Hardly a day goes by without the media headlining some conspiracy theory about how Russia is manipulating our politics. Or Russia is about to march on Paris. Or Russia is infiltrating our electrical grid – an actual "news" story the Washington Post had to retract.

And American "liberals" are the loudest Russophobes in the pack. They're on a witch-hunt tying their political enemies to the Kremlin – and demanding that we restart the cold war.

The War Party has found a new enemy. Yesterday it was Saddam Hussein: today it's Vladimir Putin. It's the same old story: we've seen all this before. But it's more dangerous, this time around. A new cold war with Russia could end in a hot war that would destroy all life on earth.

The danger is real, and growing. That's why your support for Antiwar.com is more necessary than ever. Stand with us against World War III.

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Updated February 19, 2017 - 11:14 PM EST
Turkish Strikes Kill 45 Civilians in North Syria
  Pentagon: ISIS Administrators Fleeing Capital of Raqqa
Trump, Aides Send Mixed Messages on Russia
  NATO Blames Russia for 'Fake News' Targeting German Troops
ISIS Raid in Afghanistan Kills 17 Soldiers
Pakistan Army: 100 'Terrorists' Killed Since Shrine Bombing
Saudi Military Spending Focused on Offensive Capabilities
Poll Finds DC Is Out of Touch With Americans on Foreign Policy  by Jeremy Lott
Libertarians and War: A Bibliographical Essay  by Anthony Gregory
Netanyahu's No-Way to a Peace Deal  by Alon Ben-Meir
Trump Needs to Rethink Terror Policies  by Ivan Eland
How Did It Start?
 by Uri Avnery
America Has Nothing to Lose in Talking to North Korea  by Daniel R. DePetris

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Meet the US Nonprofit That Funds the Israeli Guards Who Terrorize Palestinians
Top US, Russian Military Officials Agree on 'Enhanced Communications' to Avoid 'Unintended Incidents'
75 Years Later, Japanese Americans Recall Pain of Internment Camps
Defense Officials Say Mosul Operations Restart; 85 Killed in Iraq
Official: ISIS Kills Eight Iraqi Militia Near Tikrit
Syria and Monitoring Group Blast Turkey Over Civilian Deaths
Russia Bombs ISIS Positions in Raqqa
UN Shifts on Syria Talks Language, in Concession to Assad
'Daddy, Pick Me Up!' Screams Boy After Syria Attack
Car Bomb in Turkey's Southeast Kills Child: Governor's Office
Turkey 'No' Voters Demonized as Referendum Looms
German Journalist Deniz Yucel Taken Into Custody in Turkey
Turkey Steps Up Scrutiny on Muslim Migrants From Russia
Lieberman: 'Cool Down' on Talk of West Bank Annexation, Sovereignty
Under Police Probe, Israel's Netanyahu Leaves Helm of Communications Ministry
Trump's Israel Envoy Financed Illegal Building on Palestinian Land: Report
Palestinian Dies After Being Shot by Israeli Troops on His Way to His Last Chemo Session
In Unprecedented Step, Reform Jewish Movement Opposes Trump's Pick for Israel Envoy
Over 100,000 Palestinians Send Trump Letters for Palestine
UAE Says Two Soldiers Dead in Yemen: State News Agency
Two Children Killed in Mogadishu Mortar Shelling
Bomb Kills at Least Five Soldiers in Northern Sinai
Multiple Suicide Bombing Targets Nigerian Refugees, Boko Haram Blamed
Libya's Independence Day 'Canceled' Over East Libyan Security Woes
Tunisia Army Clashes With Militants in Mountains, Two Killed: Ministry
Burundi Seeks Arrest of Opposition at Tanzania Peace Talks
Venezuela Opposition Parties Fear Election Ban as Socialists Dig In
Venezuelans to Protest for Opposition Leader's Release
Six Dead in Shootouts With Mexican Marines in Border City
After Drug War Contracting Boom, Mexican Prisons Stand Idle
Colombia's ELN Commits New 'Terrorist' Kidnapping: Army
680 Cubans Returned Home Since End of 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot'
Argentine Ex-Military Chief Arrested in Torture, Kidnap Case
The War at Home
Flynn in FBI Interview Denied Discussing Sanctions With Russian Ambassador
White House Denies National Guard Plan for Deportations
US Top Court to Set Guidelines for Trump Treatment of Non-Citizens
Trump Anti-Leak Drive Could Prompt Prosecutions
Nine People Flee US Border Patrol to Seek Asylum in Canada
Spooked by Spike in Cyber Extortion, Businesses Are Stockpiling Bitcoin for Payoffs
China/Japan/Hong Kong
China Says Common Interests Outweigh Differences With US
China Wraps Up Exercise With Three Warships in South China Sea
Japan to Speed Up Frigate Build to Reinforce East China Sea: Sources
China Holds 'Anti-Terrorism' Mass Rally in Xinjiang's Uighur Heartland
Seven Hong Kong Police Jailed for Assault on Democracy Activist
North Korea
US Urges China to Use 'All Tools' to Moderate North Korea's Behavior
China Sees Chance of Six-Party Talks With North Korea
North Korea Says Will Reject Malaysian Post-Mortem of Kim Jong Nam
Pakistan Army Destroys Militant Hideouts in Afghanistan in Cross Border Attacks
Pakistan's Sufis Defiant After ISIS Attack on Shrine Kills 83
Ukraine Leader Warns West Not to 'Appease' Russia
'Donetsk People's Republic' Seeks Sense of Nationhood
Blair's Anti-Brexit Mission Evokes Memories of Iraq War
Mass Exodus of Polish Army's Top Ranks in Protest Over Political Interference From Government
Bosnia to Appeal UN Court's Genocide Ruling, Even at Risk of Crisis
Cyprus Talks Break Up Over Schools Controversy: Turkish Cypriot Leader
Some 500 Migrants Cross Border Into Spanish Enclave of Ceuta
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The Abyss Gazes Back
This Emma Watson and Tom Hanks Movie Is the Digital Privacy Warning We Need Right Now
Shadow Wars: An Explosive New History Documents the Rise of ISIS
Ukraine on Fire: a Documentary You'll Likely Never See James DiEugenio
A Deadly Legacy: CIA's Covert Laos War
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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