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Updated December 24, 2016 - 11:19 PM EST
UN Sec. Council Votes to Condemn Settlements
  Netanyahu: Obama 'Colluded' Against Israel With UN
Trump Talks Arms Race, Putin 'Won't Start It'
  CIA Chief Warns Against In-Kind Retaliation for Russian Hacking
Turkish Airstrikes Kill 88 Civilians in Syrian City
  Syrian Rebels Shell Aleppo, Killing Six Civilians
  Former UK Envoy to Syria Says Officials Lied About the Civil War
  ISIS Kills 27 Syria Government Fighters Near Palmyra
FBI Warns ISIS May Launch Christmas Attacks
Afghan Kills 5 Fellow Militiamen at Checkpoint
US Commander: More US Forces Embedded Near Mosul
US Army Blew Up Bodies Donated for Medical Research
US Embassy Hypes Growing Military Aid to Philippines
Obama Allows Toothless UN Vote Against Settlements to Pass  by Zaid Jilani
Why I Still Don't Buy the Russian Hacking Story  by Leonid Bershidsky
Why It Could Be Good for Trump to Skip Some Intel Briefings  by John Mueller
Don't Send David Friedman!  by Uri Avnery
Debriefing the President Tears Into the CIA  by James Risen
Obama's Weak Defense of His Record on Drone Killings  by Conor Friedersdorf

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War Algorithms Will Save Lives Unless They Kill US All
Malta Hijack Ends Peacefully as Gadhafi Loyalists Surrender
Real-Life Libya Plane Hijack Halts Hijack Film Shoot
House Intel Report on Snowden Is 'Rifled With Obvious Falsehoods'
Health Workers Targets in Mosul; 55 Killed in Iraq
Oil Wells Set on Fire by ISIS Are Still Burning Four Months After
Iraq Government Bombing of Al-Qaim Is 'War Crime'
German Military to Send First Soldier to Baghdad
Damascus Water Supply Cut After Rebels Pollute It: Authority
Russia Has Sent Battalion of Military Police to Aleppo: Minister
Aleppo Christians Prepare War-Ravaged Church for Christmas
Deaths in Syria Spur Unease in Turkey
Turkey Briefly Restricts Internet After Release of ISIS Video
Turkey Detains 31 in Operation Targeting ISIS
Hard Times for Turkey as Currency Slumps and Debts Mount
Airbus Seals Deal With Iran for Sale of 100 Aircraft
Iranian Dissidents Seeking Meeting With Trump
White House: Netanyahu's Choices Led to Anti-Settlement UN Resolution
Kerry, After UN Vote, Calls for Israel, Palestinians to Advance Two-State Solution
UN Vote on Settlements Is a Blow to Israeli Policy: Abbas Spokesman
Trump on UN Vote: 'Things Will Be Different After Jan. 20'
Full Text of UNSC Resolution, Approved Dec. 23, Demanding Israel Stop All Settlement Activity
HRW Report: Saudi-Led Coalition Used Banned Cluster Bombs in Yemen War
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan Folds Away the Flags as China Woos Its Allies
China's Xi Says Supports Efforts to Curb Hong Kong Independence
Taliban: Peace Talks Not Possible Until Foreign 'Occupation' of Afghanistan Ends
Afghanistan's Vice President Is Known for Brutality. but He May Have Gone Too Far.
The War at Home
Snowden Refutes House Report He's Collaborated With Russian Agents
FBI Probes 2010 FDIC Hack Linked to China's Military: Sources
Virtual Reality Allows the Most Detailed, Intimate Digital Surveillance Yet
Kremlin Says Russia Will Never Initiate an Arms Race
Putin Says Ready to Visit US if Trump Invites Him
Putin Offers Cooperation With Trump in Christmas Letter
Putin Says He Does Not Rule Out Scrapping Visas for Georgians
Berlin Attack Suspect Anis Amri Killed in Milan
ISIS-Linked News Agency Releases Video of Berlin Attacker Swearing Allegiance to Group
German Police Arrest Brothers Suspected of Planning Mall Attack
Italy Police Say Had No Idea Berlin Truck Attacker Was in Milan
Does Italy Play a Special Role for Islamic Terrorists?
Catalonia's Pro-Referendum Block Stages Summit
Romania Probes Former Leaders' Roles in 1990 Protest Deaths
Mediterranean Death Toll Is Record 5,000 Migrants This Year: Agencies
Congo Forces Killed 40, Arrested 460 in Kabila Protests: UN
US Push for South Sudan Arms Embargo Falls Short at UN
Somalia: Al Shabaab Captures Election Delegates From Central of Somalia
Egypt Arrests Al Jazeera News Producer During Vacation
One Dead After Armed Attackers Raid Kenya Police Station on Coast
Sudan Extradites Senior Tunisian ISIS Suspect: State Media
Nigeria: Army Issues Alert on Escapee Boko Haram Terrorists
Pinochet Agents Apologize for Chile Crimes
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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