers Brace for Eviction From Amona Outpost
South Sudan
UN Gave Arms to South Sudan Rebels Later Implicated in Massacre
UN Divided Over South Sudan Mission Renewal
Hatred Spills Beyond South Sudan Along With Refugees
DR Congo
Congo Braces for Unrest as President's Mandate Expires
Congo Asks Companies to Block Social Media Before Anti-Kabila Protests
Bomb Kills Six Somalis in Capital Mogadishu
Somali Militants Cut Off Hands of Two Accused Thieves: Shabaab
Central African Republic Violence Worsening Despite Vote: UN
Cameroon on Edge After Wave of Deadly Protests
EU Offers 610 Million Euros to Niger to Curb Migration
Uganda Police Arrest 'Separatist' Tribal King's PM
'They Crushed Me': Tunisians Reveal Abuses They Endured Before the Arab Spring
Mexico Report Says Investigators Botched Search for 43 Students
Mexico Braces for Fresh Flood of Central American Asylum Seekers
Cuba Wants to Pay Off Some of Its Cold War Debt in Rum
Colombian Rebels Get a Voice as Congress Debates Peace Laws
The War at Home
Twitter and Dataminr Block Government 'Spy Centers' From Accessing User Data
Law Enforcement Says Yahoo Account Hacks Were Likely Sponsored by Foreign Govt
James Clapper Has a Classified Blog. It's Called 'Intercept.'
Swedish Island Rejects Renting Pipe Storage Space to Russia
EU Agrees to Extend Russia Sanctions Until Mid-2017
Russia Says Has Thwarted ISIS Attacks
Suspected Russian Mercenary Leader Attended Kremlin Reception
Czechoslovakia Spied on Donald and Ivana Trump, Communist-Era Files Show
US Military Completes $11.2 Million Face-Lift in Estonia
Israel's FM Report Says Europe Incapable of Defending Itself
Brexit Talks Could Stretch 10 Years, British Official Warns
Is Big Brother Coming to Germany?
Ukraine: Pro-Russian Separatists Kill 1, Injure 2
Romanian Leftists Win Parliamentary Majority: Final Poll Results
Foiled France Train Attacker 'Was Targeting Americans'
China Suggests It Has Placed Weapons on Disputed Spratly Islands
Taiwan Is Both Exhilarated and Unnerved by Trump's China Remarks
US Aid Package to Philippines Deferred Amid Drug Crackdown
Philippine Government Says Can Live With Less Aid From US
Philippine Senators Call for Duterte to Be Impeached Over Killing Confession
Philippines' Duterte Keeps 'Very Good' Rating After Six Months: Poll
Abe, Putin Agree to Revive Japan-Russia Security Talks, Discuss Syria
South Korea Presidential Hopeful: US Missile Defense Should Wait
Myanmar: Evidence Suggests Army Did Burn Rohingya Homes
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