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Updated February 15, 2017 - 11:24 PM EST
Pentagon May Recommend US Troops for Syria
US Change in Rules Hyped as Russian 'Violation'
Trump 'Expects' Russia to Give Crimea to Ukraine
  Russian Officials See Flynn's Resignation as Major Blow to Diplomacy
  The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn
  US Troops, Tanks, Arrive in Romania to 'Defend' Nation
  Russian Spy Ship Patrolling Off Coast of Delaware
Trump Fine With One-State Solution in Israel
  Israel Mulls Using Law to Confiscate Lands for Illegal Settlement
Commander: US Troops Have Killed 60,000 ISIS
  Russian Strikes Target Rebels at Southern Syria Border Crossing
  Locals: 'Liberated' Eastern Mosul Faces Fighting Day and Night
US Increases Involvement in Saudi Air War in Yemen
Ignore Tough Talk – Trump's Iran Policy Will Be Much Like Obama's  by Gareth Porter
Two Uninspiring Choices  by Philip Giraldi
Are Senkaku Islands Worth War Between US, China, and Japan?  by Doug Bandow
A Win for the Deep State  by Justin Raimondo
The New Battle for Afghanistan  by Kelley Vlahos
Israel Rejoices in Unbridled Colony Expansion Amid Trump's Havoc  by Ramzy Baroud

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UN: Congolese Soldiers Kill 101 in Militia Clashes
UN Warns Lebanon President Not to Arm Hezbollah
British Govt Rejects Petition to Stop Trump's Visit
UN Names New Head of Peace-Keeping Operations
US Believes North Korean Agents Murdered Brother of Leader Kim Jong Un
The War at Home
Lawmakers Call for More Inquiries After National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's Resignation
White House Names Possible Shortlist for Flynn Replacement
NBC News Appoints an Iraq War Cheerleader as Its New President
Trump Travel Ban Hit by New Legal Setback
Judge Says Trump Travel Ban Case Can Proceed in Lower Court
Kucinich Pins Flynn Leak on Intel Community, Warns of Another Cold War
Finding Feelings: Intelligence Agency Lines Up New Tool for Rooting Out Insider Threats
'Like 9/11 All Over Again': Canadians Grow Fearful of Crossing the Border
US Admiral Stresses Democracy at Thai War Games
Thailand's New King Shows His Strength
Parties Call on Thai Junta for Swift Return to Democracy
North Korea Says Missile Launch 'Self-Defense', US Demands Action
Four Indian Soldiers, Four Militants Dead in Kashmir Gun Battles
Knife-Wielding Attackers Kill Five in China's Xinjiang: Govt
Pakistani Bomb Disposal Commander Killed in Quetta Blast
An Afghan Mother's Heartache: Three Sons Dead in a Day
Sri Lankan Prime Minister Says Refugees Safe to Come Home
Duterte Targets Philippine Children in Bid to Widen Drug War
US Official: Russian Jets in 'Unsafe' Encounters With Destroyer
Increased Defense Spending Top Priority After Trump Call: NATO Chief
UK Father's Outrage at Plan to Stop Families Suing the MoD
Kremlin Denies French Election Meddling, Macron Camp Renews Charges
Thousands Gather to Pay Respects to Dead Demonstrators; 46 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Counterattacks as Iraqi Forces Prepare for Mosul Push
'Choose Life, Not Death' Reform Center Tells Iraqi Teen Militants
The United States Used Depleted Uranium in Syria
Syrian Kurdish Militant Killed in Cross-Border Clash: Turkish Army
Syria Mortar Hits Northern Israel: Military
UN Nuclear Watchdog Says Iran Continuing Commitment to Deal
Iran Urges Gulf States to 'Seize the Opportunity' of Rouhani Visit
Palestinians in East Jerusalem Battle for Their Homes
Israel Recalled Egypt Ambassador Over Security Concerns
German-Israeli Govt Meeting Canceled Amid Settlements Row
Middle East
12 Saudis Killed in Recent Yemen Border Fighting
Turkey Detains 600 Over Alleged Links to Kurdish Militants
UN Warns Lebanese President Not to Arm Hezbollah
Man and Wife Injured by 'Terrorist Explosion' in Bahrain
Libya's Rivals Fail to Meet in Cairo to Discuss Settlement
UN: South Sudan War Reaches 'Catastrophic Proportions'
Congo Police Kill at Least Four in Raid on Separatist Cult
Nigeria: Up to $100 Billion Lost From Oil Militant Attacks
Somalia: Military Court Sentence 7 Al-Shabaab Militants to Death
Polisario: Morocco Must Accept Western Sahara Independence
UN: Guinea-Bissau Must Start Talks to End Political Crisis
Two Dominican Journalists Killed During Live Transmission
Sanctioned for Drugs, Venezuelan VP Slams US 'Aggression'
Two Live Men Found Tied to Bridge in Mexican Border City
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