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Updated December 20, 2016 - 10:39 PM EST
Cop Kills Russia's Envoy to Turkey: 'for Aleppo'
  Top Russian Diplomat Petr Polshikov Shot Dead at Moscow Home
  Putin: Ambassador's Murder Aims to Wreck Syria Peace Process
Aleppo Evacuation Picks Up as UN Sends Monitors
  Kurdish Forces Capture Villages NW of ISIS Capital of Raqqa
  Iraq Troops Haven't Advanced in Days as ISIS Fortifies Mosul
Berlin Truck Attacker at Large as Initial Suspect Released
Saudis Promise To Stop Using UK Cluster Bombs in Yemen
Three Wounded in Shooting at Zurich Islamic Center
After Aleppo: We Need a New Syria Policy  by Ron Paul
The Real Saboteurs of a Trump Foreign Policy  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Case for Bringing Back Torture Is a Ticking Time-Bomb  by Conor Friedersdorf
The New Exterminatory Warfare  by Edward Hunt
Heartstrings and Aleppo  by Paul R. Pillar
Russia: The Old-New Official Enemy  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Estonia Passes 2017 Record Level Budget Spending
US Fails to Renegotiate Arms Control Rule for Hacking Tools
Iran Reaches 100-Jet Deal With Airbus
Hopeless Afghan Struggle to Save Boy Sex Slaves
Trump Aide: Israeli Envoy Pick Is Not a Rejection of Two-State Solution
Lack of Medicine Killing Civilians; 92 Killed in Iraq
Iraqis Create Market in Mud of Displaced Camp
Iraq Is Unable to Treat the Huge Numbers of People Wounded in Mosul
Some 20,000 Now Evacuated From East Aleppo, Turkey Minister Says
One Turkish Soldier Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Syria's Al-Bab: Army
47 Children Leave Aleppo Orphanage, Some in Critical Shape: UN
Girl, 7, Who Tweeted From Aleppo Is Evacuated From Syrian City
UN Security Council Calls for Aleppo Evacuation Monitoring
Saudi Foreign Minister Says Syria Must Be Pressured Into Political Solution
Turkish Official Links Russian Envoy Killer to Exiled Cleric
US-Based Cleric's Movement Not Involved in Russia Envoy Killing: Gulen Adviser
Turkish Police Detain Sister, Mother of Gunman Who Shot Russian Ambassador
Erdogan Says Agrees With Putin on Stronger Fight Against Terrorism
Turkey Blocks Tor's Anonymity Network
Suicide Belts Found After Attack at Jordan Castle
Jordanian Gunmen Planned Wider Attacks: Minister
Cracks Deepen in Palestinian Politics as Abbas Clamps Down
Palestinian Authority Security Forces Break Up Palestinian Authority Lawmakers' Protest
Israel Confiscates Trailer Serving as Clinic for Palestinians in West Bank
Trump Aide: Israeli Envoy Pick Is Not a Rejection of Two-State Solution
Israeli Army Raids 'Largest Arms Workshop' in West Bank
Middle East
Iran IRGC Officer Killed in Car Bomb Attack
Saudi Officials Say More Professions Should Be Open to Women: Newspapers
Troops, Vigilantes Patrol After Venezuela Unrest, Three Dead
The War at Home
House Oversight: DOJ, DHS Have More Than 400 Cell-Site Simulators
McCain Slams $13 Billion in Pentagon Spending in Latest Waste Report
Marine Corps Withheld Suicide Investigation Results That Suggested Drug Use Among Marines
White Supremacist Gets 30 Years Prison for His Plot to Kill Muslims and Obama With 'Death Ray'
EU Formally Extends Russia Sanctions
Austria's Far Right Signs a Cooperation Pact With Putin's Party
NATO and Russia Talk, but Remain Divided on Ukraine
Russian Military Plane Crashes in Siberia, Injuring 32
Brussels Police Carry Out Security Operation in Schaerbeek
Government Wants Brexit Deal for Whole UK: PM May's Spokesman
Polish Opposition Say They Are Defending Democracy as Standoff Continues
Pentagon: October Airstrike Killed Two Other Afghan al-Qaeda Leaders
Red Cross Says Employee Kidnapped in Northern Afghanistan
Five LeT Fighters Killed in IED Blast in Afghanistan
Five Men Sentenced to Death in India for Hyderabad Bombings
India Indicts Pakistan-Based Militants Over Air Base Attack
Pakistani Cinemas Quietly Show Indian Films Again as Tensions Ease, Losses Mount
Filipinos Fear Extrajudicial Killings, but Approve of Drugs War: Survey
DR Congo
Militiamen Attack Prison in East Congo, Sparking Gun Battle
Protests Erupt in Congo Capital, Police Fire Tear Gas
AU Mission in Somalia Says Troops Killed Six at Checkpoint
Mexico Fugitive Ex-Governor Left the Country: Paper
Five Women Found Shot Dead Inside Vehicle in Northern Mexico
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