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Updated February 2, 2017 - 11:13 PM EST
US Raid Destroyed Most of Yemen Village
Trump Plans New Iran Sanctions Over Missile Test
Flynn: Iran 'On Notice,' US Won't Rule Out Attack
  Trump's National Security Advisor Threatens Iran
Pentagon: ISIS Intel 'Wasn't Falsified,' Was Distorted
  The Desperate Battle to Destroy ISIS
  4,176 Killed in Iraq in January
Syria Offensive Puts Them Close to Turkish Troops
  Syrian Opposition: UN Can't Choose Peace Talk Delegates
Trump Mulls Immigration Curbs to 'Protect Jobs'
  Trump Travel Ban Risks Major GE Deals With Iraq
Trump to Focus Counter-Extremism Exclusively on Islam
Greece Claims Mass Incursion by Turkish Warplanes
Netanyahu to Establish First New Settlement in Decades
War Crimes: Key Decision Point for a New President  by Thomas Knapp
Clamoring for Israeli Approval: Trump's Promises Will Haunt Him  by Ramzy Baroud
Dangers of Democratic Putin-Bashing  by Robert Parry
Fox News and an Unbelievable Tale From Yemen  by Brian Whitaker
The President and Immigration  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Sloppy Western Reporting and the War on Yemen  by Daniel Larison

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Man Who Claimed Mom Died in Iraq After Trump's Ban Lied, Imam Confirms
Moscow Denies It Shot at Ukrainian Warplane: Tass
Anti-ISIS Activist Won't Come to US for Ceremony
Senate Confirms Tillerson as Secretary of State
ISIS Fires Rockets at East Mosul; 51 Killed in Iraq
Profits of Doom: Mosul Mechanics Swamped as Bombs Shatter City
Americans Working in Iraq Warn of Blowback From Travel Ban
ISIS Using Drones, Other Innovating Tactics With Deadly Effect
Air Strikes Hit Red Crescent Offices in Syria, Monitoring Group Says
Syrian Rebels Reject Talks Which Do Not Lead to Power Transition
Russia Says Trump Should Be More Specific on Syria Safe Zones Plan
Israeli Land Seizure Bill 'Opening to Annexation of West Bank'
Bennett Vows to Annex Entire West Bank
For Hardline West Bank Settlers, Jared Kushner's Their Man
Israeli Forces Cross Technical Fence on Lebanon Border
Violence Erupts During Eviction of Israeli Settlers From Illegal Outpost
Israeli MPs Protest Decision to Cut Short Debate of Bill to Seize Palestinian Land for Settlements
Palestinian Officials Say US Threatens 'Severe Steps' if Leaders Sue Israel in World Court
Middle East
Hundreds of Yemenis With US Visas Stranded in Djibouti
Jordan's Abdullah Tells US House of Israeli Security Officials' Concern Over Embassy Move
Afghan Government Controls Less Than 60 Percent of Country: Watchdog
Afghanistan Rejects US Watchdog Report Claiming Continuing Loss of Territory
Philippines Communist Rebels End Ceasefire but Still Support Peace Talks
Shadowy Killings Persist in Manila After Police Quit Drugs War
Ex-UN Chief Ban Rules Out Presidential Run in South Korea Complaining of 'Fake News'
Bangladesh Firm on Rohingya Relocation Plan, Wants Myanmar to Take Them Back
US, Mexican Officials Meet in Mexico, Discuss Security
Mexican Police Find Six Kidnap Victims Dead on Roadside
Suspect in Canada Mosque Shooting Sought Money, Scouted Site
Anti-Austerity Protest Turns Violent in Rio De Janeiro
The War at Home
Trump: Call It a Ban if You Want
Judge Orders Halt to Trump's Ban for Immigrant Visa Holders
Former Senior FBI Counterterrorism Agent Slams Trump on Torture and Muslim Ban
Florida Nightclub Gunman's Widow Knew of His Plan: US Prosecutors
Homeland Security Inspector General Opens Investigation of Muslim Ban, Orders Document Preservation
Holloman Air Force Base: 1 Killed, 1 Injured in New Mexico Training
Ukraine: US Will Never Accept Russia's Annexation of Crimea
Russia Charges Cyber Security Expert, FSB Officers With Treason in Interests of US
Russia Establishes Controls on Border With Belarus
Kremlin Says EU Nit-Picking Hampers Russia-Hungary Nuclear Deal
Romanians Rally in Biggest Anti-Corruption Protest in Decades
Western States Concerned Over Romanian Government Decree
1,000 Officers and One Arrest: German Terror Raids Sow Doubts
Germany Wants Asylum Seekers to Choose to Leave
Germany Arrests Tunisian Asylum-Seeker Linked to Tunis Attack
Britain's Brexit Bill Clears First Legislative Hurdle
EU Extends Emergency Border Controls to Tackle Migration
Azeri Security Forces Kill Four Men Suspected of Terror Plot
Slovaks Set Up Unit to Fight Extremism and Hate Speech
Serbia's Authorities Order Lockdown at a Migrant Camp
Italy Sets Up Fund to Help African Countries Stop Migrants
Cyprus Leaders Seek New UN Peace Summit in Early March
Eastern Libya Forces Fly Wounded to Russia in Growing Cooperation
Libyan Officials Criticize US Travel Ban, Doubt Over February Conference
UN Says Team Attacked on Nigeria-Cameroon Border, 5 Dead
African Leaders Cautiously Back Strategy to Quit Global Court
Kenya Agrees to Rejoin South Sudan UN Force
Protest Pastor Arrested on Return to Zimbabwe From US
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