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Updated January 20, 2017 - 11:26 PM EST
US Strikes in Libya Kill 80 Alleged ISIS Fighters
Russia Says We're Always Ready for Nuke Cuts
30 Killed as ISIS Advance Near Key Syria Airbase
  Iraqi General: Most ISIS Commanders in Mosul Already Dead
New CIA Docs Show Torture Details, Internal Debate
  CIA Docs Reveal Agency's Longtime Obsession With UFOs, Magic
  Bin Laden Thought ISIS Was Too Brutal, Would Alienate Recruits
Obama's Drone Report Omits Slain in Iraq, Afghanistan
Transition May Struggle as Officials Decline to Stay On
What the Clemency of Chelsea Manning Means About Obama  by Lucy Steigerwald
Terrorism: How the Israeli State Was Won  by Tom Suarez
Obama's Unnecessary Wars and 'Humanitarian' Interventionism  by Daniel Larison
Chelsea Manning, a Heroine for Our Times  by Justin Raimondo
Can Europe Save the Iran Deal?  by Reza Marashi
Ideological Warfare Against Nonviolent Political Islam  by Paul R. Pillar

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Chelsea Manning Tweets Barack Obama: 'Thank You for Giving Me a Chance'
Obama Slams Congress for Blocking Gitmo Closure
Republican Lawmakers in Five States Propose Bills to Criminalize Peaceful Protest
Trump's Press Secretary: Announcement on Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem 'Coming Soon'
Militants Execute Civilians in Mosul; 101 Killed Across Iraq
SecDef Carter Favors Sending More US Troops to Fight ISIS
Iraqi Sheep, Locals, Environment Suffer ISIS Oil Fires
US Air Strike Killed an Al Qaeda Leader in Syria: Pentagon
Assad Hopes for 'Reconciliation' Deals From Astana Talks
ISIS Kills 12 in Palmyra, Among Them Teachers, Soldiers: Monitor
Russia to Send Military, Foreign Ministry Officials to Syria Talks
Turkey Expects Improved Relations With Trump
Turkish Lawmaker Chains Self to Rostrum, Sparks New Brawl
'Netanyahu's Policy': Israeli Arabs Fear More House Demolitions
Israel's Head of Building-Law Enforcement Lives in Illegal West Bank Outpost
Israel's Right Wing Has Grand Plans for Trump Era
Middle East
China to Pour $3 Billion in Iran's Refining Capacity
Lebanese PM Seeks $10 Billion Foreign Investment Amid Refugee Crisis
India to Deploy Massive Tank Army Along Border With Pakistan
Clashes as Hardliners Demand Missing Pakistanis Face Blasphemy Charge
After Pope Blessing, Duterte Challenges Abusive Priests to 'Showdown'
ISIS-Linked Militants Release Two Filipino Hostages
N. Korea May Be Readying Missile Test, Timing Unclear: US Officials
Vietnam Police Halt Anti-China Protest Over Islands
Taliban Seeks to Reassure UAE Over Afghanistan Attack
Malaysian PM Tells Myanmar to 'Stop the Killing' of Rohingya, as Muslims Meet
Troops Deployed as Brazil Riots Spread
New Brazil Prison Uprising Leaves One Dead, Five Injured
Mexico Extradites Top Drug Lord 'El Chapo' to US
Colombia Extradites to US Alleged Top Money Launderer
The War at Home
New York Jets Owner Picked to Be US Ambassador to UK
CIA Torture Detailed in Newly Disclosed Document
CIA Documents Expose Internal Agency Feud Over Psychologists' Interrogations
9 Incredible Things We Learnt From the CIA's Declassified Documents – Aliens, Psychic Powers and Invisible Ink Recipes
CIA Files: Uri Geller Has Real Powers
Gambia's New President Is Sworn In, in Another Country
West African Nations Halt Gambia Operation to Allow Mediation
US Supports West African Military Intervention in Gambia: State Department
UN Backs West African Efforts to Install New Gambia President
Senegal Army Says Regional Force Has Launched Strikes in Gambia
Nigeria Says Deploying Troops to Gambia to Uphold Election Result
Senegalese Troops Move Into Gambia
Gambia's Vice President Quits After Two Decades in Role
French Military: Death Toll in Mali Base Attack Rises to 77
Deadly Nigeria Air Strike Hit Densely Populated Areas, Says Rights Group
Army Mutiny Exposes Cracks in Ivory Coast Success Story
UN Alarm That Most of Al-Shabab's Force in Somalia Are Kids
Sudanese Government Says Rebel Group to Sign Darfur Peace Pact
Theresa May Says Britain Will Lead a New Era of Free Trade
Suspected WWII Bomb Close to UK Parliament Prompts Evacuation
Kosovo Fears for US Ties Under Trump
Seven Kosovo Men Jailed for Helping ISIS
Britain, Greece, and Turkey Wrap Up Security Talks on Cyprus
Germany Won't Tolerate Turkish Spying, Says Spy Chief
Poland's Priority for Brexit Is to Guarantee Rights of Poles in Britain: PM
Belgium Jails 14 People for Making Fake IDs for Jihadists: Media
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