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Updated January 15, 2017 - 11:02 PM EST
Trump May Lift Russia Sanctions for Nuke Cuts
US-Led Airstrikes Kill Dozens of Mosul Civilians
  Iraq Makes Gains in Eastern Mosul, Seizing University
  ISIS Attacks Checkpoints in Diyala Province; 184 Killed in Iraq
Dozens Killed as ISIS Advances in Syria
  Syria Kills 22 Civilians in Weekend Strikes
Why Is Obama Expanding Surveillance Powers?
  New Cyber Czar Giuliani's Website Riddled With Security Flaws
  Trump Has Considerable Authority to Revamp the Intel Community
  SecDef Nominee Cautions Against 'Stumbling' Into Cyberwar
Trump Team Shows Skepticism About Africa Aid
Erik Prince's Mercenaries Are Bombing Libya
Iran Rules Out Renegotiating P5+1 Nuclear Deal
Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam (1967)  by Martin Luther King
The Trump Dossier Is Fake – and Here Are the Reasons Why  by Paul Roderick Gregory
Pulling a J. Edgar Hoover on Trump  by Robert Parry
An Inauguration Day Surprise?  by Justin Raimondo
Mainstream Media's Russian Bogeymen  by Gareth Porter
A Pledge for More of the Same at the Pentagon  by Andrew J. Bacevich

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Twenty Years After Diana Campaign, New Landmine Crisis Plagues Iraq and Syria
One Million Signatures Collected in Support of Snowden Pardon
Head of DC National Guard Asked to Stay Through Inauguration but Declines
Trump Considers Moving White House Press Room to Expand Press Corps
The War at Home
Security Force for Trump's Inauguration Contemplates Truck Attacks, Dirty Bombs
CIA Director Warns Trump to Watch What He Says, Be Careful on Russia
Supreme Court Takes Up Suit Over 2001 Detention of Muslims
Lockheed Martin Wants to Put Missile Launchers on Amphibious Ships
Study Maps 'Uniquely Devastating' Genital Injuries Among Troops
Marine Killed, Another Injured in Training Accident
Navy Acquisition Chief: Surge to 355 Ships 'Easily Done'
Boston Police Pause Plans for $1.4-Million Social Media Surveillance Program
Kremlin Says No Talks About Putin-Trump Meeting Yet: RIA
Russia Says Facing Increased Cyber Attacks From Abroad
Russia's Chechnya Chief Says Over 50 Suspected Militants Detained
Kosovo Blocks Entry of 'Provocative' Train From Serbia
Serbia Says Kosovo Wants War as Neighbors Row Over Serb Nationalist Train
Refugees Stranded on Serbia-Hungary Border Amid Winter
Catalan Separatists Launch New Independence Campaign
Spain's Felipe Meets Saudi King as Warship Sale Mooted
Thousands Rally in Spain for ETA Prisoner Amnesty
Bodies of Five Migrants Found Off Spain's Southern Coast
Erdogan Says Troops Will Be in Cyprus 'Forever,' Complicating Hopes of Reuniting
Cyprus Rivals Reject Each Other's Peace Maps: Turkey
Ukraine Pays 20% More for EU Gas Than It Would Have Paid to Russia
German Court Calls Synagogue Torching an Act to 'Criticize Israel'
Asylum Requests in Austria More Than Halved in 2016
Three Men Taken for Questioning After Brussels Anti-Terror Raid Released
Five Migrants Die in Mediterranean, 750 Rescued
Tibet Protesters Detained in Swiss Capital During Xi Jinping Visit
Militants Abduct Teachers in Afghanistan
Spanish Aid Worker Freed in Afghanistan: Red Cross
China Again Rejects Trump's Suggestion to Negotiate Taiwan
'One China' Principle Is Non-Negotiable: Beijing
China Appoints New Tibet Governor
China and Vietnam to 'Manage' Differences Over South China Sea: Communique
Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims Look to the Internet for Justice
Leadership Change Looms for Armed Group Key to Myanmar's Peace Process
Philippines' Duterte Says He May Impose Martial Law if Drug Problem 'Virulent'
Duterte Orders Troops to Blast Militants and Their Hostages
Muslim Militants in Philippines Free Hostages Grabbed at Sea
Philippine Islamist Militants Free Korean and Filipino From Cargo Ship
Back on the Mekong Delta, John Kerry Meets a Man Who Once Tried to Kill Him and Finds Exoneration
Cafe Attack Suspect Arrested in Bangladesh
Pakistani Villagers Attack Qatari Prince's Hunting Party
Cubans Debate Getting Locked Up for a Chance at American Dream
What Donald Trump Said About 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot' Immigration Policy for Cubans
Cuba's Raul Castro Meets With US Chamber of Commerce President
Death Toll From Brazil Jail Riot Tops 30: Source
Mexico Arrests Military Man Linked to Murder of Honduran Activist
ISIS Attacks Checkpoints in Diyala Province; 184 Killed in Iraq
On Mosul Frontlines, ISIS Local Fighters Direct the Battle
The Drones of ISIS
In Parts of Mosul, a Semblance of Normality Despite War
Amid Primary Care Struggle, Field Hospital Opens Near Mosul Fighting
Syrian Opposition: Shelling of Displaced Shelter Kills 12
Shelling Kills Civilians in Syria's Wadi Barada Area
Syrian Political Opposition Says It Supports Astana Talks
Frustrations Rise in Damascus as Water Pipes Run Dry
Syria Fighting Derails Plans to Fix Damaged Damascus Water Source
Russia to Upgrade Its Naval, Air Bases in Syria
Turkish Airstrikes Hit 228 ISIS Targets in Northern Syria
South African Photojournalist Shiraaz Mohamed Kidnapped in Syria
Turkish MPs Back Constitutional Reforms in First Parliament Vote
Turkey Detains Nine Colonels in North Cyprus for Gulen Ties
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's Religious Authority Says Cinemas, Song Concerts Harmful
Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Faisal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Dies
Paris Summit on Palestine/Israel
Israeli Officials Cheer 'Weakened' Paris Peace Summit Declaration
PA Welcomes Paris Summit Concluding Statement, Calls on France to Recognize Palestine
Trump Advisers Tell French Officials: We Strenuously Object to Paris Peace Conference
UK Refuses to Sign Paris Declaration, Warns Summit May Harden Palestinian Positions
Paris Summit Ignored Palestinians' Right of Return: Lebanese Foreign Ministry
Israeli Army Fires at Hamas Position in Gaza After Forces Attacked Near Border
Water Deal Reached Between Israel and Palestinians
Israeli Army Raids an Apartment, Palestinian Grandmother Wounded and Faints
Israel Says Kerry Sought to Reassure Netanyahu Over Paris Conference
For Israel, Energy Boom Could Make Friends Out of Enemies
Netanyahu Accuses Media of 'Unprecedented' Campaign to Oust Him
Abbas Threatens to Rethink Recognition of Israel if US Moves Embassy to Jerusalem
Gaza Is Attracting the Attention of Silicon Valley as Young Tech Entrepreneurs Push to Solve Problems Themselves
Middle East
Russia Denies Ambassador to Yemen Was Killed After Gunmen 'Stormed Embassy'
Bahrain Executions Spark Violent Protests
Iraqi Minister Trying to Improve Relations Between Iran and Saudi Arabia
Gunmen Kidnap Five Students, Two Staff From Nigerian School: Police
Niger Delta: Nigeria's Oil-Rich Powder Keg
Sudan Says 'Secret' Talks Led to US Easing Sanctions
Sudan Extends Ceasefire in Three Conflict Areas
Residents of Egypt's Northern Sinai Threaten Protests
Egypt Drops Case Against Mob That Attacked Christian Woman
Nigeria Claims Israeli Spy Network Uncovered
Riots in Tunisia on Revolt's Anniversary, Protests Greet President
Blackout Hits Western and Southern Libya
Uganda Again Arrests Traditional Leader Over Clashes Last Year
Gambia's President-Elect Arrives in Senegal After Talks Fail
Congo Government Says M23 Rebel Fighters Cross Over Border From Uganda
Venezuela Holds Military Exercises as US Extends 'National Emergency' Order
Venezuela's Maduro Oversees Military Drill to Guard 'Socialist Fatherland'
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