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Updated January 26, 2017 - 11:23 PM EST
Trump Mulls Creation of Syria 'Safe Zones'
  Al-Qaeda Forces Wipe Out Syrian Rebels Engaged in Peace Talks
  Syrian Govt, Rebels Agree to Extend Ceasefire
  Rep. Gabbard Confirms Meeting With Assad on Syria Visit
Trump to Ban Syria Refugees, Block 7 Countries
  Trump's Immigration Order: if We Bombed You, We Ban You
Trump May Cut UN Funding Over Palestinians
  Netanyahu: Latest Settlement Expansions 'Just a Taste'
Trump: No to Black Sites but Yes to Torture
Iraq: Trump Threat to Take Our Oil Makes No Sense
Bill Would Restrict US Nuclear First Strike
Congress Should Enact a No Presidential Wars Statute  by Bruce Fein
What Was 'America First'?  by Philip Jenkins
Paris Peace Conference: Signaling End to a Western-Dominated Era?  by Ramzy Baroud
The Syrian People Desperately Want Peace  by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
How Trump Can Rebuild American Strength at Home  by Christopher Preble
Need to Reorganize US Spy Agencies  by Ivan Eland

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Seymour Hersh Blasts Media for Uncritically Promoting Russian Hacking Story
Trump Admin. Reviews Foreign Aid in Obama's Final Months in Office
Mexico's President Mulls Scrapping US Trip
Four More Journalists Get Felony Charges for Covering Inauguration Unrest
Displaced East Mosul Residents Begin Returning; 136 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Drone Dropping Precision Bombs Alarms US Military
Iraq Executes 31 for Alleged Role in 2014 Massacre: Rights Group
Turkish Forces Kill, Wound 8 Civilians in NE Syria
Turkish Soldier Killed in North Syria
Palestinian Teen in Gaza Dies After Refusing to Serve as a Collaborator for Israel in Exchange for Medical Care
Hand on the Switch: Who's Responsible for Gaza's Infrastructure Crisis?
UN Holds Off Action Over New Settlement Construction
Israel Completes Advanced Testing of Mid-Range Missile Interceptor
Justice Ministry Said Mulling Ban on Israeli PM Dealing With Channel 10
Palestinian Fires on IDF Soldiers in Second Attack of Day; Earlier Palestinian Shot After Alleged Car Attack.
Giuliani to JPost: Trump Backs Jerusalem Embassy Move, but Reality Is Complex
Palestinians Were Reassured Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Is Not High on Trump's Agenda
Middle East
Five Alleged Israeli Spies Arrested in Lebanon
Kuwait Hangs Royal Prince Convicted of Murder
Turkey to Announce Date of Constitutional Referendum This Week: PM Yildirim
Moscow: 'No Illusions' About Quickly Restoring Ties With US
Russia Arrests a Manager of Cybersecurity Firm Kaspersky Lab
Two Poles Injured in Crash With US Army Truck, Third Crash Recently
Poland Signs Agreement With France's DCNS to Work on Building Submarines
Ukraine Demands Say in Any Russia-US Talks to End Conflict on Its Territory
German Cabinet Decides to Get Rid of Lese Majeste
Belgium Holds Seven in Hunt for Returning Syria Militants
Raul Castro: Cuba Won't Compromise Sovereignty to Normalize US Relations
The War at Home
White House Says Draft Interrogation Order Is Not a White House Document
Trump on Waterboarding: 'We Have to Fight Fire With Fire'
Mattis, Pompeo Stunned by CIA 'Black Sites' Report
Trump to Sign Executive Orders Enabling Construction of Proposed Border Wall and Targeting Sanctuary Cities
Read Draft Text of Trump's Executive Order Limiting Muslim Entry to the US
Guantanamo in the Trump Era Moves Ahead in Slow Motion
Trump Taps Army Officer-Turned-Businessman for Navy Secretary
Trump at Odds With His VA Nominee on Hiring Freeze
North Korea
North Korean Elite Turning Against Leader Kim: Defector
China Gives Details of Items Banned From Export to North Korea
US to Send Most Senior Officer to Thailand Since 2014 Coup
Thai Junta Gives Go-Ahead to Buy Chinese Submarine and Tanks
Taliban Tells Trump: It's Time to Leave Afghanistan
Mattis Eyes Debut Trip to Japan, South Korea
Philippines Seeks Removal of Exiled Communist From US Terrorist List
Hong Kong Says Singapore Not Part of Probe Into Troop Carriers
Kazakh Leader Says to Devolve Some Powers to Parliament, Cabinet
Libyan Forces Claim Control of Long-Besieged Benghazi District
Emirati Man Held in Libya Killed by Intelligence Officer
Somali Militants Ram Car Bomb Into Hotel, Killing 28
ISIS Extending Attacks Beyond Sinai to Egyptian Heartland
US Approves Sale of Attack Aircraft Worth $418 Million to Kenya
Rights Abuses in DR Congo Up by a Third Last Year: UN
Indonesia to Probe Arms Smuggling Claims Against Peacekeepers in Sudan
Colombia's ELN Rebels Willing to Call Ceasefire Amid Peace Talks
Colombia Eyes Key Hostage Release by Rebels at Weekend
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